Apps that can Help you Check your Expenditure

The present economic situation in Nigeria makes saving money ever more important. But, imbibing and embracing the saving culture is a challenge for many.

In the past, parents encouraged their children to save by buying them a saving box but you rarely find a saving box in homes today. However, trust technology to provide downloadable apps that will encourage you to save money as well as track your expenditures., Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points you to some of these apps.

If you want to save money and time, you should download the GasBuddy app. It can help you find cheap and affordable fuel as well as provide information on prices, the details of the fuel station like name, address and distance. It is simply an app for finding cheap and affordable fuel. It is another way of saving money.

This is an app that tracks your spending pattern by creating a budget, updates you on your savings account and credit card transactions and offers recommendations on certain services or items you can save on. In addition, it offers users a pictorial representation of their weekly and monthly spending through the use of charts and graphs.

GoodBudget as the name implies breaks down your expenditure into understandable categories and through your estimate can help you calculate how much you are to spend. This application is perfect for the shopaholic. You can create a budget for each category like fees, travel, mortgage, transport and miscellaneous. If you adhere religiously with the budget, you will save more.

This is an app for every entrepreneur. It is the ultimate app for tracking office procurement. In government organizations that procurement is often a big deal, expensify can help end issues attached to it especially when it has to do with a bloated budget. Aside from procurement, it can also track hotel payments, cab rides, and other recurrent expenditure. It can also track personal spending.

Discount vouchers and coupons are very if you want to save money. No matter how little the discount is, you should use it. With SnipSnap, you have a good record of all your discount cards and coupons hence you will never skip using it. You simply take a picture of the coupon and it will be saved and it will send you reminders when your discount will expire. It is a wonderful app for the regular shoppers.

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