Should Senate President Saraki Resign In The Face Of The Allegations Of False Assets Declaration Against Him?

On the one hand it is quite easy to argue that he should resign as is obtainable in other climes where public officers resign when their character or conduct is called into serious question in the course of their official duties.

On the other hand, you realizes quickly that this is not “other climes” but Nigeria where frivolous or trumped up charges can be brought against you by your political enemies and the powers that be just to bring you down…

Moreover, the manner in which the Code of Conduct Tribunal has gone about the trial so far appears as if it is acting a predetermined script. What would one make of the Tribunal Sitting with just two members when the Constitution clearly states that sitting must be by three members?

And why should the Tribunal Chairman continually rule against the provisions of the Constitution in favour of the Interpretation Act and other Acts of the National Assembly which are subservient to the provisions of the Constitution?…the Code of Conduct Tribunal needs to be dispassionate in this trial…

Nigeria is a very interesting nation and the political scene from my observation and experience over the years is very brutal; you either stand your ground and fight or you quit...more @

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