I was in a light-meeting when my phone rang and I excused myself to answer the call. The voice at the other end was beautiful and with a quick guess, it sounds as if I have never met her. She shortly introduced herself and with ease I can relate with her statement “Sir, we met at a meeting. . . . where you came to speak not long ago”.

She called to ask a Billion Dollar question, she was on the hot-seat of ‘love’ and Emotions! Not knowing that love is not enough and emotions can be deceptive.

Her question was: “Please sir, I have this friend that we are fond of each other, but not dating. But at a time, he proposed to me and I declined with a sharp NO; my reason was that I always see him as a friend, but not someone I can marry. To punish my nonacceptance, he went ahead to ask my best friend out and she said YES with joy! Sir, now it’s like I am falling in love with him. I’m jealous and I want him back as a FRIEND (because I can’t do without him) and not as a LOVER”!

Like you like me, I started laughing uncontrollably and I quickly apologized for been mean. If you truly laughed, I don’t know why; but your guess is as good as mine.

I laughed because I cannot relate so many things in search of the premises of the state of her heart.

The compass that guided the truths of my response to her are:

- Never say a YES to someone that deserves a NO

- Saying NO for a ‘judged’ wrong reason might be a silent miracle

- Priority must be right when purpose is understood

- Learn not to complain about what you intentionally by choice ‘let go’

- You can desire what you do not find pleasure in

- A Yes from someone doesn’t make your no wrong

- Jealousy is not the tool to win appropriate rights, you need correct value system

- To fall in love or for love without the divine will is weak

- Emotions are deceptive, feelings are transient and just love is not enough

- When you marry your friend, friendship continue(s)

Lastly, the only person that is qualified for the office of INDISPENSABILITY is GOD!

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