In a desperate bid to undo each other and showcase their vague claims to the potency of the power of Omni-present, Omni-potent and Omni-scient nature of the Creator, Maharaj Ji, called God and Allah in English and Arabian languages respectively, the two dominant alien religious groups dubiously invent in all kinds of make-believe ploys to hoodwink and hold spell-bound spiritual neophytes in order to sustain their faith and belief in those religions.

The latest of this absurd frame-up is the booboo story about the “Baby Born in Ibadan clutching the Qur’an” which was published on page 14 of Friday Tribune, October 24, 2014.

In an interview with Nigerian Tribune, one Dr Dawood Amoo, an Islamic preacher based in Ibadan, claimed that he was one of the earliest callers at Owode/Academy Ibadan residence of the parents of the baby to witness one of God’s wonders.

In his delusive fantasia, Dr Amoo stated that “the woman, who took the delivery, thought it was one of the devilish drugs used by the mother to terminate the pregnancy, hence she threw it in the dust bin.”

Besides, other spurious claim of how the mini-Qur’an was FORCEFULLY removed from the baby’s hand after birth, he went further to depose that “they (people) were all afraid to touch it until I got there and I had to remove the remaining thread on the object and to my surprise, it was a beautifully-designed pocket-sized complete noble Qur’an.”

Here is to remind Dr Dawood Amoo and his ilks that they can only deceive the race for some time and definitely not forever. As a matter of fact their days are numbered considering the fact that the Great Light sustaining everything in Creation has berthed in Nigeria in its highest intensity, in a Nigerian Body as Satguru Maharaj Ji.

This Great Light is here to illuminate all the nooks and crannies of the globe in order to dispel all indices of darkness and the encompassing veil of ignorance enveloping the larger society, thereby predisposing them as willing prey for Smart Alecs, like Amoo and co., to thrive in their self-enriching game of deceit.

Dr Dawood Amoo is a cheat. If he wants to be taken serious, let him swear publicly, before the same journalists who covered his interview in the holy city of Ibadan, with Sango, Ogun, Osun, Okija, Egbesu, etc and allow nature to take care, for us to see what happens after seven days.

On this note, I wish to warn all neo-colonialist agents in religious garb to be mindful of the limits within which their yeoman’s job of being used by Euro-Arabian forces to destabilise and re-colonise the Black Race, unknown to them, whilst they incur the wrath of nucleus Ancestors.

I urge our people to disregard this “arrange” falsehood which is deliberately conceived to serve some undefined clandestine interest.

The Creator is like the Sun that shines for all. He puts all the other Elements in Creation, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Fire and Mother Earth for His children to experience Him free of charge. A true father would not want his children to pass through the mental rigour of having faith and belief before they know that they have a father who cares. Hence, one does not need any abracadabra signs and wonders to experience the Creator, Maharaj Ji.

The alien religious groups created disconnect between us and our Almighty Father, Maharaj Ji, in order to render us beleaguered for their maximum exploitation of our human and material capital.

Just by remembering to call the Holy Name that never fails, Maharaj Ji, one is sure to be victorious over all forms of life challenges, physically and spiritually.

At a discount price of love, all will be well, if we take a step and call Maharaj Ji silently from the heart.

Lest we forget, there is an injunction in the nucleus law, which states that any misinformation deliberately designed to deceive the people leads to one losing the crown and change of dimension to a lower being, like the case of Nebuchadnezzar.

My Love and Blessings.

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