“keep that Breast for your husband”… Actress, Yvonne Jegede in Trouble

Nollywood actress, Yvonne Jegede, has gotten her fans talking and calling her out for exposing too much of herself as a married woman.

She is loved by many but things seems to have taken a different shape after she shared picture of herself in mini gown which exposed major parts of her br3east.

Some fans believe that being a celebrity and a married lady, she is not supposed to be exposing herself all in the name of fame as they came sharing their thoughts on the outfit she wore.

Fkirian: Thought u r a married woman?no wah for una self.

Fkirian: @yvonnejegedefawole keep that breast for your husband... Stop exposing to the world.

naomialberts_irawo: That's why u open ur breast mtcheeeew

siralexbanky: @adabekee12 thank God there are still some sensible women out there....artists are role model.....what are this ones protraiting to the younger generation...I guess to destroy their destiny

nkanyan: I tot dat cleavages are for ur hubby y d exposure it makes u ugly

adabekee12: I love you Choco but this is not cool
lovelynemere: Madam u are married, pls cover dat breast, wats de problem wit u celebrities? Hmmmm dis respect for God no reach una side at all

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