Actress, Toyin Abraham Orders fan to Apologise After Accusing her with Niyi

Sure, it was Adeniyi Johnson’s birthday and many were on the lookout for what actress and ex-wife to the actor, Toyin Aimakhu now Abraham’s reaction will be.

Many fans had ran to her page to see if she was going to wish her ex a happy birthday but as they thought, they never got to see her upload his picture and trust her fans, someone will talk.

One of the fan called her attention to it by asking her to let go pride and wish her man a happy birthday but rather than react badly, she was cool by asking the fan to apologise after he was scolded by another fellow.

ogawilliey : Madam you no go wish @adeniyijohnson a happy birthday?. Pride goes before destruction

toyin_abraham : @ogawilliey say sorry dear
ogawilliey : Its okay madam,I wish you all the very best @toyin_abraham

ogawilliey : I am sorry oh lol
toyin_abraham : @ogawilliey aii dear
damolaadebayo87 : @ogawilliey did Niyi wished her happy birthday last year? wetin be your own willie willie

ogawilliey : Yeah @damolaadebayo87 I got that from my research too and that was why I apologised

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