Today's Christian Devotion 10-07-2018

This day, Heaven shall promote you and push you forward from your old level to a new level. You shall climb higher and occupy a new ground. You shall cross your Jordan and climb your difficult mountain, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen.

Today, you shall see the end of that problem, trouble, crisis, challenge, battle, evil reoccurrence, stubborn yoke, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen

May the Lord effect divine changes to occur in your life, wear you a new garment, give you a new song and teach you a new dance and prepare for you a glorious table before your enemies. Those that hate you, when they hear the noise of your celebration, they will shamefully come out to sing and dance with you, in the Mighty name of Jesus...amen

You are unstoppable and indomitable. God shall help you. You shall grow stronger, from strength to strength, from glory to glory, from success to success, from victory to victory, in the Mighty name of Jesus, amen.

Be glad and rejoice...
It is your turn to laugh and celebrate... Good morning and have a nice day.

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