Son tells mother not to visit him anymore because she is too ugly

A 63-year-old Chinese woman, Ding Liang got a rude shock recently when she was told by her son not to come visiting because she was too ugly and would embarrass him, according to local media, SMACK . Liang had traveled five hours from her village to meet her son and his newborn child in the Hangzhou province of China.

Years ago, her son moved to the city to pursue a college education – he did well at school, landed a job at a reputable car dealer shop and got married. When she attended the wedding dressed like a peasant, her son was very furious, refusing to recognise her as his mother.

Soon after, the son began to ignore Ding and the rest of the family back in the village. He would never call and hardly spoke to her even when she called.

“I don't mind, I know he has his own life now, so I understand that he doesn't call and only speaks to me when I ring him,” Ding said. “But when he rang me the other day to say that he had had a baby, I wanted to visit him and bring my grandchild some gifts. He said I shouldn't come, that I would embarrass him because I'm too ugly.”

On the day of her journey, Ding woke up at 4:00am and dressed in the clothes that she had purchased specially for the occasion. Unfortunately, she didn't have her son's address, and when she called him, he didn't answer the phone.

“Before 10am, I was wandering here and there searching. Two people asked me what I was looking for. I told them I was looking for my son who is a car salesman. Several others also tried calling him but he didn't answer. One of them texted him pretending to be a potential customer, but he only got a reply stating that 'Chief Xu was on a business trip to Xiamen'.”

Disappointed, Ding finally decided to return to her village with all the gifts and packages she had brought for her grandchild.


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