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By NBF News

The recently screened ministerial nominee by the Senate, Professor Taoheed Adedoja, has promised that, despite the short period left in this administration, he had no fear about succeeding in whatever ministry he found himself.

Speaking with newsmen in Ibadan at the weekend, Adedoja submitted that 'in a situation like this, to succeed in any human endeavour is about setting short-term goals and pursuing them to work.' The first way to go about achieving great results within a short time, according to him, was that 'if you are determined to make a change, you will have goal management,' adding that 'once we have recognized what is to be done, we would work with dedicated team members to prioritize our goals for optimal and effective operations. This means that we have to manage time very well and come out with results.'

The former Provost, Federal College of Education (Special), Oyo, believed that 'even one day in the life of a determined person can make a big difference and that one day in policy change can make a big difference in the life of a nation.' The few months left in this current administration, Adedoja assured, would be maximally utilized to make significant change and make impact wherever he found himself.

Adedoja, whose nomination and subsequent confirmation as minister came while still acting as Commissioner for Education in Oyo State, expressed confident that he would not disappoint those who had so much confidence in him as to recommend him as minister, reminding that he had always succeeded in all tasks he had so far been entrusted with.

While commenting on his screening that was seen as tough, Adedoja, said he did not feel bombarded by the questions the senators asked him but rather thanked them for a thorough job done. 'The question and answer session was like d 'Although I had to answer questions from 21 senators on a range of issues relating to education, economy, labour, terrorism, cultism, foreign affairs, youth affairs, debt servicing, security and the Nigerian Constitution, I did not feel one bit bombarded.  Rather, I thank them for a thorough job.

The question and answer session was like defending a professorship thesis.  I think the experience further drives home the point that anybody living in this country must be prepared to have a vast knowledge of the political, economic, educational and social landscape of the country. I am equally happy that not a single petition was received against my nomination. This is rare particularly from the South West. I am excited that I'm going for a higher calling to serve my fatherland,' he confessed.

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wale akinremi | 11/20/2010 11:38:00 PM
it is obvious that our legislators are cut-off from the reality of our lives. one simply expected a senate well informed to send this Polluted Tried Alternative (P.T.A, as they call him) to be sent parking without much delay. is it that the senate is unaware of the state of education in oyo state under adedoja's supervision? should we be left with people like this in charge of our education then, nigeria is finished. and let you be informed that there were no petitions against you truly, but there wasnt celebration of your appointment. if you dont know, people regard you as an AGIP, almajiri and opio politician. why should they decipate thier energy on the man who eats everywhere and anywhere. why should they clebraten'wetin i go chop' professor? people are happy that you a leaving oyo state but they are also unhappy that you'll soon be empowered enough to strangulate our education system and institutions.
You cannot define a man without responsibility. And you can not define a father without love.
By: Sixtus