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Thugs Brazenly Harrass And Extort Money From Residents Of Enugu City , And No Comment From Either The State Government Or Concerned Local Government Chairmen, A Group Laments.


Voice from the East-VEAST , a South East-based civil and social group , has critically ctritisized the level of corruption in Nigeria which it says has touched the zenith , and the appellation ‘anything goes’ appears the order of the day, adducing no thanks to the re-looting by EFCC top brats of recovered looted public funds in the coffers of Central Bank of Nigeria. VEAST quips ‘one begins to wonder whether Nigeria has not become a banana republic as far as corruption is concerned.’ Narrating an urgly incident that occurred in Enugu metropolis, today- 16th July,2020, the Convener of the Group, Comrade Kindness Jonah, regreted what he described as ‘the brazenly loot at noon’ in Enugu metropolis, where thugs of the Enugu North , claiming to be on drive, most callously loot the shops of people, posing for showdown in fisticup, and issuing fake receipts. This was confirmed by Comrade Kindness Jonah, who went on peaceful mission to separate the ensued fight. After interviewing the aggrieved, Comrade Jonah called on the Personal Assistant to the Chairman , Enugu North Local Government Chairman who debunked the idea of the thugs being sent by the Local Government. On loser examination, it was discovered that the receipts they were issuing to people were fake, as the Chairman’s PA comfirmed that what is written on the receipt ‘ Enugu North/Enugu central Local Councils ‘ , is a clear aberration as there is no such thing .

What became a bizzare to many a critical thinker is the befuddling fact that no Chairman of any Local Government in the State , nor the Government of the State has put legs on ground to arrest these daylight thieves. Moeso, VEAST gathered that in many ocassions , the thugs go with an 'arrangee' police escort to authenticate their open thievry . VEAST further inquired and discovered that these thugs were being settled by these activities which makes the State Government to look the other way round as these criminals waste people’s resources and steal with impunity.

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Godwin chukwuike | 7/19/2020 12:02:00 AM
This is unacceptable practice and should be stopped. In Enugu just clear a site,from pegging and digging of foundation you will be visited by all types of revenue collection teams; with multiple's scarring . I think we are better than this.