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APC Blasts Bishop Oyedepo For Comment On President Buhari

By The Nigerian Voice

The ruling All Progressive Congress(APC) has asked bishop David Oyedepo , the general overseer of the living faith church to examine his head following his recent attack on the president Muhammadu Buhari led administration.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, Yekini Nabena, the party’s Deputy National Publicity Secretary, further queried what the preacher has contributed to the society.

“He has no right, he should examine his own head what has he given back to the community. Despite the billions of naira and dollars, Nigerians have contributed through offerings to him what has he given back to the community?

“What has he contributed to the country? So he is not in a position to tell Nigerians what to do because they voted for Buhari so he has no right”

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Harrison | 3/10/2020 8:42:00 PM
Open Reply to Mr Yekini Nabena. You asked what the Bishop has done for Nigeria, well maybe you don't know because you are busy with your occult practices. I will list but few.. The Bishop has created over 30,000 jobs for both Nigerian citizens and non citizens, two of his Universities are best in Nigeria and west Africa. The Bishop has single handedly given scholership to over 3,000 members/non members of his church (I stand to be corrected) as a religious leader, he has fix family problem, those with broken homes and he is a mentor to millions of successful individuals. One example is in the likes of Senior Pastor David Ibiyeomie. Etc. This is what one man has done for the Nation Nigeria Now Mr deputy spokesman for APC, you tell me what your party has done for Nigerians?. The moment your party took over leadership, Nigeria became poorer than before, your party and APC took away 3 million jobs for her citizens in just three month of handover, over 16,000 companies folded in just 1 years of your APC leadership, The country's GDPs went to the lowest in all time, in the history of nigeria, I have never seen an economy so bad as it is of today all thanks to your blood sucking looting APC govt. The security situation in the country became the worst as it has never happened in the history of Nigeria, Investors have refused to come and and invest because of your Buhari rigid and self-centered clueless and unguided foreign policy.. You said Nigerians voted for APC, who told you that, an Election that your party Apc rigged and manipulated the results? Your party and Buhari removed the then chief judge of the Nation and put your puppet Mr tanko so that he will manipulate the judgement of supreme court.. And Yes your party scheming and devilish plans worked.... Your party and Buhari has impoverished more Nigerians than any other party and govt has ever done in the history of Nigeria. Go and check the facts.. No wonder the president of United State of America, Donald Trump, said "Nigeria is a sh*t hole and it's president Buhari and co are "clueless" plus brain dead.. "Brain dead" my words. And yes yours days are numbered. Because they made you deputy spokesman, you think u can just come out and spit nonsense? To confuse Nigerians? You are lucky it is not in the days of prophet Elisha, Elijah and co, fire from heaven would have consumed you. I pity for that your innocent wife and kid(s) if you have any.. You want to make that young lady a widow. You better go and ask God for forgiveness. It is your head that needs to be examined