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VIDEO: Bird Turns Into Half-Naked Woman, Exposes TB Joshua!

By Tawia Acheampong

A shocking video has emerged from Delta State, Nigeria of a self-confessed ‘witch’ lying half-naked in a rubb**h dump after allegedly being hit by a trailer whilst flying in the form of a ‘bird’.

According to local reports, the driver was at Amukpe along the Sapele/ Benin Express Road when his trailer hit a ‘big bird’.

Upon getting out, he claimed the bird had transformed into a lady who suffered an extensive injury to her arm as a result of the collision.

She proceeded to make a shocking confession about Pastor TB Joshua of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), indicating the power of his prayers blocked her ‘evil mission’.

“TB Joshua turned into the trailer,”she told a large crowd of bystanders who gathered to witness the bizarre spectacle.

She additionally confessed other strange things without showing any concern about the serious injury ravaging her arm.

“I have killed many, many people… I am ‘the Lucifer’ which Jesus Christ talked about… I am one million years old,”the unidentified lady said in response to questions from shocked onlookers who interspersed their interrogation with loud prayers.

The woman was subsequently taken to Sapele Central Hospital for treatment where the doctors appealed for family members to come forward and identify the ‘strange lady’, although none have come forward yet.


Tawia Acheampong is a writer on religious affairs…

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