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Prophet Tb Joshua Releases 2020 Prophecy

By ihechukwu Njoku

During his church service at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 5th January 2020, Prophet TB Joshua released his much-anticipated prophetic message for the year 2020.

The eleven words of prophecy touched on a wide range of topics, including messages for Nigeria, Iran, America, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The cleric, who was absent during last week’s service at an undisclosed ‘prayer mountain’ where he was ‘seeking the face of God’, explained the revelations came to him on December 28th 2019.

“Let us pray for the Nigerian government to be able to finish this year without an interlude that will cause a situation of for and against,” Joshua stated in a parabolic message to the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, calling on people to join him in prayer for Nigeria.

He additionally addressed Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. “Vice President, it is not yet over. Expect much more pressure. The pressure will be so much. I pray you will be able to stand the pressure.”

The cleric revealed he had foreseen the US attack which led to the death of Iranian military Commander Qassem Soleimani, sparking a dramatic escalation in tensions between the two nations.

“An incident will happen to the nation Iran that will cause panic throughout the world. We are praying to know the mind of God concerning this,” he wrote in the prophetic message on December 28th, just days before the deadly drone strike in Baghdad, Iraq.

Joshua called on America to “invest more in agriculture”and “encourage their farmers” due to impending economic challenges in the nation.

This mirrored his message for the world concerning the economic situation. “Agriculture will help the economy because the economy will have a backlash. Let us farm to help the economy.”

He equally spoke of the upcoming Presidential elections in USA scheduled for November 2020. “Also, approach to the security issue will affect the candidates and swing voters in the next election. It will be tough in the election. They should pray against a recount. It may be too tight.”

Joshua then addressed Russia, calling on the nation to“pray for their leader to avert his being on the sickbed. There is a ladder to go up – if this is averted,” he added.

Speaking in more general terms to leaders worldwide, he added: “Many sicknesses and diseases that leaders have been treating privately will surface this year. They will become bedridden and many will not make it.”

Regarding the United Kingdom, Joshua spoke of “agitation from a section that wants to leave”, additionally calling for prayers for the Royal Family.

“Brexit needs more time to stand on its feet - with more co-operation of the EU leaders,” he added. “If not, there will be economic repercussions and the cost of things will become unbearable. With time and preparation, all will be well.”

In a message affecting the general populace, Joshua warned of a ‘common medicine’ that will “cause people to be ‘high’ to die, to commit suicide”. “The governments of each nation should watch out and put a check on pharmaceutical drugs that come to their country,” he cautioned.

“This year will be a year of humility,” he continued, stressing that “this year, the Lord will humble us with our challenges.”

Joshua revealed the only remedy was to “move closer to God”, explaining that weaknesses and bad habits would “destroy us or exposes us” as a means of bringing humility.

Finally, the cleric spoke of those involved in the work of God. “People will be getting tired this year because the work of God is not by power and might,” he revealed, warning of “so many challenges, tribulations and burdens they will not be able to bear”.

“Our prayer warriors are on their knees praying to make sure the changeable ones are changed,” the cleric stressed, adding that two additional parts of the prophecy would be revealed in due course. “Prophecy is a guide to life.”

The service was broadcast live on Emmanuel TV, which just became the world’s first Christian ministry YouTube channel to break the milestone of obtaining 1,500,000 subscribers.

Ihechukwu Njoku is a freelance Nigerian journalist…

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Omogbai udu.Kingsley | 1/10/2020 8:04:00 AM
Prophecy is from God not from man. Our lord Jesus Christ love us so much that he tell us what will come to pass in future. Prophet TB Joshua, he is a great prophet from God has a savernt of our lord Jesus Christ ( Amen ). On the 28 December 2019, i send 2020 prophetic vision from God to all over the world. Jesus Christ show me the vision on October 2019, so in 28 December 2019 i make all my vision comprehentively and was the day God give our great prophet of God 2020 prophecy which was release on 5th January 2020. Which after i have released my, i was waiting to relate its with prophet tb Joshua 2020 prophecy, which i later watched on the 7th of January 2020 and was all most the same. God tell me that 2020 is a great terrible year. The prophecy from God through me is : Prophecy ! Prophecy!! Prophecy!!! For 2020 to the world, Jesus Christ is coming now is time you come to him as your lord and savior . By the help of Holy spirit we will overcome it all Amen GRACE UPON GRACE year. - 2020 is a very great terrible year, A year like NOAH days. - Flood in meany places . - Economic collapse - Cashless society that will lead to micro chip people (mark of the beast). -The releaving of the Antichrist and the false prophet . Any person that bring peace to the world that don't come with lighting in the cloud it the Antichrist , Jesus Christ bring the true peace to the world. The birth pins are increasing in the world due to the coming of our lord Jesus Christ the only begotten son of God. Jesus Christ love you come closer to Christ . - January 15-30 in 2020 great thing will happen in the world. Christ is coming now . Matthew 24, revelation 13 , 2thessalonian 2. Please share to inform everyone about 2020. Christ peace and love be in for forever. Prophecy prepared us for future . I pray by the help of Holy spirit we will over come this great terrible year 2020. Our lord Jesus Christ be with us forever Amen. I am omogbai udukhagele Kingsley from Edo state Nigerial age 21yrs old. Phone no :08162762555. We thank lord Jesus Christ for given us tb Joshua for this endtime . please prophet tb Joshua should read it as God always lead him.