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SSA On Power Challenges PHED To Improve Power Distribution In Akwa Ibom State


The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Power, Dr. VictorUdo has challengedPort Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company (PHEDC) to improve power supply and the distribution infrastructure management in the State.

Dr. Udo who spoke at the monthly power sector stakeholders meeting held in his office said“PHEDC has been rejecting power allocated to the State because of their inefficient method of bill collection”.

He said “rejection of power allocated to the State is neither consistent with the provisions of the Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) nor the National Control Center (NCC)”.

The SSAstated that “Ibom Power is generating over 100MW and NIPP power plant at Calabaris also generating which means there is sufficient power generation for consumption within the State”

He added that “the crux of steady power supply problem in the State is the distribution component. If the generation is available and the distribution company is rejecting the power, whichenergy will the customers pay bills for?”

Dr. Udo said “instead of rejecting load because they cannot collect revenue, PHEDC should collaborate with the electricity consumers committee within communities in the State to implement a more effective method of bill collection and steady power supply”

He suggested that“PHEDC should install bulk meters at the distribution transformers and read the power output from the transformer to ascertain true consumption”

Speaking further he said “when this is done, PHEDC can collaborate with the electricity consumers committee to collect bills based on actual consumption at each transformer instead of estimated billing”.

He added that “it is detrimental to the steady power supply objective of the State government if most of the power generated in the State is evacuated to other regions of the country while AkwaIbom is not properly served”.

He therefore concluded by setting-up a committee to discuss the issue with the Chairman of 4-PowerConsortium (the majority owners of PHEDC) with the aim of resolving the issue to ensure improvement in power distribution across the State.

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Engr. UDOH (LECAN) | 8/19/2019 11:03:00 AM
For any marked improvement in power supply to customers to be achieved in the Zone, PHEDC top management must turn over a new leave by prevailing on her employees to leave the desperate 9pursuit of electrical contracts which is the sole responsibility of genuine Licensed and NEMSA Certified electrical contractors and face their legitimate duties of Line maintenance, marketing and fault clearing. A situation where PHED closes her eyes to her employees reckless pursuit of private electrical contracts of converting all existing 11kV sub-Stations to 33kV substations is alarming. This is at the expense of the Company as they perpetrate this act using front men who pose as NEMSA Certified electrical contractors while in actual fact, they are NOT. The impostors only photocopy COREN Certificates of unsuspecting Engineers to put up their application for Permit to Construct, and because the real owner of the Electrical contract is a PHEDC Staff, the application will be approved and the fake Contractors then use PHEDC junior linesmen and artisans and the company's operational equipment and vehicles to execute the said Contract. This is what is in vogue in PHEDC. This is what is occuppying almost every field and office staff in our almighty PHEDC. Customers now have to buy poles, buy wires and pay PHEDC Staff to clear electrical faults. They encouraged Communities to form electricity Committees so that these will serve as front men for them to perpatrate this hineous act. How can a utility Company like PHEDC closes all her operational offices on weekends and public holidays just like the banks? Who will attend to customers complaint on these days? Who will clear electrical fault on these days? The answer is THE CUSTOMERS!