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Prophet TB Joshua Prophesy: Atiku Abubakar Will Win 2019 Elections

By The Nigerian Voice

The founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations, Prophet TB Joshua has prophesied victory for the candidate of the People Democratic party PDP Atiku Abubakar.

The Prophet released the prophecy in the new year crossover night, he said, “The election will be closely contested between the two leading political parties but I see Atiku Abubakar winning”

This is an election year and Nigerian pastors are releasing different prophecies to Nigerians. Some have prophesied that Buhari will win while some said Atiku will win.

The 2019 general election will hold on February 16, 2019. All the political parties have intensified the strategies to emerge victorious in the election.

Whatever the prophecy that are coming in regarding the election, only the voters will determine the winner

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Ojomu Boyede | 2/20/2019 8:16:00 PM
Winners of Nigeria 2019 Elections Many Prophets of the same ONE God we know have spoken, but interestingly speaking different and opposite things. Which one do we take now. The one that thrill me most is that of Dino Melaye who also told us God has spoken to him. Because I never knew him to be a regular prophet, I have therefore decided to add what God told me too about the 2019 elections. God loves Nigeria. He is not happy with the condition and position of His faithfuls in the country. He wish to do something positive, beginning with the 2019 general election. The results of the 2019 elections will share common general trend: the "worst candidates" will win in majority of the posts being contested, especially with the presidential, governorship and national assembly. It will be so to make it easy for the constituted government (comprising the elected politicians, the appointed officers and all their cohorts) to embark on policies and governance designed by Providence to "punish" the several sins of the nation. The four-year term will be terrible enough that it is hoped that the bearers of the brunt; the majority and common citizens, every individual person ( I am not talking of family) living below N30000 a month may change and turn to God who had ordained "bondsmen" over them. The bondmen will continue to enjoy their acts until the people will change. It is after this that the bondsmen will receive their punishment. God may turn around the situation if the required change of heart is done before the elections hold in few days time (humanly impossible). That being the case, hope the servitude will just be enough between now and 2023 for the suffering children of God to do the needful. After the election, I hope to begin a systematic discussion of the case against Nigerians and the solutions - watch out. Paul Boyede Ojomu (Foster Father)