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Communiqu� of Ogoni National Congress held Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the MOSOP Secretariat, Peace and Freedom Center, Bori, Ogoni

By MOSOP Ogoniland

The Ogoni people under the aegis of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) met on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at a general congress at the MOSOP secretariat Bori, Ogoni where the following resolutions were taken:

1. Congress condemned the way and manner the Ogoni cleanup was being implemented and resolved that the government and the Hydro Carbon Pollution Remediation Project (HYPREP) has failed to diligently implement the UNEP report on Ogoniland. Congress recommended the immediate commencement of the emergency measures. Congress further resolved that government should begin with the provision of water for the people, the construction of the Integrated Soil Management Center and the Center of Excellence amongst others.

2. Congress considered the report of a committeeon oil resumption headed by Professor Ben Naanen and resolved that the committee having being expanded without the consent of the Steering Committee of MOSOP was invalid. Congress resolved that the report of the Prof Ben Naanen committee on oil resumption is therefore null and void and not representing the position of the Ogoni people.

3. Congress expressed displeasure over the performance of Ogoni representatives on the governing council of the Hydrocarbon Pollution Restoration Project (HYPREP). Congress resolved that the representatives of Ogoni on the governing council of HYPREP including Legborsi Saro Pyagbara, Prof. Ben Naanen and others be withdrawn

immediately. A replacement be subsequently forwarded to the HYPREP governing council.

4. On security, congress rejected the planned deployment of the military to Ogoniland. Congress resolved that police presence in Ogoniland be improved with more technical support from government.

5. On the burning of a bus belonging to HYPREP in K-Dere on Tuesday , January 15, 2019, congress resolved that MOSOP will await the report of the police, the community and other investigators on the incident before taking a stand. Congress however regretted the incident and condemned attacks on Ogoni youths who peacefully protested against HYPREP on the said date.

6. Congress pledged the commitment of the Ogoni people to non-violence while demanding respect for the political rights to self determination for the Ogoni people in Nigeria.


Monday Ziinu

General Secretary,


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EZE Emeka Okere | 1/22/2019 2:11:00 AM
MOSOP IS DEAD. Don't patronize these people. They have five factions, fighting over UNEP report money. This is a shame. As I read the report, I can see, it is all about money. MOSOP DEAD. Why are they not interested in self-government? shame, shame.
i thought of a thougt but the thought i thought i thought wasn't the thought i thought i thought.
By: mr short