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By NBF News

Since 2007 politics in Imo state has witnessed some dangerous and perilous moments and trends starting from unending litigation's arising from the governorship result, gang up by arch rivals Achike Udenwa and Ifeanyi Araraume to unseat the governor. This trend was not there in the past. Imo used to be one of the most peaceful states when it comes to governance.

For instance, late Sam Mbakwe ruled peacefully with the backing of people like Chief R.B.K. Okafor , Elijah Emezie, the Echerous of Okigwe and Enoch Anyanwu of Mbaise to mention a few. The question now is why can't we enact such peaceful co-existence in Imo state this time around. Even in the time of Achike Udennwa there was relative peace in the polity despite pockets of opposition from Araraume group.

Why is it that what we hear today is gang up, pull him down, recall, bickering and vote of no confidence? This shows that our leaders in Imo State are not matured, competent and devoted to lead the people.How can one rationalize the call for the removal of the minister of interior Capt. Emmanuel Iheancho because he hails from owerri Zone. To worsen the issue, the Imo state House of Assembly passed a resolution, calling on Mr. President to remove him.

This is dangerous politics which should be condemned by all well meaning Imo people. I am not from owerri zone and I have not seen Capt Iheanacho since my life, and as such no one will accuse me of bias. I am from Orlu zone precisely Ohaji/Egbema. Iheanachor did not consult to defend him either, but as a true son of Imo State I must always say the truth for posterity to note. Okigwe zone robbed Owerri zone of their governorship which Martins Agbaso won.

In order to assuage the bad feelings of Owerri zone, the slots of deputy governor, and Ambassador were ceded to Owerri zone under the present governor and the minister then to Orlu zone which Chief Achike Udenwa utilized but was later dropped. If the position of the minister should go to Owerri now, what is wrong in it? Is the present occupant not competent? Is he not an Imo Man? If we are doing justice in Imo, Owerri zone should have the governor.

What of when Orlu zone had the governor, Ambassador and Supreme Court Judge and Minister did heaven fall in Imo state? Udenwa was governor, Greg Mbadiwe was ambassador , George Obiozo was ambassador all from the zone and no body complained .Why should Owerri zone's case be different and be adumbrated as if Imo will stop to exist because Iheanachor from Owerri zone was made a minister as against Orlu man . Orlu people Consultative Assembly which is spear heading the recall move are hypocrisies.

Does OPOCA do justice to appointments and sharing of positions in Orlu zone? I have once challenged their chairman Chief Samfo Nwankwo to a debate when they are dragging us to Njaba state as against our wish in Ohaji Egbema/Oguta Area of the zone .The Imo State house of Assembly and their leadership that passed the resolution to the effect that Capt. Iheanachor should be replaced by someone from Orlu because he is opposing the governor should hide their faces in shame for leaving their legislative functions to delve into a non-issue .Do they in the house do justice to the zoning arrangements in their areas?

Eke Nwohorobia


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NONSO | 8/23/2018 4:14:00 PM
Who is the best among all? Well to me am not from IMO State but I select Grieg Iheanacho Mbadiwe. He's not a troublemaker. He has a Legacy to lay. Thanks.
Ghana is the bithplace of humankind