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President Buhari & The Ghost Of $550 Million Abacha Loot - A Call For Leadership To Ensure Justice

By AMADI LAW OFFICE, Lynn, Massachusetts

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: August 21st, 2018, on behalf of our Client, Godson M Nnaka, and his Lawyers, I announce that our LawFirm has filed a $100million Civil Action against the Daily Trust Newspaper of Nigeria and a $100 million Civil Action against the Vanguard Newspapers of Nigeria, in the Essex County Superior Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, United States of America, for libel and defamation, among the other causes of action. The suits are in connection with those newspapers’ July 26, 2018 and July 27, 2018 senseless, malicious and irresponsible false publicationsabout and concerning Godson M. Nnaka and his lawyers in which they indefensibly associated Godson M. Nnaka and his lawyers with the Indigenous People of Biafra [IPOB], a proscribed body which the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had decreed a terrorist organization. In the aforesaid publications entitled “ Biafra: US court gives verdict on IPOB suit against Nigerian government,” these two Newspaperswent ahead to falsely and maliciously state that “the group [IPOB], through its plaintiff, Godson M. Nnaka and his lawyers, is also seeking payment of 40 per cent of the $550 million Abacha loot.”

1. We are satisfied that these Newspapers and their sponsors knowingly or recklessly made the false and libelous publications to injure our Client and his lawyers, and to frustrate or sabotage his ongoing causes and efforts to recover the debts owed to him by Nigeria for the services Nnaka rendered to the Federal Government of Nigeria in relation to the recovery of the Abacha loots.The implication of a newspaper report falsely stating that a distinguished and reputable Nigerian is a “plaintiff” in a case filed by an organization that the Federal Government of Nigeria had proscribed as a “terrorist organization” is clear to all discerning minds. We ask President Buhari and all well-meaning citizens to condemn this evil plot, in which select and evil Media Organizations in Nigeria are being compromised to become complicit in spreading “fake news” and engage in gutter journalism, thereby causing confusion and sowing seeds of injustice across the land. For the avoidance of doubt, Godson M Nnaka and his lawyers are not part, and they have never had any relationship or association with the group called IPOB, not to talk of Nnaka being a “plaintiff” in their case. There is no link or relationship whatsoever between Nnaka and the IPOB and/or Nnaka and any IPOB’s case. There is also no link or relationship between IPOB and Nnaka’s legitimate demand to be paid for the services that he and his team of lawyers provided to the Federal Government of Nigeria in the Abacha loots matter. We have attached the original complaint allegedly filed by IPOB in the District Court in Washington D.C to buttress the depravity, falsity and wickedness of the Daily Trust Newspaper and the Vanguard Newspaper and their publications, showing that contrary to their depraved conduct, neither Godson M.Nnaka nor any of his lawyers were “plaintiffs” or have anything to do with the IPOB case in the D.C. District Court or in any other Court whatsoever.

2. Furthermore, in an attempted resolution that was supervised by the then Director General of State Security Services, Daura, and held at the DSS Headquarters between Government and Nnaka, several months ago, all the parties committed to a timely and amicable resolution, in the interest of Nigeria, short of the 40% demanded in court. It therefore bothers every reasonable mind as to where these Newspapers obtained their cooked up stories and patchy publications of falsehood.In fact, a close observation at the two articles from the two newspapers show remarkable semblance: (1) In each story, the name of the Reporter or Staff writer was intentionally omitted, and (2) the articles were the same, word for word; a clear indication of a prepared script, gutter journalism, corruption and conspiracy. In essence, both Newspapers knew that they were publishing false and malicious stories and that was part of their crafty decisions to mask the identities of the Reporters or anyone behind either of the publications. Apart from the currently pending civil actions against these Newspapers for damages, the clear essence of their invidious and depraved conducts will compel this office, upon certification, to apply for criminal citations against the owners, publishers and sponsors of the stories in all the appropriate jurisdictions.

3. The record will reflect that since 2004 when the Federal Government of Nigeria engaged our client Godson M. Nnaka, and his team to assist Nigeria to trace,recover and repatriate Abacha’s loots, Nnaka has suffered all forms and manners of intimidation, humiliation, harassment, discrimination, oppression and injustice, including but not limited to attempted assassination from forces within and outside Nigerian Government, who want to ensure that the discovered loot is either not returned to Nigeria or is re-looted. These same forces have on numerous occasions sought to injure and harm Nnaka, damage his professional career and impair his character and reputation. The Federal Republic of Nigeria cannot claim ignorant of these. This latest Daily Trust Newspaper and Vanguard Newspaper publications is part of a long list of chicanes and subterfuges employed by enemies of Justice,of the fight against corruption and repatriation of stolen and looted Nigerian public funds to discredit Nnaka and the lawyers fighting his case. But they will not be permitted to succeed. We are confident that the Courts and the wrath of God will stop them.

4. In the end, we dare say that the best way to achieve prompt return of the Abacha loots from the United States is for the Federal Government of Nigeria to pay Nnaka an amicably agreed reasonable amount for more than 10years of services that he has provided to Nigeria in the matter, and not these intimidations, harassments and masked campaigns of calumny against him. We therefore call on President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to show leadership of unblemished integrity, step in and stop the abuses and persecution of our client, Nnaka, and cause an amicable resolution of Nnaka’s fee dispute consistent with the mediation supervised by the former Director General of the State Security Services (DSS), so that the Abacha’s loot of $550million can be repatriated to Nigeria and its ghost retired in peace. Nigerians cannot continue to feed on stories. Action is needed, now. The Federal Republic of Nigeria has no reason to continue to allow this issue of returning the Abacha loots from the United States to endlessly continue to linger while the jobless, suffering and hungry youths are roaming the streets. Anyone that loves this country, Nigeria, must show it. No more excuses. Thank you.

Benneth O. Amadi, Esquire, (Nnaka’sLead Counsel) AMADI LAW OFFICE; 781-581-5144 Lynn, Massachusetts.

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Chuma Anierobi | 8/21/2018 10:57:00 PM
Why should this happen in America?
Musa | 8/26/2018 8:41:00 PM
I very insure that becouse buhari are good prisdent in nigeria
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