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Threat To My Life And That Of My Family Members By Eze Leonwokocha And Imo State Government

By Cyril Aririguzo

In the past few days following the position of the entire Mbaise Nation represented by Ezuruezu Mbaise home and in Diaspora under tbe aeigis of Ezuruezu Global disassociating Mbaise in the Chieftaincy conferment on Uche Nwosu, the Chief of Staff to Gov. Rochas Okorocha by some renegade Ezes who were said to have collected money from the recipient, I have been receiving death threats from Eze Leo Nwokocha's camp and agents of the Imo State Government for criticizing the monetary motivated conferment of an unmerited tittle on somebody who has not contributed anything for the progress of Mbaise, using the name of the entire Mbaise people.

I have nothing against any Eze giving a personal title to any of his friends or associates in his palace as any Nigerian is free to take any nick name in the name of title. It is still my position that Mbaise did not give any person any title in the name of Mbaise.

In their words this was sent to me: "CASCA, stay clear from Chieftaincy title given to Uche Nwosu. Don't write anything against Eze Leo. Let every thing be a by gone. Some of the things I heard against you ,You have sons, mother and siblings in Nigeria. Anything that happens to one of your family members will shock you.

Thanks. By my advice."

I am Casca Ohanele, fmr Sub- Editor Politics, Leadership Newspaper Abuja, former News Editor, Trumpeta Newspaper, fmr,Columnist Whitepaper , Owerri and International Correspondent USA, Trumpeta Newspaper. The threats cannot deter me from standing against forces that are bent on destroying our culture or turning the people into political puns for material gains. Let the public know that my life and that of my family are in danger and should anything happens to me or any member of my family, Eze Leo Nwokocha, CPS to the Imo State Government , Sam Onwuemeodo, Governor Rochas Okorocha and Uche Nwosu should be held responsible.

Mbaise people will not be cowed by any group neither will any human being stop me from exercising my freedom of speech. We Ezuruezu Mbaise Global stand with majority of Mbaise people to say we, did not confer on Uche Nwosu any title. His claimed Ugwumba Oha Nile is a title he bought with Imo funds from few Ezes that are in need of the money to better their financial situation.

Long Live Mbaise..

Long Live Imo State.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria..


Casmir Ohanele.



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GODSAKE | 8/19/2018 8:04:00 PM
I am appalled by the constant threat to the lives of people who oppose the Governor of Imo State. In a democracy everyone is entitled to their views and choice of association in so far as they do not impinge on others freedom. I also find it offensive, abuse of power and trust, and roguery to use State fund to buy Siena cars for all APC Chair people in the State to boost the electoral chances of that Party in the State. That money could be used for more pressing needs of the State. In some civilised countries such punitive action would attract public enquiry and jail sentence. In Nigeria and particularly in Imo State, any thing goes
Moka | 8/23/2018 1:33:00 PM
You can buy a political position with money but you cannot buy a cultural position with money bc the gods will strike you down If he Nwosu has bought the crown of thorns with his money and until he disowns it his head will be spinning round in pains. Let's watch out. Mbaise kwenu.
Omeniumeh Mary | 1/13/2019 5:34:00 PM
A Sub-editor is a person who collects reports from reporters and prepares the report to publish or broadcast. He also corrects and checks articles in a newspaper before they are printed. They shouldn't be threaten because they have an insatiable curiosity and observe a fact in two ways one from very close and other far from sight. It means that the sub-editor should have the ability to catch any mistake in a story.
“When was the last time you witnessed the sun rising from the west?”
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