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Herdsmen Killings: Huriwa Condemns Oshiomhole's Revisionism


A prominent civil Rights organization- HUMAN RIGHTS WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (HURIWA) has branded the national chairman of the All progressives congress as a dangerously toxic revisionist who believes that the more he denies that armed Fulani herdsmen were responsible for the mass killings all across the Country and much of the farming communities in the North Central States, then the massive falsehood will assume the status of factuality.

HURIWA accused Mr. Adams Aliu Oshiomhole of gross insensitivity and for callousness against victims of these vicious armed Fulani terrorism.

HURIWA has also alleged that the unconsritutional preponderance of one section of the Country namely Fulani/Hausa Moslems as heads of internal security organisations in the Country has already demonstrated that the Presidency headed by a Fulani Moslem has compromised the proper and thorough investigations of the serial attacks and killings of farmers made up of mostly Christians in the North Central region of Nigeria.

The Rights group accused the controversially emerged national chairman of the ruling party Mr Adams Aliu Oshiomhole of simply following through the carefully choreographed agenda by the Muhammadu Buhari's administration to give soft landing to the armed Fulani attackers only because these killers responsible for some 6000 deaths are of the same religion and Ethnicity with President Muhammadu Buhari. "Adams Aliu Oshiomhole of APC must be living in denial or indeed he is a citizen of another Planet for him to attempt to deny the obvious fact linking armed Fulani herdsmen to all the deadly attacks on farming communities and specifically Christians."

HURIWA recalled that in the last three years, some security agents have indeed arrested and paraded armed Fulani herdsmen for their involvement in the attacks targeting farming communities in Benue, Southern Kaduna, Nasarawa Plateau and Adamawa States even as the Guards Brigade in Abuja had about two years ago intercepted a vehicle conveying armed Fulani militia members who were allegedly headed to parts of Nasarawa state to launch attacks against the Gov communities just as the Rights organisation wondered why the new national chairman of APC is seeking to force his poisonous chalice of false propaganda down the throats of the reading public so as to exonerate the real killers of Christians and farmers in parts of the North just so that his party can conveniently hang these crimes on the necks of their political rivals in the Peoples Democratic Party so as to score cheap popularity for the central government as preparations for the 2019 General elections become electrifying. HURIWA has warned the APC chairman to stop blackmailing (through media interviews and false claims circulated by the media from him) law enforcement agencies handling cases of armed Fulani terrorism who may be intimidated by the false propaganda that the arrested killers caught in the crime scenes with deadly weapons are no longer the criminal terrorists responsible for these bloodshed.

HURIWA said it is a lie from the pit of hell for anyone to seek to play partisan politics with such a grave matter that threatens the national security of Nigeria such as the serial attacks of blood chilling dimensions by armed Fulani herdsmen over the past three years resulting in thousands of fatalities including the destruction of several property worth several billions of Naira.

"We reject any politically motivated plot by the newly inaugurated hierarchy of the All progressives congress to exonerate mass killers only because these terrorists share same religion and tribe with the current President of Nigeria. What the chairman of APC has just done is to dance naked on top of the graves of these compatriots murdered by armed Fulani herdsmen whose organisation the Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association has always constantly and consistently owned up to these bloody attacks against farming communities on the nebulous grounds that hundreds of their cows were stolen by youths in those communities that were attacked by armed Fulani militia. Unless and except Mr Oshiomhole suffers from poor retentive memory, all that it would have taken him to know that what he is spreading now amounts to falsehood is for him to do simple research to find out the numerous recorded cases of arrests of armed Fulani herdsmen responsible for the attacks in the frontline states of these deadly attacks."

HURIWA also accused the national chairman of APC of being grossly insensitive and mindlessly unpatriotic for denying facts that are so notorious so much so that even as recently as two weeks ago, the military authority in Jos Plateau state paraded about two dozen armed Fulani herdsmen as those responsible for the attacks in parts of the Jos North Local Council which resulted in the death of over 200 civilians and the destruction of much of Barkin Ladi in Plateau State.

"Is Oshiomhole in another Planet when these recent cases of killings in Plateau State happened to an extent that a Moslem IMAM reportedly admitted speaking to the armed marauders to convince them that the Women and Children that took shelter in his Mosque in Barkin Ladi were all Moslems before the armed fulani attackers left the Mosque and continued their killing spree in other parts of the community? What was the allegations for the reason the commander of the military operation in Plateau State was replaced? Was it not because he actually arrested the armed fulani herdsmen responsible for these serial killings and the Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association never wanted him to do his job and protested to the Presidency which directed the Army chief to remove him from that position? Did the vice President not admit in an interview that the government has records of armed Fulani herdsmen detained for much of these attacks or is it so difficult for Oshiomhole to read past copies of newspapers kept in the national archives and are even carried online? The attackers in most of these communities were reported to be speaking the language spoken by Fulani herdsmen and most of these attacks also left some survivors who have testified in some of the few panels like the military panel that they are real Nigerian Fulani and indeed the Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association often blamed the attacked communities for sparking off such attacks on themselves by stealing cows belonging to their members but sadly the govermmemt refused to declaree this MIYETTI ASSOCIATION as a terrorist organisation and has refused to arrests most of these officials of Miyetti Allah Cattle Owners Association who had unambiguously accepted that these attacks were done because their cows were stolen. The Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, APC, Adams Oshiomole who on Saturday explained that there was a plot to portray the government of President Muhammadu Buhari in bad light by portraying all the killings in some states in the country as the handwork of herdsmen is being mischievous and had attempted to spread falsehood just to do the bidding of his new pay masters and to save his head from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which recently received a mind blowing petition of multibillion Naira sleaze which allegedly happened in his eight years stint as governor of Edo State. We wish to remind him that his attempt to create soft landing to armed Fulani herdsmen has failed flat on its face because it is insensitive, irrational and irresponsible and because even indibiduals deficient in rationality know that armed Fulani herdsmen are tge aggressors in all of the attacks on farming communities in Nigeria."

"The deceptive call on Nigerians not to allow themselves to be deceived by the antics of selfish politicians in the country who are trying to give the security challenges in the country an ethnic colouration in other to score cheap political points as made in Abakiliki by Oshiomhole is at best amateurish, selfish, and are mere political gymnastics meant to mask the truth and to help President Muhammadu Buhari to grant soft landing to the armed fulani terrorists who are directly responsible for much of the mass killings around Nigeria".

HURIWA recalled that Oshiomhole stated thus: “Let me urge you to be more careful because this season people are spreading untruth. People are being hired to turn the gospel upside down. They want us to believe that every problem should be explained in ethnic and religious terms. We have a problem and we must confront those problems. Criminals must be dealth with individually as criminals and government at all levels must work hard to protect every Nigerian regardless of tribe or religion”.

HURIWA however blamed armed Fulani herdsmen for these deadly attacks and asked the President to disband the internal security team and appoint competent professionals from all sections of Nigeria to properly combat the attacks, professionally handle the investigations of all these blood chilling attacks by armed Fulani herdsmen which his government is attempting to undermine a transparent and an accountable investigations based on mundane Ethno Religious interests.

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Alphonsus | 8/5/2018 7:50:00 PM
This is complete hate speach. You re wicked some of u will bring crisis in this country using tribes and religious. Your preaching will not do us anything.