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Nigerians In The Netherlands To Storm ICC For A Protest Rally Against Buhari's Government

By The Nigerian Voice

Hundreds of Nigerians resident in The Netherlands and other friends of Nigeria will hold a peaceful demonstration at the International criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, venue of one of President Buhari's events while in The Netherlands.

A release from the organizers direct all Nigerians to assemble at Oude Waalsdorpweg 10, The Hague (ICC Headquarters) between 10:00 am to 13:00pm tomorrow, Tuesday, 17th July 2018. The protest is intended to draw the attention of President Buhari on the unacceptable state of insecurity in Nigeria, culminating to wantom killings of Nigerians by the herdsmen.

The peaceful demonstartion will highlight other angst held against the government by Nigerian diasporeans in The Netherlands. Participants are advised to dress in black colour.

Some Nigerians in The Netherlands are surprised that with President Buhari's alleged crimes against humanity and alleged known humanrights abuses which ICC have been severally intimated, the same ICC found him to be a friend as to invite him.

The masacre of unarmed IPOB members by security forces under President Buhari's supervision, the massacre of the sh*te moslem members and the genocidal herdsmen who kill at will without any known conscequence for their actions are among the reasons why many Nigerians are surprised at ICC's invitation.

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Nigerians_in_NL | 7/17/2018 11:02:00 AM
TO ALL NIGERIANS in the Netherlands (This message is from Mr. I J Umana, Minister, at the Nigerian Embassy.) Please be informed that the Nigerian President, His Excellency, President Muhammadu BUHARI is in the Hague, at the invitation, repeat, invitation of the ICC to deliver an address on the occassion of the 20th Anniversary of the setting of the ICC. He is the Guest of the ICC. NIGERIANS SHOULD THEREFORE iGNORE THE-CALL FOR A PROTEST BY MRS. EVELYN AZIH and her group. In my capacity as the chairman of the Embassy Mediation Committee, I am reminding Nigerians in the Netherlands that Evelyns tenure as President of the NNA-NL has officially ended. So technically, there is currently no “office of the President NNA-NL in the Netherlands” until another election is held. Consequently. EVELYN AZIH has no legal standing to continue to parade herself as President of NNA-NL. The Embassy does not endorse the call to protest. It is unpatriotic and condemnable to protest against an invited guest of the ICC. Nigerians should go about their business peacefully in the Netherlands and avoid attracting undue negative attention to themselves and their country. Thank you all 🙏
Nigerians_in_NL | 7/17/2018 11:04:00 AM
WE ARE NOT A PARTY TO THE FAKE PROTEST AGAINST PRESIDENT BUHARI IN THE HAGUE: We, A Cardinal Segment Of the Executive Of the Nigerian National Association, Netherlands NNA.NL wish to state categorically that we are not a party to the planned protest Against the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari on his visit to the ICC at the Hague on Tuesday 17, July 2018. Specifically, We the Underlisted Officers Of the Association: Elder G. Uyi Olaye(Vice President), Mr John Robert(Financial Secretary), Prince John Paul Luscap(Chairman, Exco working committee), Mr Ken Fatoki(Publicity Director) hereby totally dissociates Ourselves from such ignoble and indecent protest Against the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at The Hague. The so-called protest is allegedly being arranged by the President Of the NNA.NL Ms Evelyn Azih in collaboration with some Unpatriotic Nigerians simply to get very Cheap, Worthless and Disgraceful Attention which are not needed to resolve any of the Crisis facing our Nation back Home. If the President’s Attention is needed, We prefer a more civilized face to face dialogue with the Nigerian President to air our grievances and concerns and not through such a disorganized public protest which does not practically represent the yearnings and voices of all Nigerians in the Netherlands. Signed: *Elder G. Uyi Olaye(VP,NNA.NL) *Mr John Robert (Financial Secretary NNA.NL) *Prince John Paul Idojiere Luscap(Chairman, Exco Working Committee NNA.NL) *Mr Ken Fatoki(Publicity Director, NNA.NL)
Ajayi Ogundipe | 7/17/2018 11:42:00 AM
Some Nigerians in The Netherlands seem to be lacking in the understanding of what is currently happening in Nigeria. For clearer understanding to the paranoid ones, Nigerian citizens are being slaughtered on daily basis in Nigeria by the world's most deadly militia group known as "Fulani Herdsmen". They have out performed the once dreaded boko haram in spilling the blood of innocent christian Nigerians. The need to bring this raging issue to President Buhari's knowledge is now. Protest is part of the ingredient of democracy. Whoever is leading the protest should not be a problem. You can as well gather your group and peacefully protest against Christians being killed and their lands taken from them without ANYONE held accountable so far. If this group of Nigerians disassociating themselves from the exercising their fundamental rights to protest and to life, it's very regrettable Fortunately, Nigerians can see the names of those who signed this letter as part of "silent conspirators" against the spilling of innocent Nigerian blood. The British parliament recently debated this genocidal activities of the herdsmen. Nigerians in UK has planned a rally against insecurity in Nigeria. It is a big shame that some naive Nigerians in The Netherlands are dangerously compromising their conscience just because a certain "bad" individual is piloting the protest. The blood of the innocent Nigerians killed in whatever guise is sobbing from beyond.
Metieh Anne | 7/17/2018 1:54:00 PM
I'm ashamed to be called a Nigerian, look at the rubb**h, the current excos are saying what a very big shame, you can talk because it has not gotten to your family, I sincerely pray it does not, every blessed day all we hear in the news is Fulani herdsmen killing innocent citizens even children and pregnant mothers and you sit there and say that the protest is uncalled for, I tell you all of you that are supporting these killings will surely pay with your blood up to tenth generation in Jesus name Amen. Who ever that is organizing the protest does not matter, but what we hope to achieve after that. Ride on my good people those that desire peace in our country Nigeria may God bless us all in Jesus name Amen. Even the so called governor of plateau state we learnt that he is with the president to deny that 367 people were not killed by those herdsmen in his state and there land had been taken over by those herdsmen hmmmm there is God oooo.........
Ajayi Ogundipe | 7/17/2018 3:05:00 PM
Mr. I J Umana, Minister, of the Nigerian Embassy in The Hague, I am ashamed of you as a Nigerian. You are completely cut off from Nigeria. You are discouraging patriotic Nigerians in The Netherlands from expressing to their President, the atrocious activities of the world dreaded killers? It will surely get to your family. You guys are in a peaceful country but surely you will not be in The Netherlands forever. This is not how to earn promotion at work. Walking on the blood of fellow Nigerians? That is the reason nothing works at your embassy. Under your supervision, visa and passport payments are carried out by agents who extort our people. Shame to you herdsmen Minister. Mortgage your soul for material things.
amaechi | 7/17/2018 9:26:00 PM
you are there people daying ln nigereia in dayly basis killing by boko haram and fulani.
Foluke Adekoya | 7/19/2018 5:59:00 PM
The role this group is playing is becoming very dangerous in the Netherlands. I would like to understand the relationship between a peaceful protest and the leadership tussle you are engaged in The Netherlands. You have been fighting a woman who was democratically elected and who has been doing a great job as the President of NNA-NL. You are not ashamed that a woman has been doing the job that you are incapable of doing. I see this group of individuals whom I heard, have been expelled from the association and the Embassy staff who left his job and is now involved in dividing Nigerians and went as far as mentioning names. Did the ministry of foreign affairs send you to The Netherlands to fight a woman. We are proud of that woman and will vote for her if she comes out tomorrow to rescue us from this mess created by greedy people like you. Leadership is not gotten by force, Nigerians know the truth and will hold the so called Mr. I.J Umana and his greedy group responsible for the breach of peace in THE Netherlands. When you finish in The Netherlands, we are waiting for you in Nigeria. The blood of the innocent will continue to fight you forever.
Vivian Obaseki | 7/19/2018 6:39:00 PM
I learnt that the Netherlands Ambassador is contesting for Rivers State gubernatorial seat under APC while still in office as Ambassador . Maybe that is why they were kicking against the peaceful protest by NNA-NL. Remember your country is in deep sh*t. You concealed the coming of the Nigerian President from Nigerians living in The Netherlands. You are not supposed to be biased as an Ambassador. This nonsense is happening in all the Nigerian Embassies in the whole World. Very disgraceful.
James Ikah | 7/19/2018 7:16:00 PM
The so called Mr. Umana of the embassy informed Nigerians that the tenure of Mrs Azih has ended and she does not supposed to organize a rally, but her suspended executives were signing a letter written by the same Embassy staff against a very proactive President, is her tenure different from the tenure of the ones signing this communique?. Is Mr. Umana qualified to be in the position he is occupying in the Nigerian Embassy The Hague? The letter I saw above was signed by some individuals expelled from NNA-NL for gross misconduct and these people came to the public domein using their former positions in NNA-NL to sign a petition. *Elder G. Uyi Olaye(VP,NNA.NL) *Mr John Robert (Financial Secretary NNA.NL) *Prince John Paul Idojiere Luscap (Chairman, Exco Working Committee NNA.NL) *Mr Ken Fatoki(Publicity Director, NNA.NL) . This is impersonation. Either they do not know the implication or they thought they were in their kinsmen meeting. Please let Nigerians learn how to play safe. Its important.. Do not allow jealousy to drive you crazy. Go and contest election and be proud to be a leader. As far as I am concerned, you do not behave like elites.
Odera | 7/19/2018 7:23:00 PM
The Embassy staff Mr. I.J. Umana and his hate group are dancing naked in the market. We are watching them from all over the World. Keep playing cheap. Posterity will judge you. The blood of those killed will hunt you. Chief Mrs Azih, do not be discouraged, we are with you as the leader of Nigerians both home and abroad. You have all it takes.
T.O.Otubambo | 7/19/2018 10:17:00 PM
PRESS RELEASE The attention of the general public has been drawn to the recent information sent out by a staff of the Embassy Mr. I.J. Umana condemning the peaceful protest carried out by The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL) under the leadership of Chief Lady Evelyn Azih. We want to state categorically that the protest was done to seek answers from the Nigeria President, Mohammadu Buhari, to the killings, hunger, the political and economic corruption going on in Nigeria. NNA-NL wants to let the general public know that Chief Mrs. Evelyn Azih was mandated by all members to still carry on the mantle of leadership as the President of NNA-NL until she hands over to another democratically elected President after the upcoming election on 20th October, 2018. NNA-NL wants to notify the general public that NNA-NL is not the property of the Embassy as claimed by Mr. I.J. Umana but work in collaboration with the Nigeria Embassy and the Dutch Government . The Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands (NNA-NL) was formed with the common interest of helping Nigerians in immigration matters and to integrate in the Dutch Society. To help Nigerians in employment and capacity building and to develop and promote the culture and social welfare of Nigerians both in the Netherlands and in our Home Land Nigeria. The association was legally registered by the Dutch Chamber of commerce with the President and Secretary of NNA-NL as signatories. The Nigerian Embassy Representatives serve as honorary member(s) as stated in Article IV, Section A:no 3 of NNA-NL Constitution. NNA-NL has not received any financial assistance from the Embassy since 2016. Mr. I.J.Umana has never attended the general nor regional meetings of NNA-NL, therefore, has no right to dictate what happens in the Nigerian National Association-The Netherlands(NNA-NL). The attention of the general public is also drawn on the following dismissed Executive: 1. Mr. Uyi Glory Olaye. Former Vice President 2. Mr. John Robert ( Desmond Osayende). Former Financial Secretary. 3. Mr. John Paul Nze Idojiere Luscap. Former Executive working committee chairman. 4. Mr. Ken Fatoki-Former Publicity Secretary The above individuals were dismissed from NNA-NL for treasonable felony. They seize to be members of NNA-NL Executive after a Vote of No Confidence was unanimously passed on them in an emergency general meeting held on 23th May, 2018. Any organization, or individual transacting business with them on behalf of NNA-NL, does that on his or her own risk. NNA-NL, Uniting for the integration and development of Nigerians in the Netherlands. Thank you and God bless Nigeria. Signed: T.O.Otubambo Secretary General, NNA-NL