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The 12th day of the 12th month of 2012 is a day appointed for divine visitations. It is a millennial day which comes once every one thousand years. After it, there will be no other such day until the 12th day of the 12th month in 3012. This particular day is extremely symbolic, because it is the last millennial day in the 21st century. This millennial day, is a day for the activation of special divine purposes. It’s a day of uncommon angelic traffic. It’s a day to access and download divine strategies and plans. It’s a day of confrontation between heavenly hosts and forces on earth. It’s a day of laying new spiritual infrastructure to ensure correct positioning for the future. It’s a day of solemn assembly and holy cry. It’s a day to cry against the dominating marine powers. It’s a day to activate blessings that have been rendered dormant. It’s a day to deal with long-standing yoke. It’s a day to wage war using the 12 constellations of stars. It’s a day to call forth the glory that has been buried. It’s a day to lay proper foundation for disengagement from any demoting structure.

On 12th day of December 2012 at Apostle David Zilly Aggrey’s Royal House of Grace International Church a new Nigeria of our dreamed country was birth with a gathering of who is who from all work of life and Church denominations in Rivers State and beyond. Christians from the Catholics, Anglican Communion, Baptists, Presbyterians, Pentecostals and other families of Christian Associations of Nigeria. The programme was A New Foundation for Nigeria and regional flag-off of One Year Transformational Prayer for Nigeria – A millennial Day Prayer programme hosted by the double Chairman, Rivers State Christian Association of Nigeria and Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria at Royal House of Grace International Church powered by One Year Prayer Programme Committee set up by the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor to mobilize the Church in Nigeria for more effective praying in order to receive divine solutions to Nigeria mega problems. The Glorious Covenant Ministries headed by Rev. A. D. Peters and The Wailing Women Worldwide headed by Dr. Mrs. Laide Okafor were part of the organizers. The programme was ably coordinated/moderated by the duo of Atei Beredugo and Pastor Dr. Udom.

The number 12 is highly symbolic in the Scriptures. For examples, 1. Figure 12 denotes governmental perfection. 2. Figure 12 is the number or factor of all numbers connected with government. 3. There are 12 Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 6:12-16, Mark 10:2-4). 4. There are 12 gates of the celestial city (Rev. 21:12). 5. The New Jerusalem has 12 foundations. 6. There are 12 kinds of precious stones of the celestial city (Rev. 21:19-20). 7. The tree of life bears 12 crops of fruits in a year, one in each month (Rev. 22:2). 8. There are 12 great priests of chronicles. 9. There are 12 stones at the altar of Elijah (1Kings 18:31).

10. There are 12 tributes of Israel (Rev 7:5-8). 11. There are 12 sons of Jacob (Gen 46:2-25). 12. There are 12 months in the Jewish calendar. 13. Jesus was 12 years old when he went up to the temple for the 2nd visit. 14. There are 12 stones set up by Joshua in the dry bed of the Jordan River (Jos 4:9). 15. On the golden table, there were 12 loaves of enduring offering. 16. The number of explorers sent to Canaan was also 12. 17. There was a woman in the Bible who was healed from her 12 years long of infirmity of hemorrhage. 18. In Scriptures, there were 12 animals which were sacrificed. 19. There are 12 ‘minor’ prophets of the Old Testament. 20. There are 12 sons of Ishmael (Gen. 25:13-16; 16:20).

The raising of Nigeria National Altar and the 12 New foundations started with a lecture on “Possessing the gates of 12:12:12” by Dr. Steve Ogan represented by his amiable dutiful wife, Mrs. Atim Ogan. In keeping with the instruction on a book entitled: “Possessing the gate of the 12th Day of the !2th Month in 2012” by Dr. Steve Ogan. To appreciate the multi-dimensional significance of the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012 we must understand the gateways of the number 12, the gems of the 12th hour, the glories of the 12th month and the guarantees of the 12th year. Every day is a day that the Lord has made and we should rejoice and be glad in every day. This is the counsel of Psalm 118:24. Nevertheless, each day comes with its uniqueness that carries its own special significance. Consequently she said, millennial days are: 1. Days for accomplishing special and specific purposes, 2. Days of great angelic traffic in the Nations, 3. Days divinely planned and strategically positioned, 4. Days of inevitable spiritual confrontations between two kingdoms, 5. Days of laying new spiritual infrastructure for taking hold of the future, 6. Days of solemn assemblies and Holy convocations, 7. Days that come once every 1,000 years, 8. Days that come only 12 times in every millennium.

Mrs. Ogan further expansiate on the gateways of the number 12 by saying: “Twelve is a gateway number that God specializes in using to accomplish His prophetic purpose. This is why he establishes the foundation of Israel with 12 Patriarch. He created the twelve constellations of stars that exercise His divine dominion on earth. He structured the day and night into two sets of 12 hours, making a 24-hour day. God also built the New Jerusalem upon 12 foundations with 12 precious stones. He set 12 gates in the city with 12 angels guarding each gate. The number 12 represents God’s governmental pattern. It is the number of divine dominion. This simply means that the 12th day of the 12th month in 2012 is a time to enforce God’s governmental models in the nations. It is a model in the nations. It is a day to establish God’s divine dominion for righteousness in government.”

Speaking further Mrs. Ogan, on Gems of the 12th Hour, “A gem is a precious stone. The gem of the 12th hour denotes the precious spiritual revelations we can glean from the 12th hour of the day to fully appropriate the blessings of the millennial day in 2012. Every 12th hour of the day in 2012 will be very significant. But the most significant of them will be the 12th hour of the 12th day in 2012. The 12th hour of the millennial day in 2012 should be a time of proclaiming and enforcing God’s divine dominion over individuals, institutions and nations. It is a time to enforce God’s sovereign prerogative to reward people according to their works. It was in the 12th hour that God rewarded the 11th hour labourers who worked for one hour with the same amount of money he paid those who labored for 12 hours”(Matt. 20:8-16).

On guarantees of the 12th day and the 12th month, she said: “There are specific things God has chosen to accomplish in all the 12th days of 2012. There are also certain events that will be witnessed by individuals, institutions and nations. The 12th days of all the 12th months in 2012 will witness the restoration of God’s rule in the nations. Forces that have opposed God’s government will be overthrown and those who will do God’s biddings will be enthroned. It will be a time of dethronement of the wicked and the enthronement of the righteous. Just as Nebuchadnezzar was dethroned and made to eat grass like an ox in the 12th month of the year, so shall arrogant and proud kings who fail to give God the glory for their success and splendor be disgraced on the 12th day of every month in 2012. The 12th year of 2012 will particularly witness a lot of divine replacements of the rebellious by the righteous.”

On what God expects us to do on the millennial day in 2012, Mrs. Ogan citing Rev. 12:1-10 and Job 38:34-36 and verses 12-13, she said the millennial day of the 12th year is a 1. Day to activate the call into the prophetic ministry of those currently ploughing with their 12th yoke of oxen, 2. Day to give twelvefold offering on behalf of the 12 tribes of Israel and in commemoration of the 12th year, 3. Day to prophesy against and dethrone the wicked thrones of Pharaoh and Nebuchadnezzar, 4. Day to deal with the water spirits that empower wicked “Dominions or Thrones”, 5. Day to activate the birth of the man-child company and the Glorious Church of Revelation 12, 6. Day to adorn the Church and the Nations with a Garland of 12 Stars, 7. Day to activate the Network of the Young Ancients and the Old Ancients and the Ancient of Days, 8. Day to call constitute 12 year olds into a company of young but wise Ancients, 9. Day to call forth the Glory of the Age to come based on the Twelve-fold Patterns of the New Heaven, the New Earth and the New Jerusalem, 10. Day to promote the Restoration of the concept of Times and Seasons based on the 12 Months of the Jewish calendar from Nisan, the First Month, to Adar the twelfth, 11. Day to deal with 12-year-old issues and other long lasting problems, and 12. Day to activate the Nations to wage war with the 12 Constellation of Stars.

Apostle Mina Ogaree speaking on “Let the Priests Weep” quoting conspicuously from Joel 2:13-17 and Isaiah 1:10-16, Jer. 12, 4, 12, 14, 2 Chron. 20:12 recalled the various apostasy, compromised and unethical ministerial practices of some ministers and churches that calls for repentance and return to righteousness and holiness in the body of Christ. It was a call for sober reflection in light of eternity and the soon coming of Christ to do the right thing and live for God and not materialism as is the case with so many today. “The King is Coming” was the eloquent message delivered by Rev. A. D Peters that trace the history of the present move to sanitize the body of Christ with the consciousness of the second coming of Jesus Christ. Not a new message he said but the warning that the bride, the Church and Ministers in Nigeria are not prepared to receive the bridegroom, Jesus Christ citing and reading from Rev. 19:7-8. He recalled how a prophet from Kenyan was sent to deliver this message to warn the Nigerian Church during their Church Convention. And the effort they have made to get the message across to the churches. A striking statement that Rev. Peters made was, “Christianity is the only religion that the Master/founder is coming back to take His people to heaven. Others are dying to meet their masters in hell”.

Dr. Kontein Trinya speaking on, “A New Foundation for Nigeria: A Covenant and Altar of Grace” under a strong unction of the Holy Spirit gave an expository on the need for a new foundation for Nigeria nation, the Christians making covenant and raising a national altar of grace on behalf of the Nigeria Nation. Some of the scriptures that support his argument were: 1 Samuel 16:1-3, 2 Sam. 2:13, 1 Chron. 22:10, Ps. 47:8, Ps. 94:20, Prov. 20:8, Jer. 14:21, 1 Kg.2:33-35, 1 Kg.12 and 13, Gen 12, 28, 2 Kg.2, Judges 13 and 18, Rev. 21. In summary, he talked of different kinds of thrones and the spirits behind them That Spirits supervises thrones. That God is interested in the throne and whoever he consecrates to be on the throne as against demonic and satanic thrones of iniquity, judgment. He used the throne of David, the covenant he made with King David and how God preserve and kept the seed of David on that throne against evil thrones and altars that are against God’s throne of glory. The insights and revelations he brought forth from the teaching of Scripture on this are reserved for the hearing of the covenant children of God not the public.

The climax of the 12th day prayer for Nigeria was the raising of national altar of Grace and 12 new foundations. Dr. Mrs Laide Okafor, the International Coordinator of Wailing Women Worldwide and the double Chairman and Host, Apostle David Zilly Aggrey led the trail. Twelve persons priests/pastors, civil government officials, market place leaders, youths representative and other profession/institutions undertook high level intercessory prayers in these foundations:1. Foundation of Righteousness, 2. Foundation for Justice, 3. Foundation for the fear of the Lord, 4. Foundation for wisdom, 5. Foundation of Patriotism, 6. Foundation for love, 7. Foundation for Mercy, 8. Foundation of Unity, 9. Foundation of Faith, 10. Foundation for excellent spirit, 11. Foundation of peace, 12. Foundation of faithfulness. Preceding these intercessory prayers was a prophecy that was brought from a similar on-going prayer session at Bori read by the Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, a historian and theological expert, Rev. Bethel Jaja with historical and theological insight he brought up to stir up the gathering to greater intercession. Excerpts of the prophecy: “I saw a black rolling wind coming against Nigeria. This wind was coming from Arab(Islamic) world against the Presidency. The wind has power to cause destruction. It is sent to devastate the economy of Nigeria. Their aim is to destabilize the country to the point that the President will tender to resign so that the government can go back to the Muslim…Nigeria flags are placed in different Islamic temples. They manipulate the flags and blow on them so that the wind might be released…”

In raising the altar of grace and laying 12 new foundations for Nigeria, Apostle David Zilly Aggrey the apostolic and prophetic priestly voice of Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit took charge to carry out the prophetic actions. Have been invested with authority from above and mandated to so act on behalf of Christians in Nigeria by the fathers of the faith in Nigeria under Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, President, Christian Association of Nigeria, accompanied by team of Bishops, Senior Ministers from different denominations, he regaled the audience with some historical events and prophecies fulfilled among others.

Things sacred and kept closed as a war time spiritual generalissimo of this dispensation of grace uttered mysteries, unfolded mysteries concerning the state of Nigeria, the forces militating against the state of Nigeria’s prosperous destiny through evil altars raised in the past and are being serviced by the children of the bond woman. At the charging of the Holy Spirit he thundered and cried unto God in prayer dismantling evil altars, evil thrones, evil covenants and foundations that has limited the destiny of the Nigeria nation in the past. He decreed and declared a new Nigeria of our dream with righteous leadership, responsible caring and accountable leadership void of ethnicity, religious fanaticism/bigotry, a nation void bloodletting and insecurity. A nation under God. Prosperous God fearing leaders and followers. A people united and indivisible entity – Nigeria. A country with constant electricity, good schools, roads, hospitals, well behaved citizen void of corruption, robbery and assassinations or kidnappings.

Following these prayers were the actual acts of raising the national altar of grace and 12 new foundations represented by 12 standing flags by the entrance gate of the Royal House of Grace International Church. In between were 3 other flags one at the middle, one each at extreme end of the 12 rolls of flags. 12 stones with the words of the 12 new foundations were laid by each of the 12 flags. On the 12 stones were twelve Bibles. Meaning the 12 new foundations was laid upon the Word of God that speaks better things for the nation of Nigeria henceforth. Twelvefold offering on behalf of the 12 tribes of Israel and in commemoration of the 12th year was laid on the altar raised.

Evang. Elder Gomba Osarollor, in rounding up this millennial 12th day of prayer for Nigeria that started from 12 O’clock mid day to 12 O’clock mid night, spoke on Transforming Nigeria through prayers: The One Year National Transformation Prayer Project, challenged the audience to sustain the one year transformation prayer programme by having all churches and ministries key into it. He took his text from Acts 12:1-11. He revealed how the journey started biblically until now. He would have us continue this vision of upholding Nigeria nation in prayers to invite God’s blessings and not judgment. Nothing, not even a mighty mountain will stand on our way, it will be leveled! And it has been leveled!. Nigerians has sets the final stone of a new nation in place, we can now shout with great joy – Grace, Grace to it. Hallelujah! It is done.

Written By Dr. Lewis Akpogena

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Evangelist offor omini okori | 6/28/2018 4:10:00 PM
I foresaw Nigeria as a one family and that is how is supposed to be in respective of you are for the interest of nation must of the people but some thing is wrong some where the blood of the innocent is crying every day and for this reason the shall not be peace in the country non of the leaders has ever beat his chest to die for the citisms everly every one comes out for self interest believe me or not but as long as we don't believe one thing and we don't have one spirit the peace of Nigeria I'd not neagetiable.
Being workaholic does not kill.
By: Sir Roy Kelly, Avian