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PLATEAU IN SIGHT: Holding the Government Accountable to hold against Perpetrators of Killings in Communities | @philasuquotes

By Philip Asuquotes

Every government has a minimum of 4 years and a maximum of 8 under democratic rule in Nigeria. But what they do or do not do while in office can mar or end life eternally. Dear Nigerians supporting APC or PDP blindly, you are part of the problem in this country.

The problem you constitute is not because you support these parties but rather because you troll and shout down discerning voices who try to speak up and that you don't have the guts to tell your pay masters the truth when they err but rather turn a blind eye or whitewash them to look good even with the goo of their act or inactivity st*nking on the grounds of earth. 

I will do an article on this train of thought sometime soon...

 In the meantime;

This is Nigeria. There is no justification for the murder of families over cattle rustling or whatsoever. 

And when an artiste came out to do a video depicting the killings earlier, a group came out and said he should take it down and apologize to Nigerians.

I am glad that artiste didn't do so and those people backed down with their tails in front of them.

The recent killings in Plateau state has been said to be a retaliation to the killing of cows and some rustling activities that have occurred in the state. Is that any reason for innocent people to be murdered in cold blood and for we to hear supposed spokesman of the killers say it wouldn't have occurred if cattle weren't rustled? 

Should cows being stolen make certain people wake and wipe out people in their communities from time to time and over and over again? 

I abhor extremism. Anything that doesn't give value to human life is dead wrong to me.

When the Niger Delta militants struck, their target was oil pipelines not humans! When Boko Haram struck, they killed humans. Herdsmen are and have been on the prowl and their target is innocent families with babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents etc.

And the government of the day said it was from activities of politicians taking advantage of the situation even when the association representing the herdsmen said clearly that 

It is a retaliatory attack that could have been avoided if cattle wasn't rustled. 

Dear Nigerians, we need to wake and hold our government responsible and make them accountable. While we support the good they do (if any), we need to point them to the wrongs they do or the wrong result of their inactivity in certain areas. There is no issue of this kind that the government can't get to the root of if they really want to.

Also, if the government takes a stand against killings like this, their federal might will put fright in the perpetrators and eventually fight it down. Look at what happened in the case of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB.

It is within the government to put a stop to these killings. I call on the government of the day to declare it unacceptable for Nigerians to be killed for whatever reasons. We need to start valuing lives over political nuances, ethnic innuendoes and yes, cows.

 Proper security for the herdsmen and the people should be given and nobody should be allowed to carry out attacks on innocent people whether in retaliation or outburst. Such attacks must be declared illegal.

It is imperative that the stance of the government of the day be in line with the stance of the the people on sensitive matters like this. Reprisal attacks should be banned and the leaders of groups who embark on it held accountable until they produce the perpetrators.

My heart goes out to those children and families who lost their lives and their loved ones.

Philip Asuquotes is a media and brand strategy consultant. He is also the founding Executive of the Pan African Quintessential(PAQ) Network, a group of thought leaders and tech innovators. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram via @philasuquotes 

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