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Khalifa Abdulgafar Babalola, leader of Taorikatul Satia preaches religious tolerance in Nigeria

By Olawale Adewale, The Nigerian Voice, Osogbo 

The convener of Taorikatul Satia Baba Seun worldwide ministry, Khalifa Abdulgafar Babalola has called for Torrance among the citizenry, particularly on religious matters.

He said this at an event in memory of the late founder of, Sheikh Rasheed Karamollah in offa. He noted that the Taorikatul Satia Baba Seun worldwide ministry is a non-bias religious group that tolerate people without discrimination.

He charged the federal government and all security agencies and all stakeholders to curtail killings of innocent citizens in some parts of the country and ensure peaceful coexistence among people of all faith.

"Killings of innocent people is not in any religious doctrine. We must allow peace to reign in this country. The killing in some parts of this country is condemnable. It must stop."

He commended all members of the ministry all over the branches for their commitment towards the celebration and charged them to continued to be faithful to the doctrine of the group.

He also urge them to do their best in promoting peace in their various communities. The event was attended by large number of members of the group from various branches.

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Babayomi OmoBabatoto | 6/23/2018 4:08:00 PM
Baba seun
Jimoh ibrahim | 6/24/2018 12:40:00 PM
This is wise words and awesome. Thanks
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