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APC, New PDP talks collapse  Read full statement

By The Nigerian Voice

Talks between the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and a faction within the APC known as the new People’s Democratic Party (nPDP), have collapsed.

In a statement on Monday, the nPDP said there was bad faith from the Presidency and the leadership of the APC.


The public may recall that there have been ongoing talks between members of the former Npdp, the APC and the Presidency in recent days.

Nigerians may further recall that a team from the former nPDP led by Speaker of the House of Representatives, His Excellency Rt. Hon. YakubuDogara and four others, were to meet with the Vice President, His Excellency Prof YemiOsinbajo today.

However, while we are truly and earnestly committed to achieving reconciliation, harmony, truce and cohesion in the APC as we approach the 2019 general elections, it is appears that the Presidency is not interested in the talks and that they may have been negotiating in bad faith.

We were alarmed that immediately after our meeting with the Vice President last week, the presidency misrepresented what transpired at the meeting by trying to blackmail some of the principal actors involved in the discussions in a national daily.

Similarly, the leadership of the party (APC) went ahead to ratify all the Congresses from ward, local governments, states and zonal where many of our members have complaints, effectively presenting us with a fait accompli.

The persecution of our members using state security apparatus have continued unabated.

We recognize the powers of the Police to conduct criminal investigations but by rushing to the public with the issue even when they have unfettered access to the leadership of the National Assembly suggests an attempt to undermine, caricature and humiliate the institution of the legislature.

It appears that there is a fouled and toxic atmosphere and environment of intimidation and threat to life in which we now find ourselves which may no longer be conducive for members of the former nPDP to continue with the talks. Given the unfolding events in the last 24 hours,where the President of the Senate, His Excellency, Dr. AbubakarBukolaSaraki and His Excellency, AlhajiAbdulfatah Ahmed, the Executive Governor of KwaraState , both of whom attended the meeting with the Vice President on Monday 28 May, 2018 ,have suddenly been accused of sponsoring armed robbery by the Police under the directives of the Presidency.

Similarly, on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, the Department of State of Services (DSS) also suddenly withdrew more than half of all the security details attached to the presiding officers of the National Assembly under questionable circumstances.

ThenPDP leadership has decided to brief our members on the unfortunate development and get a fresh mandate if good faith returns to the discussions.

Thank you.

Signed: AlhajiAbubakarKawuBaraje, CON,

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jude major | 6/5/2018 3:51:00 PM
PDP are wassing stronger day by day they are winning the presidency come 2019
Jossy Madaki | 6/5/2018 3:53:00 PM
The NPDP members should just leave this APC before its too late. They dined with the devil for long its time they realize who Buhari is really is, a vindictive tyrant and a dictator.
Farouk Mk | 6/5/2018 4:04:00 PM
nPDP is a faction of APC ,they create that party to deceive Nigerians ,.PDP is the only party that can Deliver Nigeria from all the Hardship .
Amina Kabiru | 6/5/2018 4:12:00 PM
I can see APC is in a total state of confusion and PDP is up to contend with them, 2019 will show the outcome.
Rose Reuben | 6/5/2018 4:23:00 PM
PDP is Moving Fast Daily, No point to Doubt 2019 is for PDP We need to stop this thing called corruption.
Seyi Henry | 6/5/2018 4:48:00 PM
Confusion in the camp of the wicked and greedy old men.......what a shame to APC...........PDP remains PDP waxing stronger everyday.........Power to the people
mary kings | 6/5/2018 5:04:00 PM
APC should paddle softly cos i see them going down the drain soon
Isaa K | 6/5/2018 5:04:00 PM
Its good they leave APC a prodigal son is always welcomed in his father's house till then we await their return and public apologies
Kishimi Pascal | 6/5/2018 5:05:00 PM
PDP fell and now it is rising to the top, it will be like a shocking system when it happens. PDP all the way
ebuka okoro | 6/5/2018 5:07:00 PM
.PDP is the only party that can Deliver Nigeria from all the Hardship .PDP is Moving to win the presidency come 2019.
alina | 6/5/2018 5:16:00 PM
Nigeria can no longer be in a complete state disorder and confusion. The country appears to be standing on the right tract with PDP in preparation to take over