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Ikechukwu Amuka’s Certificate Forgery And Scandal: A Case Of A Lizard With Pubic Hairs

By Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

The advent of social media has in no small measure helped the cause of socio-political crusade work in Imo State in particular and Nigeria in general. The social media account for over 90% of news and information in this country; while the print media account for 5 %, the electronic media account for the remaining 5%.

Today, Government officials both at the federal and state levels are on their toes, because there is no hiding place for them. Gone were the days when government gagged and caged the press; but today, with the advent of social media, government and the so called leaders are constantly watching their backs for fear of being exposed for their actions and in-actions.

Nevertheless, the social media has equally been turned into a platform of blackmail by unscrupulous people who use it to extort money and other favours from those in government and other positions of influence in this country. If you do not meet their demands, your supposed credibility, dignity and integrity will be taken to the cleaners. This simply means that the social media is also a platform to do 419 and other shoddy businesses. Let me therefore encourage social-media practitioners to ensure that whatever information they are letting out to the public is 100% accurate or at least relatively accurate. However, they should not allow themselves to be intimidated from exposing evils, frauds, crimes and corruption going on in the society and in high places.

This brings me to the main topic for discussion which I have titled “IKECHUKWU AMUKA’S CERTIFICATE FORGERY AND SCANDAL: A CASE OF A LIZARD WITH PUBIC HAIRS”.

That Mr. Ikechukwu Amuka, the former member representing Ideato South State constituency at the Imo State House of Assembly has been exposed, disgraced and sacked by the election petition Tribunal sitting in Owerri, is no longer news. What rather should be news is for commentators and analysts to pressurize the Anti-Corruption and Security Agencies in this country to effect the arrest of the Dis-honourable man (Ikechukwu Amuka) and charge him for fraud, impersonation, forgery and perjury, so as to serve as a deterrent to other people.

For the records, Ikechukwu Amuka who “Won” his election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress APC was sacked on Wednesday the 14th of October 2015, through a petition brought by the Peoples Democratic Party’s PDP candidate, Lady Nkechi Ugwu, challenging the legibility of the said Ikechukwu Amuka to stand (contest) the election (2015 General Election) as the APC candidate without the necessary academic qualifications. In her prayer, she averred that the APC candidate who was returned by INEC as winner and subsequently inaugurated as an Honourable member and Chief whip of the Imo State House of Assembly does not have West African School Certificate, as whatever he must have submitted is a forged document. She maintained that the Passport photograph affixed on the certificate presented in court was that of Ikechukwu Amuka’s elder brother; while the name on the certificate was that of Ikechukwu Amuka. After considering the Forensic reports on the Certificate, the Tribunal held that the document was forged and as such, the said Ikechukwu Amuka was not qualified to be a candidate, talkless of contesting the election in the first place. Consequently, the Panel nullified Ikechukwu Amuka’s victory and handed it to the PDP candidate, Lady Nkechi Ugwu who came second in the election. The Tribunal also ordered the INEC to issue Lady Nkechi Ugwu certificate of return while the leadership of the Imo State House of Assembly was mandated to immediately swear the woman in.

Now, let me state here that I am most aggrieved by this scandal which Ikechukwu Amuka brought upon himself. I say this because I am a youth just as Amuka is a youth. Perhaps he is in his early 50’s while I am in my 40’s. The question is; how can the youths be the leaders of tomorrow when they are presently involved in certificate forgeries and scandals? It pains me, it worries me and it disturbs me. Honestly, Ikechukwu Amuka has scandalized the youths in Nigeria. He has exposed the youth as one who wants power through fraudulent means. It is indeed very shameful and unfortunate.

Ikechukwu Amuka reminds me of Salisu Buhari (also a youth), the first Speaker of the House of Representatives in this fourth Republic, who also came into leadership position with forged “TORONTO” University documents, before he was exposed, not by any tribunal or court, but by THE NEWS magazine in September 1999. The minimum qualification for any elective political position in Nigeria is Secondary School Certificate. Conversely, anybody who has political ambition in this country who is unable to have this basic minimum requirement should be considered a f**l. In the case of Ikechukwu Amuka, he should be seen as a very big f**l. It was Dr. Michael Iheonukara Okpara who told us in 1983 that ‘’first f**l no be f**l, but second f**l na proper f**lish”. This goes to imply that Ikechukwu Amuka “na proper f**lish”. The reading public may ask, why? It is on record that Ikechukwu Amuka was first elected into the Imo State House of Assembly in 2011 under the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA. The then PDP challenger dragged him to the tribunal on the same issue of certificate forgery. But the “The Nigerian factor” made it impossible for him to be removed at that time. A reasonable and sensible person would have used the period of his first tenure at the House of Assembly to rectify his academic challenges by taking proper GCE or WAEC examination, so as to be fit to contest future elections. Unfortunately, Ikechukwu Amuka, a f**l that he is, chose to be st*p*d by presenting the same WAEC certificate during the 2015 general elections, and today, he is seen as a “Proper f**lish man”.

Further investigation shows that Ikechukwu Amuka is a final year Student of Imo State University Owerri, in the Department of Government and Public Administration. The question now is; with which WAEC result or certificate did he gain admission into Imo State University? If it is the same WAEC result that has put him into political trouble, then he is also not qualified to be a student at Imo State University Owerri or indeed in any University in the World. The Senate of Imo State University must as a matter of National Importance address the Press on this all important issue. The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Professor Adaobi Obasi should know that her integrity and credibility, and that of the institution are now at stake, as far as this issue is concerned.

The Imo State University Students Union must come into this matter.

Also, the Alumni Association of the Institution must wade into this matter. If it is confirmed that Ikechukwu Amuka gained admission into the Imo state University with forged certificate, then the needful should be done which should include the following (1).Expulsion (2)Arrest him (3) Prosecute him for forgery.

Let me warn the University Senate not to play any Politics with this matter. I am being civil here. I already have my facts. The reading public should know that I was the Senior Special Assistant on media at the Imo State House of Assembly, when this issue of certificate forgery and scandal involving Ikechukwu Amuka first broke out in 2011 and 2012.

The publishers of NewsPoint newspapers that first published the story were threatened. Let me just stop here.

It is indeed regrettable that the standard of education in Imo State has so fallen to the level that people with questionable characters gain admission into higher institution in Imo State with forged WAEC results. Also, the standard of Education has so fallen that it is only in Imo State that English language is taught in (with) Igbo language. At Orji in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State, a particular Primary School teaches pupils in Primary one English language in (with) Igbo language, For example


Then the pupils will respond


Another example goes like this:


The pupils will respond


Most of our Secondary School Students don’t know how to write COMPOSITION AND LETTERS. Rather than take their education seriously, they prefer to indulge in homosexuality, lesbianism cultism, drug addiction and crimes. The resultant effect is that we have “Ikechukwu Amuka’’ in every community in Imo state. These Secondary School Students thereafter enter our higher institutions with forged WAEC results. They graduate from the University with “First Class or Second Class Upper Division”, yet they do not know how to write a common “THAT Is”. They normally write it as “DAT IS” They can’t work in any establishment without committing fraud.

When they join politics, they commit all sorts of Crimes with impunity. When they become Honourable members of State Houses of Assembly, they abandon their legislative responsibilities to the people, only to become road contractors. They abandon lawmaking and oversight functions on the Executive Arm of Government, to become motor park touts and road monitoring committee members. Rather than call the Governor to order when he errs, they kneel down before him to beg for forgiveness or even seek for assistance for one thing or the other.

The point I am making is that, it is only when we drop the Spirit of “Ikechukwu Amuka” in us that we can move forward as a State and as a Nation. The spirit of “Ikechukwu Amuka’ is the spirit of f**lishness, st*p*dity, hopelessness, selfishness, greediness, wickedness, unpatriotism and ungodliness. This is why we are yet to get to the Promised Land. This is why there is so much crime and occultism in our society. This is why there is so much prostitution among us. This is why there is so much homo-sexuality and lesbianism in the society.

And when a Social Crusader stands up to condemn these evils in the society, mostly in government circles, they will gang up against him, and perhaps “accuse” him of “murder” just to put him away, in order to divert the masses attention from the evils they are committing against the society. But Almighty God has continued to prove that he is JEHOVA NISSI and the unchangeable changer. Our lord Jesus Christ is the king of kings and Lord of Lords.

On every Goliath, there is a forehead. God has used a David in the person of Lady Nkechi Ugwu to disgrace the so called Goliath, in the person of Ikechukwu Amuka. The Imo State House of Assembly Honourable members in a bid to dodge the swearing in of the woman have reportedly absconded to Abuja enroute South Africa, perhaps to buy time, so that the disgraced Ikechukwu Amuka can go on “Appeal”. This is purely nonsensical and id**tic. I am therefore calling on the social media practitioners to come down heavily on the legislative arm of Government in Imo State and their ETEBELEKE legislators. The ITIBORIBO Speaker (Acho Ihim) should be told in clear terms that he must swear in the woman.

I have already instructed my lawyers to drag the Senate of Imo State University to court, so as to ascertain the authenticity of the WAEC result with which Ikechukwu Amuka used to gain admission into the institution. ructed my lawyers to drag the sIkechukwu Amuka’s certificate forgery is simply a case of a lizard with pubic hairs. It has exposed the very nature of our decayed and rotten society.

I rest my pen.


Citizen (Dr) Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha FCAI

Former Senior Special Assistant on Media

Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties

Imo State House of Assembly


21st October 2015

Forwarded to over 3.2 million email addresses worldwide.

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Apolos chukwuma Ajuo | 6/2/2018 5:05:00 PM
Greetings, Nigerian Politician should note that everything concerning no matter the level can be better handled by retired law enforcement agents, serving agents and lawyers. Therefore, let everything concernings legislature from grassroot to the peak be reserved for law enforcement agents and lawyers Regards Chimaapo International Company Limited A. C. Ajuonuma Managing Director
Apolos chukwuma Ajuo | 6/2/2018 5:16:00 PM
Sir Greetings, Once again, Nigerian politicians should note that everything concerning legislature can be better handled by retired law enforcement agents, servimg law enforcement agents and lawyers. Therefore, let everything concerning legislature from the grassroot to the peak be reserved for law enforcement agents and lawyers whether retired or serving. Kind Regards Chimaapo international company limited A. C. Ajuonuma Managing Director
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