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By NBF News

Large number of candidates and the confusion that surrounded the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) elections have been likened to the long queues of people looking for jobs at fast food joints in Europe.

Super Eagles' former striker, Jonathan Akpoborie, who made the comparism, said, 'it was simply unbelievable how people scrambled for positions as if their lives depended on it. ' Among those people I have seen, only a handful can do well in the NFF.' He called on the NFF to seek foreign managers for at least 8-10 years to thoroughly reorganize the place.

'Instead of always looking for foreign coaches, what the NFF needed was foreign managers. I remember during my playing days in Germany, there was a McDonalds in my neighborhood and whenever they had openings, they would advertise for workers and when I am returning from training, the queue would be so long, that's what it was in the last two weeks, that's how they are lining up to get on the board.'

He advised that there would be a need for foreign managers in management, administration,marketing, media,welfare and they will set the basics, adding that, 'when we follow that, you will see exponential growth because the passion is there and the sponsors will come in.

We won't need money from government.'

He also takes a swipe at the contentious issue of former players believing the NFF is their birthright. 'What do they know? Being a good player does not make you a good administrator. ' He would ask a pertinent question, 'Do we have a future with this lot?

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Christian Nwokocha | 9/9/2010 2:32:00 AM
I Christian C. Nwokocha can effectively represent Nigeria very well in Sports both in Europe and U.S. I was the first Nigerian Green Eagles player ever to signed by an european first division team in early 80's which opened roads for other Nigerian players in Europe when I was bought and signed to multi-years of contract to play for the First Division Sporting F.C, Lisbon Portugal.
Upon retirement from European football, I was hired to represent the United States Defense Finance and Accounting Services, a division of the U.S Defense Department Defense as an Accountant. I hold a B.Sc in administrative Management, M.Sc in Accountancy and MBA in Technology Management. I was offered full scholarship to study in the United States since 70's. I also recruits for clemson University for athletes in Nigeria . I will be very happy to assist NFF in any way I can.
Life is like a jungle, only the brave survive.sit up.
By: Jima Anthony