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By Kindness Innocent Jonah

Sultan means “conqueror or power” in Arabic language. Emir means “commander” also in Arabic language. Hence sultan of Sokoto means the person whose political and religions conquering is within the shere of Sokoto. Emir of Kano means commander of islamic jihadist army that conquered kano. During jihad, any area conquered comes under the power of the sultan, while any particular place conquered is headed by an emir as an army commander. All the commanders are under one supreme authority called sultan as the grand commander of islamic conquering jihadist army of invaders.

So, anybody saying that islam means peace does not know islam. islam means war and bloodshed. That was how “prophet” Mohammed founded it. What did Uthmandanfordio do in Nigeria? Who was he in the first place? Why is it that Nigerians cannot learn from simple history?

So, sultan or emir is simply a commander of a jihadist army. The religion of islam, like any other conquering army, is an army of occupation. When they conquer you, everything is under them including your culture and traditional institution. When Nigeria conquered Biafra, Igboland was occupied by Nigerian Army until 1974. All traditional rulers lost their rights of influence on their subjects as every decision was taken by the occupying army. It is natural. So, in islam, because the religion is war and war is the religion, the emir makes sure that all traditional rulers, village heads and opinion leaders are made to follow islamic injunction.

So, islamic religion is a warfarring religion. You do not separate religion from power since the traditional ruler takes other from the conqueror called emir.

Then comes DEMOCRACY with its myriad of freedoms, two of which are Freedom of Conscience and freedom of worship. islam does not brook oppositions. So, your conscience is not free to decide where you go, where you worship and all that. You are not permitted to leave islam for any other religion, otherwise, you sign your death warrant because quoran says “any person who abandons islam for another religion should be killed”

So, for Nigeria to stand, all the Freedoms associated with Democracy, must be allowed to be operational, including Freedoms of Conscience and Worship. sultan or emir should be made to concentrate EXCLUSIVELY ON ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS MATTERS, while the traditional ruler concentrates EXCLUSIVELY on cultural matters. The Constitution of Nigeria must solve this anomally and place Nigeria on the threshold of civilization and development.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.



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muhammad | 1/10/2017 9:15:00 AM
Danfodio fought the people that attacked him when he was preaching Islam to them not for refusing to accept Islam. And Muhammad fought the pegans of Macca as a retaliation for attacking and seazing the properties of Muslims. He never fought for spreading Islam. Muhammad spread Islam via kindness and tolerance likewise danfodio never forced any one to accept Islam. So all the terrorist organisations have a serious misunderstandings for the teachings of qur an and sunna.