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SSYA | 7/27/2010 12:57:00 PM
Re: 2011: South-South Youths dump Jonathan, roots for IBB.

Dear Editor, the above mentioned article by your online newspaper has come to my notice. I state here without equivocation that the said article is a campaign of calumny orchestrated to taint the noble image of my organization and my person. No where did I or any member of my organization make such a comment dumping President Goodluck Jonathan for the likes of IBB, a man we detest his antecedents.

The South-South youth Assembly (SSYA) has been in the forefront of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign for 2011. We have been championing the cause of the South-South people and that of President Goodluck Jonathan for a long while now. Right now SSYA is crusading a coalition of Nigerian Youth bodies across the six geo-political zones for President Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

We state here categorically that IBB does not represent what we stand for and believe, so we cannot support him on his ethnocentric presidential bid. It is so unfortunate that IBB campaign organization and their cohorts could stoop so low to orchestrate such fallacy against me and my organization. Personally, IBB is not my enemy, but politically I do not adhere to his sectarian views though I respect him as a former leader of this great nation.

Please, Mr. Editor, I impress it upon you to reveal to us the source who furnished you with such spurious information against me and SSYA. In future, verify your information before you publish them.

Please, endeavour to furnish me with the identity of the author of that publication within 24 hours. Our legal teams are working on this issue as I write this to you. SSYA is not a faceless group, without an address for possible contact. In SSYA we propagate the interest of the south south for the overall betterment of Nigeria. SSYA has been in support of President Jonathan even before his divine emergence as the Acting President and subsequently President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We embraced Presdident Jonathan's values and noble aspirations even before other groups came on stream.

May I re-emphasis that the said publication is a consumate embarrassment to my person and my political interest and therefore cannot be accepted by either me or the organization. I would be compelled to believe that the article was authored by your newsgroup if the identity of the author is not disclosed to me and an apology tendered online within 24 hours of this notification. BE WELL ADVISED.

TONY U. ANUCHA (President South-South Youth Assembly) 08037074016. Address: NO.5 ADO EKITI CLOSE, OFF EMEKA ANYAOKU STREET, AREA 11, GARKI, FCT ABUJA, NIGERIA.