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By John Ahajumobi

Does Nigeria have a Foreign Affairs Ministry? And if it does why are those in authority not responding to damaging stories of our missions abroad. We are quick to deviating or turning a blind eye to issues of national importance and interest. Right now, every focus is on deportation of Nigerians from South Africa; yet in several European countries, Nigerians are deported every day and in many times, in inhumane circumstances and nobody reacts from the ministry of Foreign Affairs. Last year, my attention was drawn to a report in the Will newspaper on the activities of the Nigerian Ambassador to Venezuela, in that report, it was pointed out with documents that the said Ambassador was searched for drugs possession in that country; that the said Ambassador has misappropriated Nigeria tax payers in that country, spending huge accounts of money on personal and family matters. I have also heard from Nigerians in that part of the world that what was published in the media was just a scratch on the surface of the problem with that mission in Caracas, Venezuela. My question what is the Minister of Foreign Affairs doing about this matter; is this not damaging enough; I don't want to jump into conclusions but Ambassador Felix Oboro is representing the home state of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria; could that be a reason why the Minister of Foreign Affairs is not reacting to these allegations or at least gave the public a rejoinder to confirm or refute the stories being circulated in the media. I could remember some years back, a Nigerian Ambassador to the Netherlands, Professor Mary Lar, she was doing a wonderful job in her mission; loved by Nigerians but because of personal dispute between her husband, Somolon Lar and the then President Olusegun Obasanjo, she was recalled within 48 hours. That is the type of country we have in Nigeria where innocent people are removed from public office and corrupt and selfish minded individuals are left in office and position of influence because of political affiliations and patronage.

Once again to the case of Ambassador Felix Oboro; just last week here, he was reported to confirm his query to some political colleagues and yet he has been left to continue to parade himself in Venezuela as Nigeria's ambassador. The populace there is yet to a refund of the new passport they have paid for till date and some of them are threatening to storm the Embassy to demand for a refund or they would take the laws into their own hands.

Ambassador Oboro should be courageous enough to clear his name despite whatever his political sponsors may feel except himself do not care for his name or hell belt on staying on as Nigeria Ambassador to that country. A good name is better than any position you could be given on earth; even in the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria, there are people who thinks the area has enough competent and qualified people for the coveted office of Nigeria's Ambassador.

It is high time, the government rethink on the appointment of political Ambassadors and if that would continue, a proper screening exercise be organized; Ambassador Oboro was controversial even as Secretary to Bayelsa State that he forcefully resigned. Yes such a person is appointed as Nigeria's Ambassador to a very strategic country with oil resources which should benefit Nigeria as a whole but in four years, no business investments exchanges between both countries. The fault could only be on Nigeria's Ambassador in that country.

As a concerned Nigerian, I am very curious to read the explanation of his Honorable Minister, Ambassador Ashiru who himself was a career diplomat and represented Nigeria in South Africa on why such continued portray of Nigeria in a bad light is left unaddressed. Also when allegations are made directed at the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs that alone should prompt a reaction. Probably it has been done that I missed it but from my last observation from the list published by the Nigeria media and said to be have been approved by the Senate committee confirming the names of newly or retained Ambassadors, the name of Ambassador Felix Oboro was missing and yet he has returned to Venezuela with alleged copy of his reappointment letter for another three years in Venezuela.

Is this development not strange? So I wait to be corrected that the list released by the Nigerian Senate was irrelevant and someone else has powered or muscled in names of their choice.

Ambassador Oboro from the last media report is not concerned because to him he has settled those that need be at the Foreign Affairs Ministry for his re-appointment to Venezuela or any other country of his choice. If this is true, then Ambassador Felix Oboro is only a metaphor in Nigeria's collapsed system. My question is what is the role of Ministry of Foreign Affairs? The minister needs to speak on this matter because people around the world are reading all of these articles in the media and they are simply laughing at us as un-serious pack of people.

We as citizens are called upon to protect the name and image of Nigeria but those placed in position of authorities are not doing the same; how is that possible and how can we change the negative image of Nigeria when people in authority do not take responsibility.

Why has Ambassador Oboro's reply to the query authorized by the same Minister not attended to or made known to the public that the allegations are untrue or unfounded? It is obvious that someone need to take responsibility for the mess in Nigeria mission in Venezuela.

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OBI EMEKA | 3/13/2012 11:13:00 PM
this situation has been on, is just that the Foreign Affair Minister decided to turn a deaf ear to the situation, Ambassador Oboro had done nothing for Nigerians, since he arrived in Venezuela in 2008 the few things he has so far achieved are, the looting of the Embassy treasury, division amongst Nigerians in Venezuela and more than 55 trip to both US and Nigeria with the period of less than 4 years with tax payers money, can you imaging that since November 2011, the Nigerian mission in Venezuela had no water, the cleaner of the mission has been using rain water to flush the rest room by having buckets and drums in each officer so calld office . shame on Amb.Oboro and shame on Nigerian gvt, Amb. Oboro is suppose to a peasant farmer I wonder where he got the aclaimed title as a senator, if Oboro is what the Balyera state could offered as their representative in federal Gvt postion it means the state is doomed
Joy Okoko | 3/14/2012 3:34:00 AM
You are right but so long Ambassador Oboro sends envelopes to both the Foreign Affair Minister and the Permanent Seceretary with dollars ,so long they will close their eyes,blame and punish innocent people to divert attention away from what Oboro is doing in Venezuela.Is he the best Bayelsa State can offer.Let him be dropped if there is honour in Nigerian government administration.
Martins lkiriko | 3/14/2012 3:55:00 AM
Let Ambassador Oboro explain why he was searched at the airport in Caracas.One of his handy boys is in jail in Germany because he was caught at Franfurt airport in 2010 on his way to Nigeria to discharge cargo ahead Chief Oboros arrival in Nigeria.Is Nigerian government not aware? The same man collected extra money for our e-passports to his pocket only to blame innocent lmmigration Headquaters for the delay.He should not be reappointed rather EFCC should move in to check the accounts of the Embassy since 2008.Heads will roll while oboro will find himself in Kirikiri or Kuje university.Hum! he knows how to bribe Judges,Ministers and Permanent Secretaries.Let Hon.Dickson send new name.
Ndubisi Nwfor | 3/14/2012 4:17:00 AM
l have stayed in Venezuela five years before the arrival of Ambassador Oboro .When he died and was revived through technology by Venezuelan medical experts,we Nigerians prayed for him only for him to become a source of embarrassment to the Nigerian government in Venezuela.Once he invited us to his office only to confess during discussion that he does not know the name of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister because he concentrates his energy in writing damaging reports on his officers instead of monitoring events and developments.He once made advances to the former cleaner that stole money in the Embassy in 2009.His mentors, should kindly send him back to Bayelsa State to mend his fish pound.
Adamu Rilwanu | 3/14/2012 4:39:00 AM
He tells ignorant people that President Goodluck Jonathan cannot do without a crook like him for looting the purse of the Embassy through various methods and contractors.He chops alone,he tells hangers on the good things about him they should say or write.Is it true that our baby face President GEJ cannot do without him? He once told someone to get him a blank stamped receipt to use to siphone Embassy fund.The Nigerian hustler is still in Venezuela smiling and suffering. He cal led yesterday to say he is the next Ambasador to Algeria and no more Venezuela.His dollars has worked in Foreign Affairs Ministry.
EL Kareem Ogboni | 3/14/2012 4:58:00 AM
It is true he called the talkative Hausa man to inform him that he is the next Ambassador to Algeria and that he will take him and another Venezuelan lady to Algiers .That shows how powerful his dollars has worked.He should however give us our e-passports before his disgraceful exit.
Emeh Victoria | 3/14/2012 5:13:00 AM
Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan! how many times did l call u? Urgently send Ibrahim Larmode and Adegbite of EFCC to Venezuela before Chief Oboro sets the Accounts section on fire.Dont say l no warn you.The talkative Hausa man don indicate.
DEBAYO OMOYINMI | 3/14/2012 6:39:00 AM
The man does not fit for any Federal appointment.SSS and EFCC should jointly investigate him without bias.Is it true,he settled big wigs in Foreign Affairs Ministry.Bros GEJ,show Nigerians that your zero tolerance for corruption is not to protect your home State people.Chief Oboro should be investigated by SSS and EFCC.During investigation he will spill the beans.He should be strongly blamed for being idle for four years.He should also solve the e-passport palaver of Nigerians in Venezuela before he returns to Bayelsa.
Chuks Obinna | 3/14/2012 2:49:00 PM
On this subject of Ambassador's appointment, in every civilized society, once an Ambassador has question marks, he or she is recalled. Why is the case of Nigeria different, the other time an Ambassador was accused of beating his wife, it took the intervention of the civil society in Kenya before the Ambassador was recalled. Probably the same thing would happen in Venezuela. Bayelsa has enough hands to do the job except there is something else involved.
Musa Badmus | 3/14/2012 3:25:00 PM
The issue of Chief oboro is no more news.The question is why is he desperate to remain in Venezuela or be reappointed when he has not performed.Let President GEJ put him before NTA,AIT,CHANNELS etc to explain to 160 million Nigerians his achievements in four years in Venezuela.Peolple will then ask him questions on his achievements if any.We will then ask him for our e-passports and the welfare package he promised the family of his handy man in German jail who was arrested with his prohibited cargo to Nigeria.Has he ever visited his handy man in German jail?Let Prime Minister Oboro speak now.
Effiong Bassey | 3/14/2012 3:46:00 PM
Prime Minister Oboro cannot force himself to enter heaven.Let President GEJ government behave in a civilised and acceptable manner by droping him in the name of decency and give us our e-passports he has collected double money to produce if not he should refund our money.
Nigerian welfare Ass | 3/14/2012 4:48:00 PM
The Nigerian Welfare Association in Venezuela, hereby ask the Hon Minister for Foreign Affairs, to kindly ask Amb . Oboro to give us our e-passport b4 he live Venzuela for Algeria, if not heads wil l roll, lives has be frustrated by Oboro and his gange(immigration officers), imaging Nigerians in Venezuela paid $160 (US) for e-passport since 2009, till date no passport has been issue, last year(2011) we were decieved by Amb. Oboro and the president of Nigerian Association to pay another $160 after Amb. Oboro and the consular claimed that the previous image captured was damage by human virus, we are about to end the first quarter of the year no e-passport have been received, therefore we asking the Hon Minister and the permanent secretary to kindly ask the Bayelsa man to refund our money b4 he ascond, for how long are we going to be deceived by this jonathan broda, Nigerians should help us to intervene in this matter as lives are becoming unbearable with us here in Venezuela without passport
OHANEZE GROUP VENEZU | 3/14/2012 5:19:00 PM
I can see why Oboro gathered us in April last year for us to sing sons of praises on his behalf, he started by saying ´´they says I hate igbos, they says I said igbo are thief, they says that I claimed that it was igbo man who sent me to jail´´ every thing was just they say they say, then after giving us drink he now asked us to take picture with him and his wife, we never knew that he was preparing for image marking, after that he did asked us to write a letter that he was the best Ambassador Nigerian ever had in Venezuela as such he should be retained in Venezuela, before we knew what was going on Oboro had caused division amongst Nigerians in Venezuela, for years we had all lives in harmony without Nigerians on the street intruding into the Embassy affair, for the very first time in the history of the Embassy Oboro instigated Nigerians against Mr Ajayi, Nigerian were told that Mr Ajaiye was responsible for not having our passport later we futher discovered that the actual issue was that Oboro refused to pay the immigration Officer hence they withheld the pee, then the damage has being done to innocent Ajaiye. through the consular and a local staff called josua juck Nigerians were mobilized to lych Ajaiye on the 14/11/11, but as God will have it through the efforts of inspectors whom came from Nigeria Ajaiye was saved, if Oboro is using his juju to hold those in position to wax strong I think we should say no to Oboro and his group, we had enough of him, and let him leave Nigerian Association alone and we dont want to be part of his id**tic activities
IDRIS ABDULAHHI | 3/14/2012 11:04:00 PM
Mr.Japhet Dadiye from ADAMAWA STATE was jailed for TWO YEARS,WITHOUT OPTION OF FINE for diverting the sum of N3.8 million belonging to Nigerian Union Of Teachers ( NUT ) for breach of trust.Hon.Dimeji Bankole was hounded to the court ,Otunmba Gbenga Daniel former Governor of Ogun State was in court all by EFCC,Timpre Sylva of Bayelsa was blown out of power for non performance and is about to dance before EFCC like others mentioned earlier.Who is shieding Ambassador Oboro from EFCC after admitting in writing that he spent (STOLE) tax payers money without any respect to law.He also collected and is still collecting illegal salaries of people not employed.$80,000 he took as welfare package to treat his step son is there.Those who did similar were punished yet oboro is left alone.Uncle Jonathan,why you wan spoil your name because of Oboro who don admit say he stole money?So, EFCC is meant for under dog like JAPHET DADIYE.Do not reappoint him.Let him and the accountant we pay the money go to Gashua prison as a lesson to others.If Hon Dimeji Bankole could face EFCC,why not Oboro that even collected extra e-passport money from Nigerians and pocket am?Is Oboro not a Nigerian like others before EFCC?
GIFT OSAGIE | 3/14/2012 11:33:00 PM
Thief na thief.Chief Bode George thief he go Kirikri University,Chief James Ibori thief,he dey await the tailor we dey make his prison uniform,Mrs.Cecilia lbru thief, she spent her term for hospital.Now Oboro thief plenty money and our passport money.He and the accountant wey share the money go spend time @ Gashua Post Graduate Universty as husband and wife.Baba Jona, l beg,make una no reappoint Oboro O because he fit thief the whole Nigerian oil money.
Pascal Nwosa | 3/15/2012 6:40:00 AM
So Ambassador Oboro instructed Nigerians to kill one of his officers for no justification. More confessison will follow to show that certain Nigerians will go to any length to instigate the death of innocent people. shame to the Nigerian Ambassador Felix Oboro.
Madam FC Orlu | 3/16/2012 7:25:00 AM
The new Chairman of the commission should beam his search light on Ahoada East LGA, Rivers State where the LGA Chairman is busy coverting the Council funds to his personal use. The Chairman should ask his Port Harcourt Office to sit up as the LGA Chairman is telling everybody that cares to listen that he is taking care of all agencies.
Ibrahim | 3/16/2012 7:31:00 AM
Nigeria will never know peace with these types fraudsters all over the country and the incompetence of EFCC who are yet unable to punish any one of these criminals. All that we hear are just stories of arrests and nothing more.
Chiwamkam Ayamkpam | 3/16/2012 7:49:00 AM
Politicians and public office holders should also be arrested, not just private sector folks. While arrests for fraud in Nigeria have not been seen to yield any tangible result, we are not celebrating news of this nature, eventhough it is a critical first step in fighting corruption. EFCC, please intensify your efforts on public office holders, as Nigerians will welcome and support ya'll 100%.
O.A. Ode | 5/4/2012 6:47:00 PM
WHY IS AMBASSADOR FELIX OBORO NOT RECALLED? - A REJOINDER The attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been drawn to the above-mentioned write up, credited to one John Ahajumobi and wish to state as follows: 1) It is true that there has been some allegations against Nigeria's Principal Envoy to Caracas, His Excellency Senator Felix Oboro. These allegations were made by an officer in his Mission. 2) All the issues raised in the allegations are being investigated and examined by the appropriate Department at the Ministry's Headquarters – The Foreign Service Inspectorate (FSI). This is in keeping with the letter and spirit of Nigeria's Foreign Service Rules and Regulations. 3) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at all times, and currently under the stewardship of Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, himself a fulfilled career Diplomat, very much operate under the rule of law. Consequently, a sitting Ambassador, and indeed, any officer at post cannot be recalled or have his or her Mission terminated based on allegations made and not proven. 4) Thus, while the Ministry's due process is on course vis-a-viz the issues raised, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not be stampeded into taking a precipitate action that is not in consonance with due process and therefore, the rule of law. Ogbole Amedu Ode (Spokesperson) Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tafawa Balewa House, Eagle Square, Abuja – FCT Nigeria. May 04 2012
Ngozi Adichie | 6/21/2012 10:20:00 AM
I have been following this Ambassador Saga for some months now and I still don't understand why a person that serious accusations had been made, like drugs trafficking, abuse of office, tampering for funds made for Nigeria mission abroad would be investigate with the same person accused staying put in office. The proper thing to do in order not to interference with proper investigation is to ask such an Ambassador or whoever is concerned to step aside and give room for proper investigation. In my opinion, I doubt if the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is doing anything about this matter. If these allegations had been made by a staff in his mission; how safe is that staff while his boss is still holding on to his position and doing all he can to clean up the mess. I am of the opinion that both the Ambassador and the staff should be recalled to give room for proper investigation and the whole nation knows the truth. It is obvious that things are not well in Venezuela and the quicker it is addressed, the better for the nation. I would expect the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act on these allegations rather than writing rejoinders. We are tired of reading rejoinders, we want to see action taken to address the high level of corruption and cover ups in Nigeria body polity.
peter mansfield | 2/12/2013 12:57:00 PM
as an independent journalist based in Dublin, ireland. i have made numerous attempts to make contact with your government. i have not received any response from any embassies that i have contacted worldwide. we have carried out an investigation which shows that none of the staff employed at your embassy have been paid since november of 2012. your staff have serious financial problems and your government refuse to answer any questions.