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Ekiti PDP chides Fayemi over planned commissioning of projects

By Lere Olayinka

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ekiti State has described the Dr. Kayode Fayemi's government planned commissioning of projects initiated and almost completed by the Chief Segun Oni-led PDP government as deceitful, saying; “having failed to add any block to the building of Ekiti since he assumed office, Fayemi should not allow the desperation to show something as his achievement to drive him naught.”

State Chairman of the party, Chief Bola Olu-Ojo said in a release issued in Ado-Ekiti today that, instead of embarking on self-deceit by commissioning projects already executed to almost 90 percent level before he took office, Fayemi should be honest enough to admit his failure and apologise to Ekiti people.

The party said; “projects already listed for commissioning as Fayemi's 'achievements' in one year include the new Deputy Governor's office (already painted yellow before Oni left and now painted white, two Secretariat buildings (already plastered before Oni left), House of Assembly Complex (already plastered before Oni left, and now being painted), Oluyemi Kayode Stadium (synthetic turf already paid for, and works at 70 percent completion before Oni left) and theBroadcasting Service of Ekiti State (already completed before Oni left and was commissioned as Fayemi's 100 days achievement).”

“Since Fayemi became governor of Ekiti via the Salamic judgment, the only new things happening in Ekiti that are positive are the Ado-Afao

(12 kms) and Ado-Ilawe (15kms) road projects, which he recently awarded. We are also aware of the building of six blocks of lock-up shops consisting of 20 shops, and conversion the old Textile Building in Ado-Ekiti to shops. That is all!

“Apart from the above, it has been tales of woe all through. Sacking of workers, including over 5,000 local council workers, demolition of houses and shops in Ado-Ekiti to pave way for planting of flowers, destruction of Primary Health Services in the State, with incessant strike by Health Workers (they have been on strike for the better part of this year, and are still on strike now), increment of tuition fees in Boarding School from N10, 500 to N15, 500 per term and 300 percent tax increment for government workers, with a Professor in the State university now paying over N95, 000 as tax per month.

“Others are cancellation of the State owned universities (UNAD and USTI), and changing of UNAD to Ekiti State University (EKSU); which is yet to be approved by the National University Commission (NUC), meaning that Ekiti State does not have a legally recognised State university at the moment.

“All these are what Fayemi should be bold enough to carry samba and tambourine and commission so that Ekiti people will know that their governor has actually worked for them!

“But now that the governor is desperately looking for projects to commission, we can also be magnanimous enough to offer him our party secretariat. He is allowed to also paint and commission it as part of his one year achievements.

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AJAYI DOLAPO a.k.a SENATOR | 3/13/2012 9:59:00 AM
It's a pity that an acclaimed chairman of a party that has no interest in d electorate can come out on air and criticize the government of the day.
I would have love nt to react but the truth is dat Bolaji Olu Ojo the chairman of PDP EKITI should restructure his home rather than condemning other people's children. I consider every issue raise by this entity as worthless as a used tissue.
What doing at all his what doing well. Time his fast ticking and the people of EKITI re nt sleeping with their two eye closed. I implore commrades in governor fayemi's regime to stand to their oath of commitment in pushing the State to the next Level.