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Buhari Drops Governors Fashola And Fayemi From Ministerial list

By The Nigerian Voice

All is not well with the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the party’s rank and file seems in disarray following the alleged dropping of the names of Lagos governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola (SAN) and former Ekiti State governor Dr. Kayode Fayemi from the ministerial list of President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.).

According to our investigation, both men who are supposed to be candidates of the national leader of the party Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu may not be enjoying the support of the Jagaban of Borgu kingdom that is expected to press for their inclusion. National Weekender learnt that their names were initially pencilled down on the list still being worked on before final vetting by the party’s national leadership but on advice of a very powerful chieftain in the South West, the names of the duo were erased.

This development has irked the trio of governors Chibuike Amaechi, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Rochas Okorocha and Adams Oshiohmole of Rivers, Kano, Imo and Edo States respectively. The governors in a show of solidarity for the duo who belongs to their constituency (Governors Forum even as Fayemi is no longer in office) felt slighted that they were not carried along in the decision to drop both men who had worked tirelessly to actualize the victory of the party in the 2015 General Elections.

Recall that Fayemi was Director of Media and Publicity of Buhari’s Campaign Organization even as Fashola played a supporting role behind the Director-General Gov. Amaechi. To this end, the governors frowned at the dropping of their names since it was not a reward for their hard work but rather an exercise of ingratitude which is capable of disuniting the party. Feelers from the party suggest that Fayemi was to get the portfolio of Minister for Information since he is the face of the party in Ekiti despite losing to Ayo Fayose in the gubernatorial election held on June 26 2014.

Meanwhile Fashola would have been Minister for Works on account of his performance as governor of Lagos.

Our investigation further reveals that as replacements for Fashola and Fayemi, the very powerful party chieftain moving for their exclusion has recommended Sen. Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon and former governor, Segun Oni respectively. Says one of our sources, “ there is real trouble brewing within our party. A powerful member of the party in the South West has called for the names of Fashola and Fayemi to be dropped from the ministerial list. This has not gone down well with some very influential members of the party who are governors.

“Kwankwaso who is a great admirer of Fashola has kicked the decision to drop the latter into touch. He enjoys the support of Governors Amaechi, Oshiohmole and Okorocha. These governors feel that if this powerful party chieftain is not stopped now he may run their interests down in the party. A meeting will be held before the final ratification of the list by the party’s leadership and the aggrieved governors want to seize the opportunity to make their position known. And it is simply that Fashola and Fayemi must be on Buhari’s cabinet.”

National Weekender scooped that the second term move of Fashola which was against the wish of his godfather Tinubu was responsible for his plight. He is perhaps paying the prize for doing a second term. It is believed that he has not been forgiven by Tinubu for daring the Lion of Bourdillon. On Fayemi’s part, it is said that Tinubu is still angry with him for carelessly conceding defeat to Fayose in the 2014 governorship election when he actually had everything going for him. But Fayemi’s real sin was to have congratulated Fayose after the result of the election was announced without getting clearance from Tinubu.

One of our sources says, “This ministerial list is a very contentious issue especially as it concerns the dropping of the names of both men. Buhari is yet to say anything about the list because the leadership of the party entrusted the exercise in the hands of Tinubu who is the clearing house and coordinating all the interest groups within the party and those chosen to pick or appoint candidates. Mat be he will eventually speak at the meeting where expectedly the leadership of the party will take a stand.

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andong | 5/2/2015 7:01:00 PM
APC, if una know una self don't drob this men d work for d party.n d desvade compacesion.
agbo | 5/2/2015 9:29:00 PM
what about chief ''Audu Ogbe'' of benue state, watin una go give am?
odogwu | 5/3/2015 9:47:00 AM
What about mallam ngige is he not included in the ministerial list?
Kabiru | 5/3/2015 3:01:00 PM
Is it winners take it all? Politics is a very dirty game. Imagine Tinubu punishing Fashola and Fayemi after their risky contributions to the emergence of APC at the centre .Tinubu is a very wicked politician.
isah | 5/3/2015 3:23:00 PM
I respect tinubu,but he shouldn't over step his boundary,if not GMB wld not tolerate him for too long.....APC govt without fashola n fayemi is nonsense
Chuks | 5/3/2015 4:02:00 PM
One thing I hate about politicians is that, they put their selfish interest first without thinking of the people they're claiming to represent. Lets keep sentiments aside, Fashola is one of the best governor in Nigeria history, out of tinubu s selfish interests he will pick a man that will be loyal to him. Buhari should not allow tinubu to ruin his leadership. Tinubu is one the most corrupt politician in Nigeria, he tried to frustrate Fashola s second tenure but the pressure from the masses was too hot on him. I knew with time buhari will take his stand and take wise decision. God bless Nigeria.
Moshood | 5/11/2015 1:55:00 PM
I'm impressed by your comment..Tinubu is not a leader,but a trader..He should be stopped at all cost,if not,our expectattion and trust in the coming administration will be a nightmare.
diggs | 5/3/2015 4:03:00 PM
lies, unnecessary insinuation once again. utter fabrication!
Chuks | 5/3/2015 4:16:00 PM
One thing I hate about politicians is that, they put their selfish interest first without thinking of the people they're claiming to represent. Lets keep sentiments aside, Fashola is one of the best governor in Nigeria history, out of tinubu s selfish interests he will pick a man that will be loyal to him. Buhari should not allow tinubu to ruin his leadership. Tinubu is one the most corrupt politician in Nigeria, he tried to frustrate Fashola s second tenure but the pressure from the masses was too hot on him. I knew with time buhari will take his stand and take wise decision. God bless Nigeria.
dare oguntade | 5/3/2015 4:17:00 PM
Please, reserves posts for boko haram leader ooo and kabiru sokoto.
Yusuf | 5/3/2015 4:19:00 PM
It has not yet start, for buhari to excel in his government he must ignore and wave Tinibu off. because that man is just after himself and his family. God help Nigeria.
Don | 5/3/2015 4:22:00 PM
Tinubu should take time GMB we show him the way out,st*p*d,selfish man like him
Don | 5/3/2015 4:25:00 PM
Tinubu should take time GMB we show him the way out,st*p*d,selfish man like him
Zubair | 5/3/2015 5:28:00 PM
Buhari Is A Very Wise Man, I am sure he knows what to do and as for tinubu he must be very careful otherwise he may lost his popularity in yoruba land, coz fashola & fayemi are d ones helping him to be this relevant.
MOHAMMED SALEH HASSN | 5/3/2015 5:35:00 PM
Haba baba Tinibubu, pls forgive and forget the past, cos dropping this noble people is never a good phenomenon to the party. At lest fashola did well in Logos state and should be granted a chance to served our dear Nation. Please Baba Tinibubu don't pave a way dis unity among the party. Thank you in anticipation.
Skipper | 5/3/2015 6:29:00 PM
Tinubu wants total control of the party and if he's not put on a short leash, will rubb**h the APC and the incoming administration.
johnnie | 5/3/2015 7:11:00 PM
I belief, it is a mere insinuation pending when ministrial list will be published. Thanks n God bless Nigeria.
don | 5/3/2015 7:35:00 PM
I think it is time this old tinubu give place to the yound one with new idea,time for him to be his grandchilderent ,this government should not deal with old ----------.
u.g.Loko | 5/3/2015 8:56:00 PM
my fellow brothers pls dont agaist tinibu, as a elder may be he mean some thing by doing so
musa amshi | 5/3/2015 9:03:00 PM
We should becareful APC the world are watching us
bonza | 5/3/2015 9:54:00 PM
You guys in the south-west never see anything yet. Ha!ha! Hausa will show you ppl pepper. After, jaga wetin will be shut out of this administration. Then you guys will bite your fingers. TRAITORS!
OTITO | 5/4/2015 11:39:00 AM
Dry pepper.
henry | 5/3/2015 11:19:00 PM
i predicted dat the apc as a party wud not stand d test of time cos of personal interests of some persons.i tink GMB shud b careful with tinubu and say no to imposition of candidates for appointments.
ak | 5/4/2015 10:06:00 AM
Let's not forget politics is all about power play and contestation,my first question is that:are the two men mentioned as replacement for Fashola and Fayemi not capable or worthy of a ministerial post,didnt they also contribute to the moving foward of the party?.i think I know few things about Tinubu and that man called Solomon and i'll like to share a little.we all know that Tinubu is the father behind APC Lagos and Nigeria as a whole,if you want to tag Tinubu has a man who only appoints those who are loyal to him it shouldn't be the case of him and Senator Solomon.please I am not saying Solomon is not loyal to him but with what Solomon did to Tinubu and Lagos APC politics he should remain in Tinubu's black book for years to come.Solomon single handedly forced Tinubu and Lagos APC to hold a gubernatorial primary which didn't go well with Tinubu.on the other side that Tinubu always put those that are loyal in positions is a normal way of life because I don't see anyone out there giving out a slot to someone he/she can't vouch for.Segun Oni and Senator Solomon are far more experienced than Fashola and Fayemi,it was this same Tinubu that stopped Solomon from governing Lagos state in 1997 and chose Fashola and he did same to him in the just concluded election and chose Ambode so if the same Tinubu or any other political fathers rejects mr A for mr B let's leave it as they are experienced and knows what they are doing.most people living in Lagos went against Tinubu's choice in Fashola because they didn't know him but Tinubu insisted on using him and here we are today hailing Fashola so let's not go against the political father's going for an experienced politician like senator Solomon and Segun Oni who are also father's to Fashola and Fayemi politically.
Ola | 5/4/2015 10:46:00 AM
Plz what are d list frm osun
Yomi | 5/4/2015 11:48:00 AM
Let Tinubu not use his own hand to destroy the house built with his own hand. And he should know that no man is an island he can not do it all alone some of us voted APC because of Fashola. Asiwaju should know that when we talk of capability compitence
Raheem Hammed | 5/4/2015 12:31:00 PM
I Don Tel U B4 Dt Tinubu Go rubb**h Dis So Called Administrtin If Care Is Nt Takin, Last Time U Said GEJ Is Nt Gud Bt Nw We Go See Hw GMB ADMIN Go B, Tinubu Of Worst Nd All Oder Followr Includin Lawmakr Defectin 2 Apc Re "Selfish"
Prince | 5/4/2015 5:41:00 PM
its a lie,total lie,this paper should be careful cos the meeting between the APC governors and the APC governor elect is scheduled to hold tomorrow, the list is not out yet
Ernest | 5/4/2015 6:02:00 PM
GMB is not corrupt, is Tinubu corrupt? If he is then can GMB show us his friend that is corruption free? See the drama in ministerial selection as we read here, anyway lets see if one tree can make a forest in GMB as he tames Tinubu.
Ekwo Sheriff | 5/5/2015 10:09:00 AM
I'm not shocked at Buharis silence on this its a clear replay of his domant attitude when he was a military head of state when Idiagbo was busy doing all the jobs for Buhari all he could do is to plot with his northern brothers and killed Idiagbo just to perve way for himself. Buhari wouldn't have been making much promises during his campaign if idiagbo was alive but I'm happy that so many Nigerians still know the truth as they are watching his administration with eagle eyes and to react when he fails on his promises which I called misleading words from a brainless man knowingly or unknowingly caused by tireless ambition.
kingsley 4rm port-harcourt | 5/11/2015 2:53:00 PM
buhari carry go,we D PDP people in rivers state r solidly behind u,because this is just D genesis of D show part (1)
ABBA BAPPAYO MUHAMMA | 5/11/2015 8:05:00 PM
Actually I am not happie for wat GEN. BUHARI is trying to do for not putting Gov.Fashola and Ayo fayemi at his administration ministers..... APC must do with them because the role that they are playing inside the part, they are APC and GEN.GMB dieheart .... Thanks oll.
prince | 5/13/2015 11:53:00 AM
dis is totally unfair, APC is were dey are today cos of the likes of fashola,if nt for the works fashola did in lagos Ambode wudnt av won in lagos. Politics is indeed a dirty game, wel dey should be careful, whateva happnd to PDP,began like dis
esume | 5/13/2015 4:11:00 PM
is too early now.dont make regrect voting for apc o.i thougt buhari is real baba.baba take good decision or you want what happened to goodluk to happen to you.
Kabir | 5/14/2015 5:31:00 PM
I guess its just a mere joke despite all Fasola did for the party during the campaign.
edor don kiss | 6/2/2015 3:41:00 PM
buhari should go with Fashola and fayemi, he will never regreat of his admistration rather enjoy it. Buhari should nt listen to Tinubu atall, thank God he sadi
don | 6/14/2015 11:51:00 AM
l don,t live in nigeria but l feel is time old rotten guy should go with their family and let the yound geration be given place with new idea ,nigeria don,t need to depend on oil money and that is reason the country has fallen to this leven.the old rotten guy talk only about money no vision,there is no respected for them in the west any more,if nigeria need to move forware this old sh*t need to go pls,africa and is nigeria is bless but lack leader to take them forward,the leader are disgrace to human race.