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Jos Crisis! Turai, Yuguda,Others named as sponsors


The 17th January 2010 Jos crisis as known was intended to take place in all part of Plateau state, due to our level of arrangement our arrangement. The President through the first Lady gave us all the needed support. The successful movement of

Jama`atu Nasil Islam (JNI) Plateau State Chapter 25th January 2010 The National ChairmanJama`atu Nasil Islam (JNI) Report on the Jos Crisis 2010

ALLAHU AKBAR. The 17th January 2010 Jos crisis. It imperative for us to forward our report to your office. We intend that whosoever is worthy to have this report should have it through your report. WE wish to show our profound gratitude for usual support and understanding which has kept the entire Ummah both in Jos and the entire country, may Allah the merciful grant you the wisdom and strength.

The vision of our Usman Dan –fodio and Sardauna handed over to us is being gradually achieved. Wee have since the year 2001 vowed that until plateau state becomes a Muslim captured area, we shall not stop Jihad. We have also planned to use any resources available and to torment the state and government in any way to actualize our vision be it security, economically or politically.

During the 2001 crisis, due to our lapses, many of our people were killed and our properties worth billions of naira were destroyed. A Christian being the president Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo served as one of our major set back as we could not get his support and appointment of the Chief of Army staff and the respective GOC as Christians.

The 2004, Yelwa Shendam crisis was partially successful because after our successful attacks, the christains were caught unaware and Allah gave us victory. The then plateau sate governor Chief Joshua Dariye out of his insensitivity in security gave the Christains natives the opportunity to retaliate like Hotel Rwanda, genocide. Though the President declared a state of emergency which has hampered and slowed the development of the state within the period.

The 2008 Jos crisis was not a failure but humiliation to Islam because our election was denied, our properties destroyed, and our people, both young and old women and children Killed. The governor Jonah David Jang who was pastor, ordered the security personnel to open fire on our people, which we estimated over 700 people were killed.

After this ugly and selfish christain agenda, was not contented and came out with a plan to wipe out Hausa Fulani Muslims. Who have dominated the heart of the state capital with the so called Jos master plan. The intention was to split the Hausa- Fulani Muslims and to render them powerless and defenseless. It is on this reasons we renewed our commitment making sure that Plateau State shall know no peace.

The 17th January 2010 Jos crisis as known was intended to take place in all part of Plateau state, due to our level of arrangement our arrangement. The President through the first Lady gave us all the needed support. The successful movement of machines (weapons). Jos would not have successful without the support and involvement of the chief of army staff and the GOC Jos. Likewise, the deployment of Hausa Fulani Muslims soldiers to Jos during the crisis.

The commandant of police staff college Jos has to have given the Ummah all the needed support.

The support of the following cannot be quantified:1) Gen. Ibrahim Babangida for his arm and militants2) Gen. Mohamadu Buhari for his arm and militants3) Ahaji Ibahim Mantu for his financial support and moral support4) Hon. Sama`ila Mohammed for the sponsorship of 350 Youths (Yan Daba) that were used in Jos and provision of food and motor cycles for the operations.5) Gov Isa Yuguda for his huge financial support.

All the Muslim governors in the North. We have forwarded our letter of appreciation to all and those not mentioned

Notorious in the following palces:1)Nasarawa Gwong 2) Rikkos 3) Bukuru 4) Bisichi( Sabon gidan Da yaya)

Places like Tim-tim,Kuru Janta, Sabon Ginda Kanar, Dorowa Korowa korot, and some parts of Mangu were areas where our people were killed and properties destroyed. We are sure that all those who died will go Aljanna and on earth we promise to carter and compensate their families.

Our ability to capture the heart of the state capital, Bukuru Jos south, Barkin Ladi and Mangu Local government in an indication of our advancement. This cannot be experienced in any Muslim state such as Kano, Sokoto Katsina etc. for christains to dominate any area.

Just as the main market, so we have rendered the Bukuru market.We have not only captured the area, but we have succeeded in weakening the economic strength of the state, while other Northern states trilling and intiating new development and industrialization, it will.

The visitors we have been waiting for arrived, arrived before our associations left for Sudan. He met with them in Sokoto before leaving. He promised National Assembly will be brought down and wherever non Muslims(arna) are will be killed for killing muslems. Signed: Shiek Mohammed Kabiru To be Continued

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JUSTIN | 3/22/2010 9:33:00 AM
this is so sick if true but if this is all made up may the God of Israel severely punish whoever is behind this spread of Hatred amongst humanity be he/she christian or moslem.
This is the kind of sh*t that went down in Rwanda, first the spread of hate which later led to a breakdown that claimed over 800,000 lives.
whoever is behind the fueling of this genocides will end up in hell.
People should not let people(models and religious leaders) influence them negatively.
Obifresh | 3/22/2010 11:32:00 AM
What i just read can be said to be half truth or the author is totally economical with the truth. How did they get this file. I think this is geared towards spreading fear & hatred among Nigerians who are already suffering toomuch. But nontheless nig security should take note.
God's Servant | 3/22/2010 6:54:00 PM
If the above publication is real, then nemesis must catch up with the perpetrators of the ACT.
There is no need talk far, may be the nemesis has caught up with President Umaru Yar'Adu, (that is if he is part of the shedy deal.
And guess what others who feel they can hide, opps' there is no place to hide, it must catch with them.
Innocent Souls are CRYING out to GOD day in day out.
God Save Nigeria.
CONCERN | 9/16/2010 1:00:00 PM
Turai will live to get all her punishment for the role she played in Jos crisis. She has already started getting it. IBB will live to suffer for all his role negatively in nigeria. He has already started getting it.Any body who has a hand in the killing of innocent people must surely live to suffer for it.