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It will be a worthwhile exercise to refresh my readers geography of Adamawa State before going into the substance of my article.

Adamawa State was formerly Gongola State before Taraba State was excised out of it. It is located in the North Eastern part of Nigeria and extends into the Middle-belt.

Adamawa State would have been like Plateau State where no one tribe lords it over the others politically if there is unity amongst all the tribes and the principle of justice and fairness is adhered to.

Adamawa State has the largest collection of ethnic groups in Nigeria put at about 103 tribes and languages. The larger tribes are Kamwe (Higi) in Michika and Mubi local governments estimated at about 500, 000 in 2008, the Bachama (Bwatiye) people in Numan and Lamurde at about 400,000. The Kilba people in Hong at about 350,000.

Other large ethnic groups are the Chamba people in Ganye, the Kanakuru in Shelleng, the Fali people in Mubi, the Lunguda people in Guyuk and of course the Fulani in Yola and Fufore.

There are still some powerful and educated tribes like the Margi in Madagali, the Bura people in Garkida/Gombi, the Mbula people in Demsa, the Yungur people in Song local government.

Some other notable tribes in Adamawa State are the Matakam, Waga, Vere, Janghi and the famous Koma people in Jada and the Ga'anda people amongst others.

I have started by calling attention to the fact that Adamawa State has 103 ethnic groups. The other tribes I may not have mention is not a deliberate omission but readers may have to excuse me because of lack of space and time.

Based on an analysis I read in the Guardian Newspaper of Saturday March 7, 2009, the Fulani ethnic group constitutes three percent (3%) of the Adamawa State population. But the Adamawa elders' are alleging that since the advent of the Nyako administration, Rear-Admiral Nyako and his Fulani brothers have been implementing Fulani agenda to the detriment of the other 102 tribes in Adamawa State.

In a well attended conference in Yola ironically on June 12, 2010 which was a Saturday, speaker after speaker castigated the Nyako government for parochialism, nepotism, ethnic chauvinism and favoritism in favour of his Fulani kinsmen and women.

What is interesting about the attendance was that it cut across tribe and religion and even political party affiliation. The shakers and movers of Adamawa State politics were all there.

The roll call include Baba Paul Wapana as he is popularly called in Mubi/Michika/Hong axis. It is also worthy of mention that he is the Vice Chairman of PDP, North-East zone.

The indomitable Ambassador Dan Suleiman was there.

The list included former governors Wilberforce Juta, General Aliyu Kama and Chief David Barau. The list is not exhaustive as it included Baba Joel Madaki, General Haladu Hananiya, Hajia Fati Abubukar, Chief John Manasseh and many notable Adamawa elders.

Among their charges against the Nyako administration in their state is the fact that all the institutions of higher learning in the states are headed by Fulanis and they gave statistics to back their claims.

-Adamawa State University Mubi- Alhaji Alkasum Abba as VC.

-College of Education Hong-Alhaji Hamidu Maiha as Provost.

-College of Agriculture Ganye- Mohammed Jada as Provost.

-College of Health Technology Michika though still operating on temporary site in Mubi has Dauda Mahmud as Provost.

-College of Education Mubi- Dr Aminu Chiroma as Provost.

-The Federal Polytechnic Mubi has Dr Mustapha Barau as Rector.

The Provost of the College of Legal Studies Yola is also a Fulani man.

One other charge by the elders against the Murtala Nyako administration is that he forcefully seized people's farm in all the 21 local government areas in the state in the pretext of creating low cost housing scheme only to re-settle Fulani herdsmen on those farms acquired forcefully from the natives.

The Adamawa elders came hardest on Governor Murtala Nyako when they listed 10 out of his 14 commissioners as Fulanis and or Muslims.

As for his defense, Governor Nyako fired by to say that the Deputy Governor and the SSG are non -Fulanis.

As it is now the battle line has been drawn in Adamawa State. Statistically, the other ethnic groups can comfortably take the Dougeri Government House Yola for good from the Fulanis if they so wish and make some sacrifices.

Unfortunately since the creation of old Gongola State and even Adamawa State, no other tribe apart from the Fulani has won election to be the governor despite their numerical strength.

As it is now, the battle line has been drawn, will Rear-Admiral Nyako make amend or will he rather have the Adamawa elders kick him out of government house in 2011/2012. One thing is certain, President Goodluck Jonathan has promised that People's vote shall and must count in all elections in Nigeria henceforth. We saw it in Anambra State in February 2010.

Can the new and invigorated Adamawa elders used their new found unity and strength to push Murtala Nyako out of Dougorei Government House Yola and put their own there? Only time will tell. As we wait the unfolding drama, we wait and see how they can unite and put a Bachama (Bwatiye) man or Mbula man or Kilba man or Lunguda man or Kanakuru man in Government House Yola in 2011/2012.

Ndiameeh Babrik is @ [email protected]

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Bello Bakari Esq. | 6/22/2010 11:24:00 AM
Am surprised to have read the above write up, as the writer seemed to forget things in a hurry, just not up to three years ago a non Fulani man was in the gov't house for 8yrs with more than 80% of his carbinet key officers as non Fulanis and worst still not muslims, but never a time when a Fulani folk under a guise of 'elder' or by whatever description confronted him or his gov't... Why Nyako, with his laudable projects? I can safely conclude that the move is ill motivated...

We the patriotic indigents of Adamawa are only concern with who and what will bring positive change and development in our state, not what tribe or religion that rules the state...

In short there is every reason to conclude that the elements behind this move are the usual selfish promoters whose whims and caprices have been met by the amiable Nyako led administration...

Roads have been and are still under intensive renovation, provision of water is on going, hospitals are well kept above all the infrastructural development in our primary and some Secondary schools across the state...

Infact not even 1% of 2yrs Nyako's administration achievements was recorded by the immediate past Bony era... but yet the said Adamawa elders did not say a word... were they not elders then or absent in the state?!!!

Elders or whatever they called themselves... Youths are after development and Nyako provides the solution. Thank you.:-D:-D
Bello Bakari Esq. | 7/10/2010 3:04:00 AM
The said elders of Adamawa are still alive and yet some selfish and self centered individuals called "Labor" are ruining the state, innocent patients are dying, poor secondary and primary school pupils are forced to remain at home, good people of Adamawa are held to ransom more especially those in detention awaiting trial who have been granted bail but were to perfect the bail... most disturbing is the habitual unlawful abduction of obedient workers who chose to serve their state by the belligerent labour folks... if the so called Adamawa elders are truly after the well being of the state, they would have, by now resolved or ameliorate the pathetic and unjustifiable mercy less action aimed at pleasing the political opponents of Nyako, there by stampeding the amiable administration of Nyako and continues subjecting the helpless masses to an untold hardship...

An average man knows that the only person that suffers the strike is the poor electorate who cannot drill borehole in his house, cannot send his child to private school, cannot go to private hospital for medication and indeed cannot earn living without government intervention...

The major players of the strike are not in any way affected with the strike, non of their children attends government school, they have very little to do with government hospitals and thus to buy water is not a big deal to them... Adamawa Elders where are you???

Legally, we all know that labour union as a civil liberty organization has no LOCUS STANDI to direct the government to remove Brr. Musa Yahya as Provost College for Legal Studies, Yola and alog with the Chairman Adamawa Transport...

I challenge the said Adamawa elders who are, purportedly deemed as working for a better Adamawa State to call their children to order...:(:(:(
zidon zakka | 7/8/2010 10:01:00 PM
well, am not much concern about which tribe occupies either all or any position in the state. my priority is when are we expecting credible leaders that will bring meaningful development as we use to see in states like Gombe where true roads were tarred, electricity to all the villages, general hospitals at all local govt headquarters, a standard waterplant, so many estates unoccupied because of the large number, i think we should focus our minds on who can do this in our state rather than trading on who occupies what not. our subvention is greater than that of Gombe state, a state created 30years after Yola has been a state capital but today one feels too bad the dilabilidating state of insfrastructure in Adamawa state. Nyako is already the governor and you voted for him, if he refused to adhere to any advice or putting his kinsmen, the only thing i could have expect from elders forum is to mobilize for credible leaders and voted Nyako out of office rather.
stephen moses | 8/31/2010 3:55:00 PM
not been saying that there are 103 tribes in adamawa but 70% is fulani such local govt are mayo_belwa,yola,fufore,jada,maihagirei & the have about the highes population
all footballer dont be like mikel who use chan on is ear, okay you are bless.Amen
By: by ilesanmi oluwagbe