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It Is Either The Koran Or The Sword – ALIYU GWARZO


”When I say that the Presidency must come to the north next year I am referring  to the Hausa-Fulani core north and not any northern christian or muslim minority tribe.

The Christians in the north such as the Berom, the Tiv, the Kataf, the Jaba, the Zuru, the Sayyawa, the Bachama, the Jukun, the Idoma and all the others are nothing and the muslim minorities in the north, including the Kanuri, the Nupe, the Igbira, the Babur, the Shuwa Arabs, the Marghur and all the others know that when we are talking about leadership in the north and in Nigeria, Allah has given it to us, the Hausa-Fulani.

They can grumble, moan and groan as much as they want but each time they go into their bedrooms to meet their wives and each time they get on their prayer mats to begin their prayers, it is we the Fulani that they think of, that they fear, that they bow to and that they pray for.

Some of them are even ready to give us their wives and daughters for one nights sport and pleasure. They owe us everything. This is because we gave them Islam through the great Jihad waged by Sheik Usman Dan Fodio.

We also captured Ilorin, killed their local King and installed our Fulani Emir. We took that ancient town away from the barbarian yoruba and their filthy pagan gods. We liberated all these places and all these people by imposing islam on them by force.

It was either the Koran or the sword and most of them chose the Koran. In return for the good works of our forefathers Allah, through the British, gave us Nigeria to rule and to do with as we please. Since 1960 we have been doing that and we intend to continue.

No Goodluck or anyone else will stop us from taking back our power next year. We will kill, maim, destroy and turn this country into Africa's biggest war zone and refugee camp if they try it.

Many say we are behind Boko Haram. My answer is what do you expect? We do not have economic power or intellectual power. All we have is political power and they want to take even that from us.

We must fight and we will fight back in order to keep it. They have brought in the infidels from America and the pigs from Israel to help them but they will fail. The war has just begun, the Mujahadeen are more than ready and by Allah we shall win.

If they don't want an ISIS in Nigeria then they must give us back the Presidency and our political power. Their soldiers are killing our warriors and our people every day but mark this: even if it takes one hundred years we will have our revenge.

Every Fulani man that they kill is a debt that will be repaid even if it takes 100 years. The Fulani have very long memories.”- ALIYU GWARZO

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Tessy tybangs | 10/3/2014 11:18:00 AM
The future of Nigeria as a one solidly United nation is not in the hands of any man or any force on earth or any one that exalt itself above God's Law, BUT in GOD'S Hands. Nigeria is God's ordained! No force any where can have its way or prevail by raising a finger against God's elected! The forces of darkness may aspire attempt et apply, but all moves will be cancelled or sent back to sender. An effort in futility. Let patriotic Nigeria n's set their watch and pray without ceasing! God has His AGENDA for Nigeria. LONG LIVE THE CITIZENS OF NIGERIA! LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT OF NIGERIA!! LONG LIVE THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF N I G E R I A!!!
Vanny Redeemed | 10/3/2014 9:43:00 PM
I agree with you Tessy, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. And let them also remember that God WILL raise a standard against anyone that exalts himself above the knowledge of God and that is what they are doing. As Christians we need to unite and as we do, God will fight on our behalf because the battle is the Lords. The secret to our victory is UNITY and ONE ACCORD. Christians UNITE forget the various church names we bear we are ONE following Christ for one cause that is the only solution to Nigeria's problem and the world as a whole.
Prophet of God | 10/3/2014 11:42:00 PM
Who is he that speaketh when the Lord has not commanded. May be after the rapture they may rule the world not only Nigeria. But not now
ng | 10/4/2014 9:51:00 AM
before i start, let me make this lay this curse down upon all haters of nigeria & nigerians, who agree to spread false rumour about either part of this great country in other to continue to engender more hates & bikering, who exploite my weak christians brethren & our muslim friends respectively to saw anachy in the name of politics that, the sickness that is worst than EBOLA wil mop him/her or their types to hell in Jesus name....Amen. then to react to this publication, Aliyu Gwarzo should realize that as Allah has given the core north what he claimed to assert & yet they could not yet take dominion, inspite of their threat & raging with sword & koran, God Almighty has given us higher grace to twarth,overtake,posses & dominate rulership till he comes again by Jesus Christ his ONLY begotten son. So Nigeria will continue to be peaceful be ruled by those lovers of Jesus.
pedro | 10/5/2014 9:39:00 AM
Guys, guys...waz wrong with everybody, so one man spouts qu'ran, everybody else is frothing at the mouth spewing biblical responses. The christian and muslim and pagan for that matter deserve peace and a chance at leadership if they fulfil the requisites for that office. Let's all take a deep breath, remove our noses from the holy books long enough to make peace in Nigeria. Religion and politics are a volatile combo in any polity. Let's look at the women and children and old people who are affected by this misbegotten religious fervor on both sides, worship is a private matter, let's leave it there. The pulpit should not become more dangerous than the gun, let's follow peace with all men...a dead muslim or dead christian is a dead Nigerian. Let's not kill the Nigerian dream by turning Nigerians against themselves. If one madman speaks his village talk, let's band together and laugh him off the stage, he is speaking for himself and not the muslim community...let's stop this us-against-them mentality, its killing Nigeria.
Johnson | 10/6/2014 10:36:00 AM
A friend sent this writeup to me. I was shocked beyond words after reading it. I can't wrap my brain along the writers reasoning. Its sad that in this day and age, such reasoning exists. I am in total agreement with Pedro in his comments. Religion and Politics are a volatile combo. Nigeria is for the believer and unbeliever. Let's make Nigeria a better place to live in unity.
God abase the proud | 10/7/2014 1:48:00 PM
The write up is a threat of man which is nothing in the sight of God. The almighty God owns this country and not in hand of any tribe, group of people, religion, association and terrorist. Nigeria in God we stand
Son of God Mission | 10/7/2014 8:40:00 PM
Aliyu Gwarzo or whatever you called yourself. You are only dreaming just like your fellow brothers Mohammed Yusuf, Ibrahim Shekau (Shekau I), Umar Bashir (Shekau II) did. You are thinking like daddies Ibrahim Babangida, Murtala Mohammed, Shehu Shagari, Adamu Chiroma, Ibrahim Shekarau and Mohammed Buhari are doing. You are wishing like your grand father Usman Dan Fodio did and you are there wishing and expecting like your descendants Mohammed himself that you follow and Ishmael your founder of worshiper of the sun in the name of god (your so called Allah). In your article you said what do I expect? I expect you feeding on maggots, drinking of urine, sleeping on waste granite and die like a piece of ant matched by a little baby. That is my prayer for you.
ok | 10/10/2014 5:28:00 AM
I know what is your problem Aliyu. you speak like some one lacked parental care and love. what you call your god knows not what is love, never showed you nor your ancestors love but sword and wickedness. it is even the same when a child lacks parental care and lovely upbringing, he would always behave hostile to every body around. That is your problem. But dont worry I want to introduce you to someone who loves you already. That person is Jesus. He loves you not minding your hatred on Him. He wants to give peace and joy. If only you can give him a chance in your life, you will see what you have been lacking. your joy will know no bound and you will be happier. I love you dear Aliyu yet Jesus loves more that He Died to save you from eternal damnation and to give you His eternal Kingdom where there will no more sword, hatred and tears. give him a trial.
Frankman | 10/11/2014 1:53:00 PM
I am shocked that an ordinary person in Nigeria can make these utterances for public consumption and will be allowed to move about freely. Is there no sane person left in the presidency, senate, national assembly, SSS or the military to cause this man to be kept under bars? Or are they equally corrupted and pursuing the Islamic agenda while deceiving our military personnel to go and die fighting BOKO HARAM for nothing?
Samuel | 10/12/2014 6:52:00 PM
The Philistines believed in the capabilities Goliath and other Mujahedeens. Their boasting was far above all these but at the end, small boy David was used by God to put an end to everything. Gwarzo and his cohorts should be encouraged to to intensify so that they will quickly meet their Waterloo.
MINISTER OF FIRE | 12/22/2014 10:20:00 PM
chijioke ugboguru | 1/24/2015 5:02:00 AM
Gwarzo is one of those unpatriotic northerners that have been milking the country dry,yet offers nothing in return, only to indulge in extravagant living and oppress the poor masses with their loots.These are the same people that have underdeveloped the north. My northern brothers,Are you blocks and stones lying idly and waiting hopelessly to be used by the few wicked elites from your zone to achieve their selfish end?Ever since the likes of Gwarzo have been enjoying pepper soup in Dodan Barracks and later Aso Rock,cruising around in SUVs and patronizing the best hotels and brothels here and beyond, Can you recall any meaningful and positive impact they have made on your wellbeing?Despite their long stay in power,you remain the poorest and most backward.Don't you think something is wrong somewhere?Inversely,the man you call an infidel has established almajiri schools and built universities for you.This man is President Jonathan.You should thank your God for giving you this patriot who wants to expand your vision and mission which is the greatest intellectual property your selfish brothers are denying you so that you'll remain perpetually blind and a prey for them and their bourgeoisie families.Wake up now and say no to this captivity.