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Police Headquarters Bombing: IG had meeting with bomber


IG Hafiz Ringim

A curious twist emerged Thursday night to the force headquarters blast, as top security sources hinted that police boss; Hafiz Ringim allegedly had a meeting at his Maitama residence, with the unidentified Boko Haram bomber, few minutes before the explosion. learnt that the police boss invited him to join his convoy to his office at the Force headquarters, Abuja, after a brief conversation at Ringim's residence.

Top force headquarters sources also hinted that contrary to police claim, over 60 persons among them a Commissioner of Police whose identity could not be ascertained as at press time, me may have died at the scene.

A very reliable source within the security told that the Boko Haram bomber had met the Inspector General at his residence and both men were said to have had some discussions. The subject of the meeting and the discussion was not immediately known.

But a security source hinted that the bomber may have posed as an informant with “a vital information on Boko Haram's plots and method of operation.”

The source who will not want to be mentioned disclosed that the IG invited the Bomber to join his convoy so they can finish up on their “discussions.”

“The driver who drove the car with the bomb met and had discussion with the IG in his Maitama residence before they both drove to the Police Headquarters,” the source said.

According to the source, an aide of the IG had spotted the bombers car in the convoy and made an attempt to block him but was prevailed by Mr. Ringim who said the occupant of the car was his guest. The bomber then successfully followed the IG's convoy into the Police Headquarters and was not stopped for search.

“The security attached to the IG wanted to stop him from joining the convoy, but the IG prevailed and asked the convoy security to close-up the security convoy and at the gate, the IG also stopped the security from doing a check before the car went inside,” the source told

The source disclosed that when the convoy got to the Police Headquarters, an aide of the IG came and asked an Assistant Superintendent of Police, ASP, Traffic in charge of Force Headquarters Traffic control, one Mr. Nangor, to direct the bomber to the appropriate place to park his car.

“He drove the car to the car park looking for a space and when the ASP came to direct him on how to park the car, the bomb exploded killing both of them. And at this time, the IG had already gone upstairs to his office.”


The source revealed that more than sixty persons may have died in the blast the shattered window glasses and shook buildings around the police headquarters.

A witness at Garki General Hospital said a number of ambulances brought bodies and injured persons to the hospital. The Red Cross also confirmed to Reuters that it had rushed many casualties to the hospital.

Meanwhile, m members of the Jama'atu ahlus Sunnah lid da'awati wal Jihad, popularly called Boko Haram, said yesterday that they failed in their target to eliminate the Inspector general of Police, Mr. Hafiz Ringim who they accuse of making unguided utterances against the group, vowing that more attacks on the police headquarters are underway.

A statement from a senior member of the group, Abu Zaid said the attack at the police headquarters was to prove a point to all who doubt the capabilities of the sect.

The statement signed by sect leader Abu Fatima said, “Of recent, he [Ringim] has been going to places and making unguarded utterances to the effect that he will crash us in a number of days…This is unfortunate. We attack his base (police headquarter) in order to show him that action speaks louder than words.”

He also said the sect members will continue to launch attacks at the police headquarters. “We would not relent and by the grace of God, we shall see who is on the right track,” he said.

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SOROIBE FABIAN | 6/18/2011 1:00:00 AM
SOROIBE FABIAN | 6/18/2011 1:06:00 AM

Lagos state is a place to be, following the excellence experience in all sector of there economy as democracy promised to give during it's experiment in 1999 when military handed over the affairs of government to the then president and commander in chief of the arm forces chief Olusegun Obasanjo. After the first and second phase of democratic dispensation in Nigeria, the third phase came and left no stone unturned, and gave birth to an achiever, a servant leader, and an action implementor Governor Fashola of Lagos State. A through King is born not made, despite the fact that Lagos state is the centre of excellence, and the nation based economic power, which gave their past governors the privilege to live in presidential quarters as the former capital territory. Many leaders who passed through the three major arms of government in Lagos state thought that Lagos state has gotten all it takes to live above all other states in Nigeria, but when a man with vision and mission came (Fashola) people began to benefit from functional working economy such as good roads, education, functional health facilities, security, transportation, general rural and urban development, security , transportation, general rural and urban development. It is not all the Lagos icon governor Fashola proceeded in turning the entire Lagos state to a mega city. If you believe in good governance, and the atmospheric change of Fashola administration, then join us, lets first of all look at how this Fashola administration contributed immensely on the road network in Lagos state. There is a popular saying, that says, ROAD is better than wealth am not disputing the fact that wealth is good, but road leads to it. Fashola administration has putting virtually all the roads in Lagos State in perfect condition, such as the rehabilitation of the 18years old federal government bridge (third man land bridge) LAKKI EKPE road, Oshodi Iyana – Ipaja road, Korodu/Mile 12 road Oshodi /mile2 road, Agege/Ikotun road etc. all these and more before now people living traps for motorist and other road users, but now the people living in Lagos are enjoying hold-up free road network in Lagos state.

Education:- knowledge is power they say, in a state where an educationist is the flag bearer, what do you think? Illiterate will definitely become a thing of the pass. The Fashola government in 2009 put up a law that any child that is of school age, seen harking pure water or anything during school hours will have themselves to blame. That is why he moved into secondary schools in Lagos to better the learning atmosphere of students my providing books and functional library / laboratory for practicals. He didn't stop at that, he also thought the masses that teachers reward is not only in heaven but on earth also by given virtually all the principals working in government secondary schools a Toyota yaris car each. Which one are we to say and leave the other what of the regular payment of teachers salaries. In deed this government has improved the educational standard of every lagocians.

Health:- I have not forgotten what my philosophical uncle use to say that health is wealth. The rapid improvement of primary health care programes and facilities in Lagos state is one in a million, the health plan of Lagos state proved that even the poor among the rich can now have access to health care in Lagos state, there by reducing infant mortality to the bearest minimum.
Security:- it is often said that, a society without a check is a check without a society. Having known that Lagos state is the smallest state, but has the highest population in Nigeria, crime is inevitable, that is why Fashola administration have the interest of the people living in his state at heart. The joint police and military patrol in Lagos state today is the highest in the country with sophisticated street in-built camera's mounted at strategic corners of the state. Criminals have no hiding place in Lagos, go to others states, they have recorded not less than 10 to 15 cases of kidnapping in their state but non have recorded in Lagos state.

Transportation:- This administration has also left no stone on turned in teams el transportation, the invention of the popular BRT in all the areas in the state has given common man in Lagos the hope to leave on there by addressing the high cost et transportation to a zero level.

General Rural and Urban Development:- This administration thought me that no matter how beautiful an urban area may look, and no matter how long an African man may live in a beautiful environment, he will definitely go back to his village when he refines or possibly when he grow old. An interview with Mr. Macdonald Nnodium, who live and work in Iyana-Ipaya area under Alimosho Local Government told our correspondent that governor Fashola gave a mandate to all the chairmen in the state to work on all the roads in their area so that people living in the rural areas of the state will enjoy democracy devidence. Which one are we to say and live other, is it culture realization centers scaretered at over the town, what of the just concluded Eyo festival 2009 that attracted virtual all the people over the countries to Lagos State is only a blind person that will see not what is happening in Lagos state (Eko Oni Baje

Fabian Soroibe

Soroibe Fabian | 5/23/2014 1:27:00 PM
Mgbahiri Emii is a community located at Emii i Owerri north local government area of Imo state