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Igwe Chidubem Iweka Under Fire…Allegedly Murdered Over 23 Youths Of Obosi Land

By Okechukwu Onuegbu

A prominent son of Obosi community in Idemili-North council area, Anambra state, Prince Emeka Ike Orizu has bemoaned what he termed suppression of investigation to unravel the rudiment of incessant ritual killings in the town, even as he stressed the needs for the law enforcement agencies to bring the culprits to book.

Prince Orizu who disclosed this in exclusive interview with Orient Daily, pointed-out that none is above the law as far as the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria is concerned, claimed that perpetrators of the ungodly acts are the Former Secretary of the Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku; Osita Chidioka, the Commandant of Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC); and Chief Dan Chuke, Nigeria's Former Minister of State for Aviation.

He alleged that Obosi has been on bondage since inception of its incumbent monarch, HRH Igwe Chidubem Iweka, who had allegedly killed over 23 youths of the town and covered-up through his influence with Obosi prominent personalities after baptizing the deceased cultists, rapists, robbers among others.

His words: “ Over 23 indigenes of Obosi have been killed in recent time. But only 3 families out of the deceased are currently in the court and the press demanding for justice. You don't just kill a person at no course, no trial, just for a mere allegation leveled against them by Igwe Iweka and his cohorts. I wondered why the SSS and his Special Taskforce infringes on the right of our people. Why can someone kill another without evident of offence or trial? They told you that someone is a rapist, drug pusher, robber or whatever and you go ahead and shot the person dead just like that? What are they using these corpses for-ritual or what?”.

“You can't get peace in a camp of injustice. Justice must prevail. The worst is that all these families have petitioned the Federal and State Government, Security Chiefs, National and State Assemblies with no positive result because my investigation showed that each time a progress is about to be recorded likes of Osita Chidioka, Emeka Anyaoku and Dan Chuke whose influence had never brought glory to Obosi community except selfishness and evil, would order for a stop. They had nothing to show for their prominence unlike our great men who popularized them such as late Sir Godfrey Eneli, first Nigeria's High Commissioner to Britain. He was the one that recommended Emeka Anyaoku for Commonwealth..

Mr. Ikechukwu Anekwu, for instance, whose son, Obiesi was gruesomely murdered by Iweka is the head of Oliobi family where Emeka Anyaoku hails from. Yet, he suppressed the interrogation to unravel the culprits and root of Obiesie's death. We are yet to see his corpse since they claimed that he is dead. The miscreants who looted his father's properties are yet unknown. No compensation done, the butchered mother is still in the hospital. Besides, the man is still on exile since 6thDecember, 2012 till now”.

Recounting how he was attached 8th November, 2011 by the hoodlums, Prince Orizu said: “See how these people go about with costly rifles and ammunition. Over 200 men of special taskforce who were militants formed by A.C.Iweka attacked me on 8th November while I was returning home. The ganged Leader told me that Iweka sent them to kill me for refusing to support him to become our Traditional Ruler. Before I could utter a word, the boy slapped me, his gang members joined with blades and weapons till I was left to ground. Blood gushes all over my body as you can see on that picture.

I am also demanding for justice over my properties destroyed on 14thNovember 2012 during their operation. They naked my wife, brutalized her and my mother beyond recognition, even as they arrested and brutalized my younger brother, Dubem Charles Orizu. The cases are still in the court. They must tell the world why they took such decisive measure upon my household without investigation. I am calling on the media, international liberty organizations, pressure groups, state and national assemblies, the presidency among other interesting groups to act come and rescue us-the people of Obosi kingdom before they would finish us”, he said.

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Ifeanyi Mgbakogu. | 3/6/2014 1:42:00 PM
As a great son of Obosi Ukwala kingdom, I wish to disassociate myself, and all members of my entire family with the writer of the untrue article. The name Orizu is not from Obosi and mush I have been paid to spread such a blatant lie / propaganda. Obosi ppl are peace loving and law abiding ppl since inception. I seriously advice the writer of this article to go back to classroom, reconsult with your English teacher, and most importantly, remove your ugly monkey hands from the soup before it becomes human"a . Dalunu.
Rity Ike | 3/7/2014 6:49:00 PM
Long Live Igwe Chidubem Iweka.. The truth shall always prevail..
UDO. | 3/11/2014 11:06:00 PM
I think that the problem in Obosi started since 2011, after the death of HRH, Igwe J Nwakobi, That was the time there was power tussel in Obosi to out sit the Osha boys, which lead to the destruction of properties and death's in Obosi, which AC, Iweka , now the Igwe was part of that movement, But I would like to let Emeka Orizu Agwegbo to know that , his younger brother Dubem was also part of that movement that destroys,innocent people's property, and that lead to him Dubem being the first Sec, of the new osha boys, But we are closely watching what is going on, Now is pay back time, Did you Emeka Orizu forgot that BABY-BOY was the person that shot late Ifeanyi Anene, and the late Ogbuefi from Ugamuma? But all this things will be strange to those that are not close to Obosi Issues, With all this been said I think the way forward to this issues is for Igwe Ac Iweka, to be open and let people like Chief Emeka Anyoku, Chief Osita Chidioka and others to know the truth, of all the shrines they made scarifies and promises to, so that they could win the Omezie Chukwurah lead group, I want to state here that Charles Umolu Akpe, was part of this confusion in Obosi, this is a man that was sacked in the banking industry, and he came and Obosi made him Chairman of Obosi Community bank, why should that happen? I am using this media to call on Obosi Leaders of Thought, to RUN TO GOD FOR MERCY. IGWE AC IWEKA allow the Ex PG of Obosi,who his tenure ends in 2011 to still remain in office and be receiving money from the State Govt, as at this moment, and why is that? Because of their OAT. So a lot needs to be done. I would like this Question to be answered by everyone in Obosi that has the answer, where is that money made after the era of Mr. Iwegbuna and Mr Nwanem? I thought the arrangement was to use it to develop Obosi? Another thing is how come Ac Iweka, got a fleet of car's? This is a man that has an old Toyota sienna?
UDO | 3/14/2014 3:36:00 AM
Long live Obosi, Long live HRH Igwe AC Iweka. I would like to use this medium to appeal to everyone in Obosi most especially the Imebagha family of Umu-Ezeagu family,Umuota Village Obosi, to forgive and forget. We all know what transpired concerning the Igweship moving to Umu Ezeobodo, which every dick and harry in Obosi know that is your turn to produce the next Igwe, but everyone in Obosi at that time knows that anarchy was the order of the day and AC Iweka took advantage of that, with that being said I will also let every Obosi indigene to know that there is a saying in IGBO that says that you do not fight to be KING, but a KING is BORN, I will say that God almighty had ordained Igwe AC IWEKA,to be the IGWE of Obosi. I will like to state here that in the case of Igwe J Nwakobi, He, Late HRH J Nwakobi- never thought in his wildest imagination that he is going to be the IGWE after the Great HRH ISAAC IWEKA 11.But everyone see what happened , like they called it then, Late Rawlings Nwakobi, politics, but is not ,He- Late HRH Nwakobi was the one God chose at that time, because if not that little prank Late Rawlings played with Late Oguefi Nwanyi Elosia, was not enough to scare the most gentle and kind man OGBUEFI MIKE UFUEZE away, but it did, but if is by human appointment LATE HRH ISAAC IWEKA, wished Ogbuefi Ufueze to be the Igwe after his demise, but HE is not God, and the one God chose to take the seat in the person of LATE HRH J NWAKOBI. Now the question is way forward, Igwe AC Iweka, know the problems in Obosi more than all the Ndi Ichie's that are not based in Obosi. How would he- Igwe abandoned the people that fought and install him the Igwe, The likes of Mr. Nwokolo AKA OMENAKPO and others. I would like to mention Chief Osakwe here, because he knows the problem too, but ODU, I know that your participation will be as a revenge to ODUA Chief Nwaenem, but how could you forget too soon, that this ODUA was the man that was instrumental for you marrying the late Mrs Nwamaka Osakwe (Nee Chigbo). ODU NKATA-UGWU OBOSI, This same Odua participated a lot to your success in printing business with your late friend, when he was a driver, in Osha to a renowned Printer, He gave you and your late partner the information from his boss documents on how you and your late friend could move forward in the printing business. You, Odu- Know that this is what happened before the war. (NIGERIAN -BIAFRA CIVIL WAR). God has blessed you Chief G C Osakwe, make peace, remember those days when you use to say that' When the GROUND IS NOT ALRIGHT, THAT THE WISE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE', I have to explain this, when you took your tile of Odu Obosi your own people ISI-OWULU did not support you, but you always said that as soon as you move out of Uruowulu and get to your comfort Zone Umuota, that your UKPA WILL BE FULL OF CHEERING OF ODU NKATA UKWU. Please Odu Obosi use your God given wisdom (which I know that you have it) and do your best and restore peace. Money you have made it, Not this little one that you, Charles Umolu ,Akpe,Onwu Eze Nwabude, share's in your Uruwulu office, I would not say anything about BOAT ACTION, OKWUOSA, who is the SEC, He is ok at least he drives a Jeep now, and the family looks good. I would like such people to be the ones that will be benefiting from Obosi Land, people that has lost their Touch, and our Land gives them hope.
Olisa gozie ubochi e | 9/16/2017 2:13:00 AM
I heard you my brother.time will come when I will speak for I grown in the same evil being happening then,we where took for exile,I never want to speak much my brother,thank you.
vici blujean anene | 3/14/2014 11:14:00 PM
i have no words for u doomed supporters of a iwekas mornach. What awaits you all is pertinent penury and gloom till the big bird perch on the iroko. f**ls
Obosi 1 of obosi | 3/15/2014 1:39:00 PM
Mr Emeka orizu since I knew you, you have been an enemy of progress, the of obosi Shall judge you how much did omezie paid you to sabotage you own mother land you f**l
chike | 3/18/2014 4:51:00 PM
So they paid you to run the Igwe of Obosi down. you leave your orizu to Obosi to look for pple they killed,are you a police man or bribe eater. How did you know that Obosi have been in bondage? Is only ritualist that know his fellow ritualist. but i tell you pple in the same manner you gand up to spoil the good work of this man pple will spoil all your
Ben onwuka | 3/25/2014 3:37:00 PM
Orizu man you are so cheap. how many cows have you been given or how many cars then don buy for you. that is why you sold your soul to the devil. or rather how many police men in anambra have they bribed on your behalf. becus the pple that sent you have also buy the hearth of some police men in anambra, they give you pple cars and money and cow. usa oli bribe,. and for all of you that is bitter about igwe you better dig your grave and die. so you can be buried in a tomb were your hearth desired. sorry to remind you that igweship is forever his not handing over to your father after 8 years and you cant remove him there,our prayers will protect him he has done alot of good work in Obosi.
Dumeje Kingsley | 5/4/2014 1:38:00 AM
Long live ,Igwe Obosi...My good n brave ppl of Obosi Ukwala... we must be alert , "some one somewhere is sowing a seed of division among the Obosites" . We must not sleep over our unity " while men sleep the enemy sows tare " . We must also respect our elder statesmen Chief E. Anyoku etc n more so our Igwe must be respected!.. come to think of it no man can give u justice as God..he has the heart of the king in his palm... if u are sure of ur facts necked urself call on or God like Elijah did! . Peradventure u must seek vindication from the nation , pls don't do that addressing our Igwe with disrespect sir
Patriot | 6/14/2014 3:47:00 PM
"Prince" Orizu, you showed no respect for Chief Emeka Anyaoku who is respected worldwide, no respect for Chief Dan Chuka, former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, no respect for Chief OSITA Chidoka, the respected Corpse Marshal of FRSC, and above all no respect HRM Igwe. Chidubem Iweka. This act of yours already tells the readers that you are paid to defame and drag the name of Obosi to the mud. You and your cohorts will not succeed. The emergence of Igwe Iweka was an act of. God. Give yourself a break and try to engage in a useful profession that will keep you busy in a positive way. Due to your actions, the name Orizu does not command ant respect in Obosi. All the prominent men of achievement you and your group are trying to rubb**h will still continue to be respected because of their personal achievements and selfless contributions to Obosi.
So give yourself a break and pray for God's favors so that you can overcome your jealousy and try to achieve something for yourself.
Emeritus | 6/15/2014 8:28:00 AM
Thank you Mr Patriot. The only Prince Orizu we know in Anambra State is from Nnewi not Obosi. As far as Obosi is concerned the Orizu family is a family of midgets and dwarfs. The are not of Royal Blood. Besides no single member of that family has ever achieved anything worthy of mention. Little wonder that they are envious of others and do not appreciate good works.
Before Igwe Iweka became Igwe, SSS files showed Obosi to be number one drug spot in the whole of Nigeria. 419 and kidnapping was also prevalent in Obosi. Today we can sleep well in Obosi because Igwe Iweka has cleaned up the place inspite of threats to his life. One of your commentators accused Chief Umolu of being sacked as a bank MD. Are they not aware that the same man was appointed by CBN to the board of another bank. If he did anything wrong will the CBN not send him to EFCC as they did with other bank MDs like Atuche, Akingbola etc. I know that the negative commentators must be from the ousted drug barons, 419 kingpins and proscribed APC. Continue to waste your time DUMB SKULLS.
ok | 6/27/2015 9:24:00 AM
i can believe you claim to be a journalist The rubb**h you write sums everything that is wrong with Nigeria, do you really believe the crap you have written? how much have you been paid to write this madness? i have met this man and there is zero reality to your claims You have no honour at all - I feel sorry for your soul, i will pray for you