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I get inspiration to sing through dreams---Chris Ovie


Chris Ovie is an up and coming gospel music artiste from Delta state. He recently launched his debut album My Time Don Come. In this interview with EBERE NDUKWU, the Urhobo-born artiste reveals how his music inspiration always comes to him in dream. Excerpts!

Inspiration: I got inspired by the Holy Ghost during my quiet time and communion with the Holy Spirit in prayers and other spiritual activities. Whenever I pray or fast and intercede, the Lord in his grace gives me songs often. I have never thought of writing a song but songs keep coming when I engage myself in spiritual activities.

Some times the Lord gives me song in my dreams. As the Lord continues to bombard me with songs, I begin to wonder why these songs until the Lord minister to me that I can assemble the songs to make up an album.

I have had revelation and vision where God deliver people during my ministration in songs. The Lord revealed to me also, how I was delivered from bondage through songs ministration. In that particular revelation, I found myself in chains and my mouth padlock. All of a sudden I heard a voice saying to me praise me; my son. I reply and said; how can I praise when I am in chains and my mouth pad lock?

As I begin to murmur praise from my heart, the chains fell off, and padlock broke to piece and I escape from captivity. I have had countless number of revelation and dreams where God delivers men during the cause of my praising Him. It dawn on me that God is about using me in the area of deliverance through songs ministrations. Since then I started recording the songs whenever the Lord gives me.

The album: "My time don come"

I got this song in the spirit and I prayed to God to interpret it to me. The Lord gave me the interpretation saying: "My time don come". Most times I find myself singing different kind of songs and my friends, brothers and relatives, when they hear me, will begin to ask me where are these songs coming from? When I told them that it's the Lord that is giving me the songs they will be so surprise.

I am always touched when they begin to tell how blessed they are listening to me sing. As a result of I got encouraged to wax an album. I said to myself that If I wax an album it will be a blessing to so many people instead of limiting it to those only close to me.

One of my nephews told me one day that I am wasting my talent at home by not doing anything as regard releasing an album. Others of my friends also said the same thing. At this point, pressure started coming from every angle for me to do something as regarding waxing an album. As a result of that I decided to put few of the songs the Lord gave me together to produce this debut album titled My tTime Don Come.

Why Gospel Album

I cannot think of any other kind of music other than gospel music due to my relationship with God and faith in Christ. I long to live all my life to glorify the Lord and spread the good news all over the world and I am convinced that one of the ways for me to achieve same is this medium "gospel music" especially as the Lord had given me grace to compose different kinds of spiritual songs to the glory of his name.

Market Prospect

The market prospect is positive as I strongly believe that the Lord who had called me into this ministry will advertise it in His own way. My widest dream is that the songs should bless and liberate men from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of our dear Lord (Jesus). I trust God that as people begins to listen to the music they will encounter the Holy Ghost and thus total deliverance from every kind of bondage and satanic entanglement. I wish to remind everyone of the heavenly home through my music built for the children of God. Heaven is real and hell is real. Our journey does not end here on earth. After now we will all give account of our lives and face another journey which is eternity.


One of the biggest challenges I had is timing. I have always had the problem of when to start, where to start from and how to go about this vision. Most times I want to start but when I consider the cost implication I got demoralized. Music is really very expensive because a lot of things are involved: from production to marketing and advertising. I spent so much on this debut album. If I had known that it will cost that much initially I would have probably withdrawn but thank God for grace. I went into it by faith and God saw me through. He proved himself to be God. Before any need arise he made provision for it. I was marveled at the support and encouragement I got from different people. Right from the inception of this vision till date, its being favour galour. It has been proved in my life that when God call you to do a thing all that you need is a step of faith and total obedience. When the Lord call you just obey because You are not the one to do the whole thing but He that calls you (Almighty God) will do all things through you. He is capable of turning your weaknesses into strength, f**lishness into wisdom and lack into abundance. He will bring choice men who will help you to fulfill His will in the vision.

Back ground

I am a native of Orogun town, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State. I attended Orogun Primary School Orogun and later completed my primary education in Oharisi Primary School Ughelli. I moved on to Government College Ughelli and later completed my secondary school career in Gideon Comprehensive high school Okota Lagos. I hold a National Diploma Certificate in Electrical/Electronics Yaba College of Education; Diploma certificate in Computer science from Lagos City Computer College and several IT certificates in computer programming, engineering and networking. Presently I work with Champion Newspapers as Assistant Network Administrator.

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Chantal Prudhon | 5/17/2010 1:32:00 PM
I wake up singing and dancing to god. This morning I dreamt that it was hailing and I was singing and dancing the Victory Chant with someone I don't know who it was. I woke up singing.
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