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Clarion Chukwura reconciles with ex-hubby, Femi Egyptian

By linda -

"It is not a rumour. It is true. In fact, I have been a Mrs Femi Oduneye for the past 7years, since 14th February 2004. City people published my traditional marriage ceremony in my home town with pictures then. Yes, we separated on May 5th 2006 but we didn't get a divorce.

A year ago, we made up and resolved our differences. He apologized to my family and we made up. It is just that I didn't make the reconciliation public" - Clarion Chukwura to a City People reporter

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Sunday | 3/7/2011 4:49:00 PM
This woman grants rubb**h interviews all the time. Bitter experience with Shina Peters, then I walked out my marriage to Abiola, then divorced hubby - Femi Odunaye and now re-united with hubby-Femi egyptian. Changing husbands like a woman changes sanitary towel. This woman has no class or dignity. If she talked about a credible man it would have been better. The man has children all over the place. He breeds with different women like a rat breeds. I guess Clarion belongs to the same category, cause her 2 sons are from 2 different men. I wander if she would be having another with this man she keeps divorcing and re-marrying.