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Fayemi plans media propaganda against Oni

By Lere Olayinka

The judicial Governor of Ekiti -State, Dr Kayode Fayemi is hatching a media campaign to smear the integrity and personality of his predecessor in office, Chief Segun Oni.

According to Wale Ojo-Lanre , Fayemi has ordered for a contraption and concoction of allegation of fraud practices against Oni in order to embarrss him and divert the attention of the public .

He said; "It is the belief of Fayemi that with such scandalous propaganda spread over Oni's name, he would not have the time to pursue the review of the Court of Appeal judgement which brought him

(Fayemi) to power.

"We are aware that Fayemi has directed his men to fish out two major contracts to be used as subjects of allegation of fraud to be hang on Chief Oni

"In one of their meetings, Fayemi was said to have told his kitchen cabinet that; 'We must urgently find ways of implicating Segun Oni to potray him as a fraudulent person. We must destroy him at all cost. We can not afford to let him come back here.'

"But we must say that this battle is not for Oni to fight, it is for God, and we are sure that the same God who shamed Fayemi when he paid a suspected armed robber to lie against Oni and his personal assistant, Mr Bunmi Ojo will shame him (Fayemi) again."

He declared that no amount of cheap propaganda can distract Chief Oni from fighting for his right, asking that; "Why is it now that Fayemi is rooting to fabricate lies against Segun Oni?"

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Adekunle | 3/2/2011 12:33:00 PM
I have read with keen interest the write-ups of Lere Olayinka in this medium and can conclude that Lere is likely on Oni's payroll. He has consistently defended the Oni the Ekitis rejected at the expense of the Fayemi they voted for. Lere, speak the truth- are you not? If Oni is clean, let him not be afraid. If not, beware.