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Bode George`s' Reception is a Show Of Shame


Wonders shall never end; I was watching the television this weekend and saw the massive crowd waiting outside Kirikiri prison waiting for the release of ex-convict Bode George, former chairman of Nigerian Ports Authority. I felt outraged and ashamed to be called a Nigerian for the first time in my life,   because what baffled me the most was the presence of some eminent citizens in government with entourage and police escorts to welcome him from prison, to the church,   then his house. I again asked myself:   is this really an ex-convict, knowing fully well that even the arrival of a president from another country will not get this much attention from the society?

I remember clearly during Nuhu Ribadu's tenure as the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, most of these so-called officials,   and especially the society accused him of shielding Bode George. However,   Farida Waziri arrested, arraigned and jailed him, only for the same society to come out and celebrate his coming out of prison. One would have expected that Waziri's efforts would have received praises from the society,   instead she keeps getting backlashes from all corners of the nation crowning it up with last Saturday's show of shame.

For goodness sake,   what kind of example are we showing our children and the th entire world at large, is this the same Nigeria that I grew up with so much love and respect for? A Nigeria that I would do anything for? A Nigeria that anywhere I go would be willing to defend,   no matter the consequences?   I don't think so anymore. We claim that the anti-graft agencies are not doing enough to fight corruption or to eradicate it,   but in reality I personally think it's the society that is encouraging Nigerians to be more corrupt and the crowd outside that prison is enough indication that my outrage is justified.

No one can stop an ex-convict from celebrating his release from prison. What on earth would make serving government officials jostle for seats at a reception in honor of an ex-convict who just returned from prison? Why would the federal government send a delegation led by the Minister of Defence to receive an ex-convict jailed of fraud?   Why would   several rounds of gun salute be used by security officials to welcome him back from prison? Most importantly, why the publicity stunt? These are all questions begging for answers.

Couldn't Bode George go home and celebrate quietly with friends and family? Must one show his irresponsibility publicly? Turning an occasion that calls for repentance and soberness to a carnival of sorts is a disservice to Nigeria . It also ridicules Nigeria in the eyes of the world. We as Nigerians seriously need to stand up for our right or we will continue to be used as paupers by the so- called elite of Nigeria .     MAIMUNA ABUBAKAR   ABUJA

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Adekunle | 3/1/2011 5:23:00 PM
I wonder why some Nigerians, apart from the PDP politicians themselves, are still bent on voting for PDP's Jonathan. I wonder why we want to retain shameless men in power. Or you want to tell me the presidency didn't know about the delegates that went to welcome the chief thief? Clueless OBJ was there. Think.