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2015: Jonathan may rig himself to power but will not complete tenure-Apostle Suleman

By Phrank SHAIBU

Apostle Johnson Suleman is the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry, one of the leading new generation churches in the country. The church located along the Auchi-Abuja road in Auchi, Edo state is another Mecca in Nigeria as people from all over the world throng the giant edifice to see him.

Apostle Suleman who had in the past predicted the death of President Yar'Adua, the death of former South African President,Nelson Mandela,the death of NUJ National officers as well as the crises in the PDP revealed in his 2014 prophecies that President Jonathan should not run for another term in office as his destiny cannot be stretched beyond one term but if he insists and rigs himself to victory , he will not complete the four year term.

"One thing that I will say now is that people should be careful not to be crazy about power. One advise I have for President Jonathan is that he should not contest the 2015 presidential election. And if prayers are not made,Oyo and Ogun state governors, I don't see them coming back. If they can pray hard, mercy may smile at them. But I see them go home.

Those who are pushing Jonathan to contest want to destroy him. I am not saying this out of any personal animosity. I am saying this now because it can be averted.

He should seek counsel. I love him but destiny has to be taken very sacrosanct. So I believe that if he asks for counsel, people can help him not to run for the Presidency in 2015."


1. Rivers lawmaker to be arrested and charged for murder(it's an attempt to discredit him and the Nigeria police lied... The presidency and it's mem will use the police against many people.

2. Bamanga Tukur will be removed and disgraced.

3.PDP is bad but APC is worse.

4.Presidential ticket will split APC.

5. Jonathan will manipulate second term.

6. APC will win more slots in 2015. Over 70% of government will be in their hands.

7. If Jonathan goes ahead to contest , he will be president but will not finish his term.

8. Lagos will have a Christian governor.

9. I see CBN printing high denomination naira notes this year.

10. Tinubu of APC should not smile yet as there will be serious problems in APC.

11. The national dialogue will be the worst Nigeria has ever had, it will end up with fights and accusation of embezzlement.

12. South West will be seriously divided as a top APC chieftain will die.

13. I see bombing in Kenya.

14. Jonathan will survive impeachment.

15. If president Jonathan and Ameachi can resolve their difference, PDP will regain their lost glory.

16. Tinubu and Fashola will fight dirty.

17. Musicians should pray against road accidents.

18.I see cabinet ministers out of the villa.

19. Accord party in Oyo will gain relevance.

21.President Jonathan is the last PDP president.

22. A major and great man of God will be called home. His ministry has blessed the world.

20. APC will claim victory in 2015 but the court will give it to Jonathan .

23. A Super Eagles player will be involved in a ghastly motor accident.

24. Niger Bridge needs urgent attention, collapse is imminent.

25. Oba of Benin, oh we need to pray.

26. A northern leader, SGF, Chief of Staff will be among those in the team negotiating on the president's behalf because he will be told to step down but will not.

27. I like jonathan's gentle nature but he is surrounded by wrong people.

28. Obasanjo should shut up, he will have problem.

29. Olumba Olumba olu will have serious problems.

30. Republic of Benin will mourn a past leader.

31. Many christians looking for babies will have babies this year.

32. Ikonjo Iweala will have serious problems

33. Stella Oduah will have problems.

34. Another plane crash . Eminent personalities involved.

35. Kidnap to be more common in the west.

36. Third mainland bridge needs fresh touch.

37. All service Chiefs will be fired.

38. Oyo and Ogun state governors, I don't see them coming back. If they can pray hard, mercy may smile at them but, I see them go home.

39. Nollywood needs to pray and cancel death. I see four people. A list among them.

40. Ghana president will be betrayed by friends.

41. Governors and senators will leave PDP.

42. The Northern candidates against president Jonathan will be two majorly.

43. We should pray against Nigeria break up.

44. Tuface, Davido and Wizkid need prayers against international disgrace.

45. South Africa needs prayers not to return to the past.

46. I saw a colenel in the military trying to stage a coup but he will fail.

47. The economy of Nigeria will go worse but true Christians will prosper.

48. NTA needs prayers. I saw them crying over the loss of one of their bosses and fire out break in one of the stations.

49. Obiano, the governor elect of Anambra will face serious problems because God is unhappy with the way he was declared governor.

50. The presidency will dump governor Dickson of Bayelsa.

51. I see fuel scarcity.

52. PENGASSAN and NUPENG need prayers.

53. A popular king in Niger Delta will die.

54. Serious crisis in the north and will attract foreign help.

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Alaji Okpanachi | 1/8/2014 12:19:00 AM
Oh Lord help us, deliver us by ur mercy.
Grace pius | 12/15/2014 7:24:00 AM
Prophets re God's agents of change.Father let let ur will be done.
Dele | 1/8/2014 1:46:00 AM
Is that news? Which incubent contested election in the past and failed to secure or rig the ballot?? Please leave Jonathan alone!
tradewell | 1/8/2014 4:17:00 AM
The joy of Christianity is that The Lord knows those who are His, not through debilitating prophecy but through righteousness and holiness. "Prophecies" of this nature should move us to ask God to intervene and save Nigeria from all hypocrites, selfish, self-serving and fake human beings, be them politicians, General Overseers, Imams, Prophets ...
Evanglist s. Okereke | 1/8/2014 8:19:00 AM
As i wrote before i am saying agein . There is not even one prophet in nig. What sulaman did was predicting of event . You too can do that and it work even better than thiers. Just follow events in the places you can reach. Let me prove to you why suleman's predict about G.E jonathan will not work. In what he say. Gej rig himself to power, a coup fail, an impeachment fail. How come he will not complite the tenor. May be death. Nonsense. Nig should larn how to worship God in spirit, in truth, and in fait. You can not have salvation through prophecy.
James | 10/29/2014 4:24:00 PM
I know prophesy are not always to be logical but the gullibility of nigerians is the primary reason why such nonesense thrive in this country. Jesus we believe help my unbelief. Well, not to be surprised, the apostles forewarned of the emergence of fake.........
Yohanna moses lagga | 11/30/2014 10:51:00 AM
Jonathan should not be afraid of dead.God's will are not questioning.let the will of God be done in 2015 election.
Dr. Harry. | 11/30/2014 11:55:00 AM
All that Apostle Suleiman has said are cooked stories and not even prediction. He should learn to keep quiet and not talk or say what will never happen. GEJ must come for his 2nd tenure and he must complete it in Jesus' name. They are mere threats that cannot hold water.
James Adigun | 12/8/2014 9:39:00 PM
God says He has given Nigeria over to Boko Haram for them to trample upon for 42years.They started about 5years ago,that means they shall continue for the next 37years.Anyone who is President of Nigeria from 2015 to 2052 A.D. God is using them to destroy the anti- Christs in Nigeria though their aim is to kill all Christians.All is because Jesus is coming back,and He has destined Nigeria as His Holy City for the End- Time.And He will glorify Himself through(you)His Temple(Church) in Nigeria.
Abaleke | 12/25/2014 6:18:00 PM
Let so called prophets stop making a guess in the name of God. Speak your opinion but please leave God out of it.
moses | 1/4/2015 11:56:00 AM
Jonathan must win, so that Buhari will not turn Nigeria to Islamic state
uyi | 1/4/2015 11:32:00 PM
GEJ, no be u first start dai. Die for throne oo.. no be u. Go be first, abeg continue ur 2nd tenure o.. u not creating any new record if u die.. after all, u not d first... Twale baba
Ada | 1/7/2015
pls pastor help us pray to God to help Jonathan, we don't want to become Muslim pls
Nonso | 1/15/2015 10:49:00 PM
Pls man of God let the people of God join hands together to pray for this country
godson | 1/18/2015 8:14:00 PM
we believers hv d power to stop evil from befalling this nation. That d essence of revelation.
LAWRECE C.J | 1/23/2015 4:13:00 PM
as many doubting GOD'S servant conscerning his prophecies in NIG dis 2015 i rili pity high time will stoped critizising suleman,dont u have discernment spirit in u? who told u dat he's just predicting?have u forgoten wot the bible says "dat d LORD wil do notin but he revealeth his secret to his servant the prophet (AMOS 3:7)".APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEMAN IS MORE THQN REAL
paul gimah | 1/25/2015 6:25:00 PM
let the will of god lead.
tolu | 1/26/2015 10:09:00 PM
prophesy are for many reasons nig join hands to pray for did revelation d fulfillment of did prophesy lies in our hand.let's stop controversy and unite and lets go on our kneels like Hezekiah.
Joshua | 2/11/2015 10:20:00 PM
Pls Nigeria should pray hard & not speaking against the man of God but watch & pray. God bless the faithful ones
Ugbaje Simeon | 2/16/2015 4:02:00 PM
We are pray for positive things to happen in our great Nation, no negative.
EVang bright oladapo | 2/21/2015 8:28:00 PM
keep up great apostle of God.more power 2ur elbow.
igbo .c | 3/21/2015 1:36:00 PM
our president must win because God loves him so much our president if you won this election please call this no 08066278286 unfailing is my prayer G E j carry go I like gej natural remain bless %%%%%%%%%.
By: akoaso,Hamburg-Germa