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By Richard Shekari

The popular slogan “time is money” makes most of us spend our entire life piling it up when it's obvious we can't take it to the afterlife, cause in the absence of something, anything is still nothing. We are all aware of the areas of life where we are needed most withal we fail to yield to our calling. We betray our inner self and purpose.

After all is said and done, you'd sit back and comb through your achievements; most goals have been achieved and most ends have been met, jackpots and bulls eye hit and as you expunge, you'd figured you've build your dream house, married the one you loved most hitherto you still feel empty deep down inside of you.

What keeps the fruit from total dilapidation is its adherence to the mother tree! But once it thinks it has ripened and falls off, it's on its own…it will either decay or be devoured. In the event of irrigating our hunger for success, any infinitesimal goal somehow quells our desire as everything points out to the fact that there is more to life than money. Though many have died for it, umpteen figures have traded their souls for it, temporary love bought with it, leaders betrayed their own people for it, homes broken over it, etcetera. We all have in one way or the other served it out of greed, envy and selfishness. From those riding on old bicycles with no breaks, to those flying in and out of the country every day, after the grub passes the fibril on the tongue and into the stomach…we all both rich and poor, black or white end up egesting at the same time inhaling the reek that fully expresses the level of greed buried deep inside us.

The fact is that the truth isn't really bitter for it not defends itself. The whole system was designed as we aid it to keep us far from our purpose, you either do the right thing now while you're still young and strong or forget about trying to f**lishly trick yourself into calling God to make it seems if you've had enough time and strength you'd do what you were created to do. In our weakest moment and time of demise, some of us somehow realize that we've wasted our entire life feeding our darkest desires, begging God for a second chance when we've had thousands of days in the pats to hive off.

It's so clear life has no spare; some of us are in some manner trapped in a snare for all some can do is to only stare and wait for their time in a world where no one cares. And for the ones whose lives hung on the fangs of misery, where dream feels more like reality as reality seems more like a dream, if darkness acknowledges the presence of light then who is he made of dust to say that light existed not?

Whether the before or afterlife, one is the determinant of the other! This brings us back to the saying “in the absence of something, anything is still nothing!” for in the absence of a true god, only the true God is to be served and worshiped and there is no such thing as true god. Unwrap your purpose, prosecute it! Eternal bliss is only a second away if you do the right thing at the right time. Do not end up like the one with a proposed purpose, have an executed purpose!

Richard Shekari

[email protected]

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matin babuza | 2/10/2011 6:28:00 PM
good stuff