Vision 2025…Why Ask Why?


By Cawike Chibuzor.C
Why are you reading this piece? Let's say you were browsing the net and stumbled on an article asking you 'why ask why?, why then are you browsing the net at this moment?

When was the last time you took time to decide the reason why you are doing something regardless of how important or unimportant it seems?

If you are like an average human being, particularly in Nigeria, chances are that you do most things because it is 'normal', not because you actually know why they are done.

You find yourself in primary school around 5yrs, by 12yrs all things being equal you are in a secondary school with your peers. Ditto a tertiary institution around 17yrs, if you are a serious student. By 23years, you are out of school and get enrolled in the labour market. With Luck you tie down a job that occupy you 8am to 5pm, that puts food on your table. The next 35years of your life is spent raising a family, building a house and buying cars. Finally you retire at about 65years and spend the next few years preparing for death.

When your life plays out like the scenario I just painted above, you are a very normal person, you fit in very well into the society, and you hardly make headlines in the gossip session of folks; you have done everything expected of you by society. However your life would not have been much different from that of one Solomon we chanted about in Nursery school, whose surname sounds like 'Grundy'.

Solomon Grundy; born on Monday; grew on Tuesday; married on Wednesday; grew ill on Thursday; worse on Friday; died on Saturday; buried on Sunday; this is the end of Solomon Grundy.

The tragedy in the life of Solomon Grundy or anyone who lives a normal life as pictured earlier on is not in what they did, but in why they did it. Before you pass judgment on Solomon or any other person that comes to your mind, try asking yourself the following questions:

Ø Why did I go to secondary school?

Ø Why did I do a particular course in the University?

Ø Why am I driving a particular brand of car?

Ø Why am I a Christian / Muslim / Atheist?

Ø Why am I living in my present location / type of house?

Vision 2025 is a journey, and for a traveler to make it successfully to his destination, he must know why he is headed in a particular direction, that way, if he has reasons enough, no distance will be too far to attain.

If you are alive, then you are on a journey; the movement between our times of birth and our time of transition to the world beyond is a journey. Since everyone is in a steady state of movement it is difficult to know those who are headed in a definite destination and those who are not, everyone is in a steady state of movement. It is only you, who knows whether you have a destination or not. If you have no destination, you are like a log of wood, floating on top of water. Every destination will be a destination.

As you read this piece however, you must ask yourself where you are headed in life, because life is too precious to be wasted. Your destination must not be grandiose; the important thing is at least to have one.

One very good reason of having a destination is that it puts every other thing around you in the right perspective if you have a destination it is easy to know when you have deviated from your destination and retrace your step. When you have a destination it is easy to ask for direction, men are easily disposed to assisting those who know where they are headed. When you have a destination, then suddenly everything will seem to be pointing in that direction.

Next time you are on the road, decide to spot a particular brand of vehicle, and it will surprise you how many of such vehicles will pass you. That is what happens when you decide to head towards a particular direction.

Deciding to move in a particular direction in life is one of the best ways of discovering ones destiny in life, though the two are not exactly the same thing. Your destiny is the destination that your maker had decided for you before your creation, that is your ultimate destination. If at least you have a destination to go in life and focus on that direction, chances are that you will discover your destiny sooner or later.

Year 2025 is about 15 years away and you are going to be somewhere then. As a nation a lot of young men and women will be sparkling like stars in the firmament of achievement in different fields of human endeavor. The only criteria to choose who will be among these future great Nigerians is a personal decision today to ask why you do whatever you are doing.

Would you dare to ask?
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