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Federal Government urged to probe Major Akinyemi’s tortuous murder, says victim was injected by Abacha’s regime

By Segun Adebisi
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Press Statement, Ibadan, South West The Federal Government has been urged to probe the death of Major Akinyemi who passed away barely a month ago. In a statement issued by the Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA)the Yoruba self-determination group insists that Major Akinloye Akinyemi was a victim of HIV virus infection orchestrated by the government of late General Sanni Abacha while the late he was jailed for phantom coup. Major Akinyemi is a sibling of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof Bolaji Akinyemi. In his battle against artificial HIV infection, he sought the assistance of Bishop Oyedepo who worked hard spiritually to assist him and also gave material and spiritual assistance to the late Major while he battled to save his life. Major Akinyemi even contemplated going to court but was restrained by his fear for unpredictable consequences and the futility of such an action in a country where justice is usually a mirage.

In a statement signed by AOKOYA'sspokesperson on local affairs, Mr Segun Adebisi and sent to the Chairman of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission, Prof Chidi Odinkalu, AOKOYA soon after he was released from prison, Major Akinyemi had confided in some Yoruba leaders and close friends that he was forcefully injected with HIV virus by the late Sanni Abacha's regime. We are ready to help the NHRC in the expected probe with the Major's own testimony.

When we heard of the death of Major Akinyemi, we were certain that he died of complications arising from the injection of his body with the dreaded HIV virus by the government of Gen Sanni Abacha. We met him before his death and he confirmed this to us. Though Abacha is dead, the people that carried out the injection are alive. The doctor that carried out the injection is a member of the Nigerian Medical Association, (NMA) and his licence is yet to be revoked. The security operatives that ensured he was injected are alive. Major Akinyemi was the second Nigerian, after the late Col Victor Banjo to attend the famous Academy of Military History in the United Kingdom and the best student in Sandhurst during his training as an officer. He was one of the most brilliant soldiers ever produced in this generation and thus became difficult to tolerate by the reactionary establishment. He was first sentenced to five years jail term by the General Ibrahim Babangida's administration and later to death by the late Gen Sanni Abacha. Major Akinyemi was subsequently injected with HIV virus and to his own knowledge by the largely Northern army than ran Nigeria at the time.

We call on the National Human Rights Commission, (NHRC) to probe what represents one of the most vicious crimes against humanity by any regime ever known to human history. We anxiously await the action of the NHRC which is currently led by a honest right advocate.

Segun Adebisi