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His name is Kelvin Obatide popularly known as Kel-Cube Obatidey. He is one of the African Musicians with a specialization in Afro Hip-Hop. The talented artist who hails from both Ondo and Edo States, Nigeria, was recently in the New Jersey, in the United States of America where he did some live shows. At one of these shows, Kel-Cube spoke with ABIODUN OLUWAROTIMI, LEADERSHIP's Bureau Chief in New York on his upbringing, career, piracy, challenges among many other issues. Excerpts:

Can we know you sir?
My Name Is Kel-Cube Obatidey an African Musical Artiste from Ondo and Edo States of Nigeria. I am a christian and a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Benin. I joined the music industry sometimes in year 2000.

Can you tell us the challenges you face while pursuing your chosen career?

So many challenges and i cannot even start to mention them but i give all thanks to God Almighty who made it possible for me to overcome almost all the challenges.

How were you combining academics with your music career at the time you started the job?

I thank God and my parents for their support. It wan not easy at first but with the help of God and proper encouragements from my loving parents, i was able to cope. By the grace of God today, i am holding a BSC in Computer Science from the prestigeous University of Benin (UNIBEN)

What is your upbringing like?
I had a very good upbringing as the first child of my parent. My father was never in support of my music career in the first place but he developed the excitement right from the first time he saw me feature in a musical video in 2006. The show was transmitted live on the television and he was very excited and then started to develop some interest in my music career

What kinds of music do you play?
Afro Hip-Hop basically, but I can as well drop on all kind of music style.

How do you cope with the problems arising from piracy that has crippled the industry?

It has not been easy but we thank God for his help. I guess the federal government knows what to do to eradicate piracy. Lots of people have been talking on this same issue so i believe they know what to do.

Do you also engage in acting apart from music?
Yes but for now. I can act movies but not as a profession

Any awards being won by you since you started your music career?

Yes, i have won numerous awards
Can you tell us the albums you have released and the ones we should be  expecting now?

I came out with Day & Night in 2001 and that was my first major single and i released it in Benin City then. Thereafter, i came out with Songs Like Fowowonu, Yellow Butterfly, Adara and All The Way, i did all those ones in 2008. Recently, i released Jekamorawa, Na Dem Sabi and Baiya. I won't pronounce the ones to come out soon but all i will say is watch out and expect something new and great.

Apart from the USA and Nigeria, what other countries have you performed?

Well so far so good, I have performed in Dublin, Dubai, Malaysia and many others. I have another concert in South Africa and the United Kingdom soon. For now, i have no deal with any foreign recording company but i work partially for Wan-Tu-Nai Records. I have not got offers to work for some particular record labels. I am yet to decide whichof the comapnies to work with.

How will you describe your relationship with the opposite sex?

Well, i have several female fans and i do appreciate hem because i derive my inspiration from both men and women. Right now, i am not married but i am seriously engaged.

Will you like to reveal her identity?
Not for now but she also from Ondo State, a graduate as well.

What is your most memorable Event?
Hmmmm, i think it was when i performed during a festival in Ondo State. It was in December 2011 and the Crowd was very fantastic.

And your most embarrassing day?
Meeeeeeen,  people done put hand for my eyes well well oh.

What makes you happy and sad?
What makes me happy is when i get paid for what i do for fun and i see people appreciate it. What makes me sad till tomorrow is whenever i remember my father's death. He was a strong pillar to my chosen career but i thank God that has been standing with me as as well be using my sweet mother for me since my father, Prince Tunde Obazee died.

Your words to your fans?
I want to tell my fans to expect the best from me and my music industry

Your advice to fellow artists?
My advice to my colleagues is that we should keep the game tight, impact into the society good lyrics that will have positive impact on both the young and old, and also try to bring the uprising artistes close to ourselves without descrimination. We should only put our trust in God because man may fail but God will never fail.