Why Was Jesus A Great Teacher?

By Daily Graphic

More than two thousand years ago, a very special child was born who grew up to become the greatest man who ever lived.

The child was given the name Jesus. He became the wisest ever to walk the earth. Jesus also became the best teacher. He would explain difficult things in ways that made them easy to understand.

Jesus taught people everywhere he met them. He taught them at the seashore and on boats. He taught them in homes and when travelling. He walked from place to place, teaching people.

Why was Jesus such a Great Teacher? One reason is that Jesus himself had been taught. And he knew how important it was to listen.

But to whom did Jesus listen? Who taught him?—His Father. And Jesus' Father is God. Before coming to earth as a man, Jesus lived in heaven with God. So Jesus was different from other men because no other man lived in heaven before being born on earth.

Another reason why Jesus was a Great Teacher is that he loved people. He loved grown-ups, but loved children too. And children liked to be with Jesus because he would talk to them and listen to them.

One day some parents brought their children to him, but his friends thought that the Great Teacher was too busy to speak with little children. So they told them to go away. But Jesus said. Let the young children come to me; do not try to stop them.

So even though he was a very wise and important man, Jesus took time to teach little children so as to make them happy. He told his disciples to be humble as small children are.

As a Great Teacher, he knew how to make things interesting to people. He explained things in a simple, clear way. He spoke about birds and flowers and other ordinary things to help people understand God.

So it is very important that you learn from Jesus and be obedient and humble always.