She Refuses To Bath With Me

By Daily Graphic

I got married about four months ago to the woman of my dreams and had wonderful expectations including having a bath together.

You couldn't have imagined my disappointment when last two weeks, I decided to surprise her by joining her in the shower. She asked me to leave since she was not ready for that and that has left me really devastated.

I grew up watching my parents do almost everything together including bathing. Is that too much to ask for in my marriage?

Danny, Kyebi

I am sorry for you Danny. You have been missing that thrill that comes with sharing a bath with your new wife. It means you don't enjoy sponging her and she yours.

But I'm forced to think that you're trying to use your parents' marriage as a model to run yours, that is not so bad in itself but 'abrantie', what was good for your parents may not be necessarily good for you.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a steamy bath with your partner, in fact, it can lead to other sizzling things happening, you know! She did not say she wasn't interested; she said she was not ready. So why don't you take your time and go about it the other way round?

Invite her to bring your towel or morning coat to the bathroom and take it from there.