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Since March of this year,Nigerians have been experiencing callous Power Holding Company of Nigeria(PHCN) interruption,yet the National Assembly have not make any frantic efforts to save the situation.It is sad that Nigerians are paying for electricity bills not provided.The so-called Minister of Power and Steel,Prof Barth Nnaji is not helping matters to save the country from total darkness. The committee of power sector of the National Assembly have not take any drastic action to put Nigerians on a happy mood rather deliberating on national issues that are not relevant to the people. The just concluded South-South Economic Summit(SSES) in Asaba Delta State where almighty PHCN displayed its infamous attitude of power interruption which summit were well attended.

The present Jonathan 's government is battling with security challenge and power interruption. Nigerians are now depending on imported generators which fuel consumption is at geometric progression while fuel hoarders and generator operators are smiling to banks.These generators are hazardous to human health while over 70 percent of Nigerians are victims of generators accident in the country.Most of the government officials do not experience PHCN darkness in their homes which invariably not given them attention to fight the power sector cabals.

Over the years,several billions of naira has been budgeted into the power sector,yet the federal government cannot give account of PHCH relevance.Since the National Electricity Power Authority(NEPA)was changed to PHCN when Nigerians start experiencing unholy darkness without apology.The ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo promised Nigerians vividly that at the end of 2007, the country would not experience power failure anymore but it was a political statement while late President Musa Yar'Adua told Nigerians of state of emergence on the power sector.

All these brilliant moves make no sense to PHCH.Even the House of Representatives which Hon Elumelu was the then chairman of the power sector probe panel who promised Nigerians that he would use his last breath to see that the power sector cabals were brought to book but only to be rubblished with alleged bribery scandal.Many viable industries who solely depend on PHCN have since relocated to their offices from Nigeria to African neighbouring countries in recent times.

The climate change is not helping matters while many Nigerians have contacted various human related diseases in all ramfications.The cost of fuelling generating set a day is high while our government do not show interest on the masses that voted them into power.The PHCN has hold Nigerians ransom while electricity bills are distributed to homes without service provided.PHCN has a diverse means of providing Electricity to Nigerians when its payment of bills is due.Light is the only source to economic and political development but the reverse is now the case.PHCN has hampered the progress of Nigeria in terms of infrastructure and others.

A geninue probe panel not compromise one should be set up to investigate the power sector and find immediate solution to it.If a country claims to be giant of Africa cannot boast of 24 hours electricity provision while its African neighbouring countries like Ghana and others are enjoying non-interruption of power supply.PHCN needs to be sanctioned to avoid recycling and recruiting of corrupt officials into the system.Nigerians cannot bear the pains of climate change.

The National Assembly need to invite all stakeholders to questioning on the power outrage.Though the attempt of President Goodluck Jonathan provide electricity has ended in a brick wall.Are the cabals stronger than the government.Several fallacious allegations on the Hydro-electricity supply in Kanji Dam indicated the figment of corruption in Nigeria.Though the government recently promised Nigerians of increasing the 4000megawatts to 6000 megawatts but how relevant it is.The fear of PHCN is the beginning of total darkness in Nigeria.It is time for federal government to put a stop to power failure while erring PHCN staffers should be sacked and allowed Nigerians to enjoy services paid for.

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Ajegunle Apapa

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