Swimwear For Your Inner Goddess

By ghanamma
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The time has come. You may dread it for weeks and procrastinate for as. long as you can get away with it, but the time has come to get into a . swimsuit.

There is no need to agonize anymore. Imagine putting on your swimsuit, feeling gorgeous, and sending out a positive force. That's the goal of Cindy West, creator of Goddess Factor. Based out of Durban, South Africa, Goddess Factor is a range of modern lingerie and sexy swimwear. One of the keys to Goddess Factor's growing success is a highly unique mix of spirituality and fashion. Goddess Factor was created out of West's idea to merge fashion with spiritual healing to create a sense of wellbeing for the wearer of her designs. West explains, "I do view Goddess as a merging of the two industries I have worked with [fashion and healing]... the healing aspect is extremely important to me, in fact it is my major inspiration.

West incorporates spiritual healing into her designs by creating garments that, "come with affirmations of color, crystals or the Goddess affirmation . which releases negativity and reclaims the Goddess energy which does exist within every woman," she explains. Every colour and each. crystal in West's designs has a purpose beyond the. aesthetic functions of being stylish and glamorous— those elements of the design are supposed to tap. into the wearer's spirit and unleash a positive. energy.. A yellow garment, for example, encourages mental strength and artistic creativity in the wearer. While incorporating an amethyst crystal into a garment balances the physical, mental, emotional and . spiritual sides of the wearer. West sums it up best when she says, "I see Goddess as a catalyst for people who are searching for knowledge and assistance." In line with the positive spirit of Goddess Factor, West doesn't have a million and one rules for picking out the perfect swimsuit based on your. body type, height, weight ... or any other dimension, instead she offers one simple yet valuable piece of advice: "A golden goddess rule. in swimwear ... be honest when reviewing your body and the cut of a swimsuit. Toned bodies can sport a more Brazilian cut but if you have not been working out choose a fuller piece . that will enhance your figure." .The lesson is clear, be true to yourself and you will feel great about your swimsuit.